300+ Cute, Good, And Famous Bat Names

Are you looking for name ideas for your pet bat? Don’t worry; this article has listed over 300 cute and funny bat names you can use.

Bats are phenomenal, unique, and fascinating creatures. Bats are the only mammal that can fly. Many states in the United States of America do not recommend keeping bats as pets because there are lots of rules you must follow before adopting a pet bat. Only the fruit bats are legal to own in many states.

Bats are essential to our planet; they pollinate our plants, help control pests, and help disperse seeds for new plants.

Owning an exotic pet can be an amazing rush. It more like bringing a part of the wild home with you. There are a lot of different kinds of exotic animals people wish to have as a pet in their homes.

Something is exciting in exotic pets that make them more appealing to wanna-be pet owners. So, if you’re considering getting an unusual pet such as a bat, you need to read the article on Keeping Bats as a pet.

However, you love to have a pet bat because you love the popular movie Batman, then you need to know some species of bats. 

Bats mostly come out at night (they are nocturnal creatures). 

Common Bat Species

Bats prefer to do most of their activities at night and sleep or hide in their caves during the day. There are about 1,300 bat species. Here some of the common species.

Mariana Fruit bat

They are also called the Flying Fox. The Mariana Fruit bat is among the largest bat in the USA. They can weigh up to 1.4 pounds and measure between 7.7-9.4 inches in length. Their diets consist primarily of fruits.

Lesser long-nosed bat

They measure about 3 inches long. They are good at maintaining desert ecosystems. They have tongues as long as their bodies. They are native to Northern Mexico and the Southwestern United States.

Indiana bat

They were discovered in the early 1900s in Southern Indiana’s Wyandotte Cave. The Scientific name for the Indiana bat is Myotis Sodalis. They are relatively small, and their ears look like “Mouse Ears.” They are a very social species.

Bat names

Little Brown Bat

They vary in color from reddish, brown to golden, and have a small body size. They live in the vast swaths of North America. The little brown bat can consume up to 1000 insects in an hour.

Hoary Bat

The Hoary bat averages about 12-15 cm long, weighing about 26 g, and a wingspan of 40 cm. The Hoary bat is the largest bat found in Chile and Canada. Male Hoary bat spends the summer season in west of the Rockies while the female to the east. They only come down from their trees to feed when it is dark.

Vampire Bat

The typical vampire bat is found in the tropics of Central America, Mexico, and South America. Their primary source of food is Blood. If you watched vampires in movies, these vampire bats look identical. However, they are social and friendly creatures.

Names That Mean Bat

Here is a list of names that mean bat you can use. Names meaning bat are:

MyskiaBat in Old Swedish and Medieval Scandinavian
AcerodonA type of megabat
AntrozousA formal name of the pallid bat
AriteusA formal name of the Jamaican fig-eating bat
TadaridaA genus of free-tailed bats
RhogeessaA  genus of vesper bats
PlatalinaA type of long-snouted bat
MosiaA formal name for the dark sheath-tailed bat
LaviaA type of yellow-winged bat
ColeuraA genus of sac-winged bats
CarolliaA genus of short-tailed fruit bats
RousettusA type of Old World megabat or fruit bat
NatalusA genus of funnel-eared bats
Lasiurus A formal name for the genus of hairy-tailed bats
DesmodusA genus of vampire bats.
BarbastellaA type of vespertilionid bat
BoneiaA type of megabat, another name for the Manada fruit bat

Cute Bat Names 

All bats are cute in their way. Check out our list of cute bat names you can use.

1. Sleeper 

2. Bugsy

3. Bax

4. Spike

5. Cuddle 

6. Griffin

7. Boo Jam

8. Bat Queen

9. Elizabat

10. Benny the Bat

11. Foxface

12. Monsson

13. Winged Pupper

14. Trixy

15. Foxy

16. Pixie

17. Fluffy  

18. Raven

19. Snoutface

20. Luna

21. Bumble Bee

22. Sky

23. Penumbra

24. Chinook

Famous Bat Names

Are you looking to name your pet bat after a famous name? Explore our list of famous bat names you will love. Movies, Novels, and TV series inspire these famous names.

1. NIghtMaster

2. Bat Queen

3. Alfred

4. Boo

5. Jam

6. Benny the Bat

7. Night Master

8. Wonderboy

9. Buffy

10. Winged Demon

11. Bruce

12. Boris

13. Snooty

14. Vampirina

15. Mobius

16. Sailor Moon

17. Fidget the Bat

18. Snooty

19. Eye-bats

20. Foxglove

21. Bat Sonic

22. Sagwa

23. Rasputin

24. Socrates

25. Phoenix

26. Fidget

27. Batfink

28. Batwing

Cool Bat Names

Are you looking for cool bat names? Check out our list of cool bat names you can get ideas from when naming your pet.

1. Foxface

2. Benny

3. Monsson

4. Trixy

5. Bat queen

6. Sky

7. Griffin

8. Raven

9. Luna

10. Bumblebee

11. Winged Pupper

12. Indiana

13. Spike

14. Penumbra

15. Elizabat

16. Snoutface

17. Foxy

18. Chinoo

19. Pixie

Pet Bat Names

Is owning a pet bat legal in your state or country? So, you have adopted a pet bat and need a name? Right! Coming up with the perfect name for your pet bat can be challenging.

There are many great options to choose from but to make your search easy, we have listed some pet bat names you will love and use.

1.    Mousie – Some bat species face looks like mice

2.    Bloody Mary– Because some bats thrive off Blood to survive.

3.    Fangy – Because Bats have strong grips.

4.    Kirk Langstorm – Named after a character in the movie Batman

Other pet bat names are: 

  • · Battie
  • · Mickey Mouse
  • · Firewing
  • · Rattie
  • · Felldrinker
  • · Kirk 
  • · Shadow
  • · Cassiel
  • · Ariel
  • · Nocturna
  • · Clyde
  • · Fozzie
  • · Black Beauty
  • · Gingerbread Man
  • · Blossom
  • · Friendly
  • · Little Big Man
  • · Frosty
  • · Lock Ness Monster
  • · Iceman
  • · Max
  • · Lucifer
  • · Bella
  • · Bitey
  • · Night
  • · Sucka
  • · Lee

Funny Bat Names

Do you want something fun or hilarious? Here is our list of funny bat names you can get ideas from.

1. Indiana Bat-Jones

2. Babe Ruth

3. Battaconda

4. Twilight

5. Baby Yoda

6. Batty McBatface

7. Dark Lord

8. Batty Koda

9. Voldemort

10. Edward Cullen

11. Boston Red Sox

12. Longwing

13. New York Yankees

14. Batsheba

Good Bat Names

Coming up with a good bat name can be challenging. So, we have listed some good bat names you can choose from and use. These are unique bat names too.

1. Moonlight

2. Pip 

3. Fred 

4. Eyebat

5. Doris

6. Palo

7. Grace

8. Windsling

9. Moon

10. Snooty

11. Violet

12. Tziloco

13. Fidget the Bat

14. Wilma

15. Foxglove

16. Ariel

17. Nightwing

18. Jam

19. Silverwing

20. Buffy

21. Batina

22. Cosmo

23. Yara

24. Loki

25. Osric

26. Bruce

27. Cirrus

28. Spooky

29. Jarod

30. Frieda

31. Laertes

32. Blackbat

33. Marina

34. Lecter

35. Shade

36. All-NIghter

37. Sonny

38. Bryon

39. Trinity

40. Night-Lurker

41. Vixen

42. Blake

43. Apollo

44. Xena

45. Betty

46. Dakota

Disney Bat Names

Are you a Disney Fan? Check out some Disney bat names.

1. Fidget the Bat

2. Bat Queen

3. Jam

4. Vampirina

5. Winged Demon

6. Boris

7. Snooty

8. Benny the Bat

9. Boo

10. Night Master

11. Foxglove

12. Eye-bats

Male Bat Names

Here is a list of male bat names 

1. Bono

2. Fidget

3. Booger

4. Silverwing

5. Palo

6. Osric

7. Dark Wing

8. Cirrus

9. Sharp

10. Jarod

11. Batista

12. Night-Lurker

13. Bruno

14. Snooty

15. Alfred

16. Dark Knight

17. Bugsy

18. Vladmir

19. Star

20. Igor

21. Wayne

22. Bat Wing

23. Taboo

24. Midnight

25. Eclipse

26. Tony

27. Bessy

28. Bax

29. Lucifer

30. Bastao

31. Sucka

32. Lust

33. Max

34. Fred

35. Lee

36. Casper

Female Bat Names

Check out our list of female bat names

1. Birdie

2. Vampypressa 

3. Cuddly

4. Velma

5. Sara

6. Lolbat

7. Aurora

8. Stacy

9. Bella

10. Hazel

11. Blinky

12. Marilyn

13. Barbara

14. Anastasia

15. Sona

16. Daphine

17. Sadie

18. Lila

19. Emily

20. Yara

21. Boo

22. Emo

23. Angel

24. Rainbow

25. Kalister

26. Sunshine

27. Maya

28. Licorice

29. Batgirl

30. Star

31. Vampirella

32. Babe

33. Skye

34. Moon

35. Coco

36. Squeaky

37. Cleo

Halloween Bat Names

bat names

Here is a list of Halloween bat names you can use.

1. Juliet

2. Batman

3. Penelope

4. Bruce Wayne

5. Boris

6. Anastasia

7. Vampirina

8. Bartok

9. Vampirella

10. Eva

11. Mr. Whiskers – from Frankenweenie movie.

12. Shade

13. Winged Demon

14. Count Chocula

15. Dracula

16. Winged Chipmunk

17. Megabat

Related Questions

1. What Do You Call A Baby Bat?

A baby bat is called a Pup.

2. What Should I Name My Girl Bat?

This article has listed some female bat names you can use, such as Vampyressa, Birdie, Aurora, Cuddly, etc.

3. Are Bats White?

Complete White Fur is only found in six out of the 1,300 bat species.

4. What Is The Cutest Bat?

The Hoary Bat (Lasiurus cinereus) is arguably the cutest of all bat species.

5. Are Bats Aggressive?

By nature, bats are not aggressive animals unless you threaten them. Most bats tend to avoid people.

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