Can Chickens Eat Chicken? Feeding Chickens Chicken!

feeding chickens chicken, can chickens eat chicken

We are grateful that we are blessed with various kinds of healthy food made for animals and us every day. One such food is chicken. Chickens are an example of lean meat, so it is considered healthy meat due to low-fat content.

Have you ever had a leftover of chicken scraps, and the thought of feeding it to your flocks arises? But you are scared as you might have had that there are implications of feeding chicken to a chicken. Some people believe that feeding your chicken meats or chicken leftovers (bones), will encourage their cannibalistic tendencies.

I decided to carry out some research around the topic “feeding chickens chicken.” Below are my findings, which I would like to present to you today.

So, Can chickens eat chicken? Yes, Chickens are known as opportunistic feeders and will definitely eat anything that doesn’t eat them first. A lot of backyard farmers give chicken leftovers to their chickens and sometimes feed other animal meat to them.

feeding chickens chicken, can chickens eat chicken

How healthy is feeding chickens chicken? The truth is that there is nothing wrong or unhealthy about feeding chicken to your flocks. They usually don’t bother what is being served to them in the first place. When you serve and feed your flocks with fresh and well-cooked chicken, this could be nutritious and a more different food you are adding to their plate.

However, if you have the mindset that feeding chickens chicken meat will make them learn that they are feeding on their own flesh and if they are so hungry or bored, they might kill and eat the weakest member of the flock. This is not a verified fact, and can only happen when you stay long on trips and keep them hungry in a coop.

Is Feeding Chickens Chicken Meat Healthy For Them?

As you already know that chicken is high in protein and also contains several nutrients such as Vitamin B6, Vitamin B3, and Selenium. As earlier said, chickens are lean meat and are low in saturated fat.

Remember, too much of something is not good, so you must feed your backyard flock with chickens scraps or bones in moderation, and they will benefit from the nutrients chicken possesses.

Chicken bodies are built to digest meat effectively as plants and are healthy for them, just like in humans.

Chickens can safely eat meat without any fear of contamination or being cannibalistic, as long as the meat is fresh and properly cooked. The idea of feeding chicken to a chicken may seem strange or irritating; however, if you have some chicken leftovers feel free to feed it to your flock as it is healthy.

Will Chickens Eat A Dead Chicken?

Oh yes, a chicken will eat a dead chicken. There was a time a moving bike killed one of my flock, and for some reason, the dead chicken was not removed from the spot. After some days, I came across some of my neighbor’s chickens with their chicks consuming the remains of my dead chicken. I was so shocked when i saw them eat it.

I discovered that chickens would eat almost anything that will fit in their mouth. Chickens are omnivores, which means they can eat both plant and meat-based foods.

Chickens need protein, especially a growing chick that needs about 23% of the protein in their feed, and one great source for such concentrations of protein is meat.

These birds are not humans; they don’t mourn their dead ones and will consume dead chickens,  leaving only the feet and the beak.

feeding chickens chicken, can chickens eat chicken

Chickens, it’s quite normal that they will scavenge on dead animals, but in reality, they don’t tend to kill themselves except in rare cases. Chickens won’t scavenge their flock mate until it is completely dead.

Look after your flock very well, pick out the one that has been wounded and sick, isolate them as they are vulnerable, and give them proper medications. Avoid overcrowding your flock, and you must exercise caution as cannibalism does happen.

What Can Chickens Not Eat?

For health reasons and to be on the safe side, we advise that you should only feed your flock with fresh and well-cooked chicken meat. Do not feed your chicken with rotten meat or rotten chicken meat as it can contain bacteria, and this can lead to some diseases; It is unhealthy for humans, so it is unhealthy for chicken as well.

Also, do not feed your chickens with some processed chicken products such as chicken lunch meat, or chicken nuggets as they are often high in some additives and salt, which can be unhealthy for your chickens.

Do not feed your chickens with fried chicken meats as it has a high-fat content, and it is unhealthy for them. Do not feed your chickens what is not healthy for you.

Avoid feeding your chickens the following green potato skins, Citrus fruits, avocado, rhubarb, onions, and uncooked beans are all unhealthy or even poisonous to chickens. You should also avoid giving your chickens some vegetables like garlic as it can affect the flavor of your chicken eggs.

When You Shouldn’t Feed Chicken To Your Chickens.

Do not feed a leftover chicken to your flock that has been in the cupboard for long as there might have been bacteria growing on it. Bacteria that are growing on old food are not suitable for humans, and they are not also healthy for our flocks.

Suppose your chicken is not fresh and adequately cooked; never feed it to your flock. Never feed raw chicken meat to your flock too, especially if the chicken meat was gotten from somewhere else other than from your farm or backyard.

If your feed your chickens with raw and uncooked chicken, there are chances of them being infected with Salmonella.

Your chickens will definitely love anything that falls on the ground if they are around you, so if you process your own chicken meat under the sun and some drops on the floor, allow them to enjoy their raw friends, it’s OK.

feeding chickens chicken, can chickens eat chicken

How much chicken should I feed my flock?

Since feeding chickens chicken meat is safe and healthy, you might be asking how much of it can you feed your flock? As earlier advised, you need to feed them chicken meat in moderation and ensure they are still eating lots of their usual chicken feed.

For chickens to live healthily and safe from diseases, they need to eat a balanced diet. Do not feed them with too many tasty treats as they might not be able to eat their regular feed, and this won’t be a balanced diet anymore as they will lose out of their standard nutrients.

Meat is high in protein, and so we will recommend a daily 10% portion in their food plan.

Related Questions

Can Chickens Eat Chicken Bones?

Chickens do not have teeth to chew bones, so chickens cannot eat chicken bones. Crushing on bones can only be possible with the presence of strong jaws and teeth which chickens do not possess. If you provide whole chicken meat to your flock, they will only pick out all the meat off the bones and even the marrow inside.

You do not need to worry about bones in your chicken meat accidentally choking your chicken because chicken cannot break through bones. You must remove the leftover bones from the coop within a day as the bones can injure them or cause Vermin to visit your flock.

What Do Chickens Eat?

As earlier mentioned in this article, Chickens are omnivores, and they will try to eat anything they can get their beaks on. What chickens eat differs in their stages in life. When on their own, chickens will consume stuff rich in protein and vitamins such as insects, toads, grains, small snakes, vegetables, fruits, and seeds.

Conclusion: Feeding Chickens Chicken

Chickens can eat meat and meats are a good source of protein, especially for young chicks and egg layers. Chickens cannot eat bones, so if you decide to feed chicken to your flock, ensure it is fresh, de-feathered, and well-cooked.

To be on the safe side, always isolate the weak and sick chickens from others, and happily feed your chickens with chicken meat; you don’t have to worry as it is healthy.

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