158 Clever And Funny Chicken Coop Names

Chicken Coop names

You want to name your chicken coop but confused? Don’t worry; This article has listed over 100 cute, clever and funny chicken coop names (backyard chicken coop names).

A chicken coop is a type of enclosure in which chickens live in. The interior part of the housing has perches for the birds to sleep and nest boxes for them to lay eggs.

A chicken coop is something you might have thought about building if you have ever wished to keep chickens.

For a new chicken owner, there’s nothing that can top the thrill of you building a home for your beloved pets. It’s an act of expression of love as you would want to create the best coop possible. Guided by their emotions, a lot of owners would build the most expensive, most elaborate, and most insert-all-superlatives-here coop.

chicken coop names

However, before building these elaborate coops, most owners are faced with problems of the right coop names. As a lot of people strive to be self-reliant, some of them are choosing to raise chickens in their backyards. Going for the ideal coop is vital to keeping your flock happy and healthy.

Sometimes breeders are often faced with the challenge of choosing the right sizes of a chicken coop, and this decision depends on some factors like the number of chickens to be bred. The coop size must be right for the number of your chickens.

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Have you decided to breed chickens as pets, for meat, or their eggs, and you have built a coop and confused on what to name it? Don’t stress yourself any longer, as we have compiled a list of backyard chicken coop names you can get ideas from when trying to name yours.

Funny Chicken Coop Names

Funny Chicken Coop Names

Sometimes, we all need a little humor in our life. Do you wish to name your chicken coop something funny or hilarious and stuck on ideas? Well, you are in the right place for funny chicken coop names you can get ideas from when you want to name yours.

  1. Eggs it only
  2. Bada Wing Club
  3. Just Got Laid
  4. Hen-some
  5. Bada Bing
  6. Coup de Soup
  7. Butt Nugget Boudoir
  8. Da coop
  9. Butt Nugget Breakfast Factory
  10. Fluffy Butts
  11. Chicken Itza
  12. Scratch Pad
  13. Egg-cademy
  14. The Egg-Zotic
  15. Fuster Cluck
  16. The Ladies’
  17. Happy Peckers Palace
  18. Only Eggs Get Laid
  19. Henitentiary
  20. That’s All, Yolks
  21. Lay-brary
  22. Fort Sans Cock
  23. Little Cluckers Chateau
  24. Sister in Da Coop
  25. Meet the Flockers
  26. Virgin Layers
  27. Mother Cluckers
  28. All the Single Ladies
  29. Coop-a-cabana
  30. Kardashihens
  31. The Biddy Boudoir
  32. Eggs Cetera
  33. The Cockpit
  34. The Girls Next Door
  35. Tail Feather Lounge
  36. The Clucking Cabana
  37. The Eggloo
  38. The Stay ’n Lay
  39. The Peep Show
  40. Henitentiary
  41. Lackacock
  42. The Scramble Inn
  43. The House of the Rising Egg

Cute Chicken Coop Names

Cute Chicken Coop Names

Here is a list of the cutest names you can name your coop, or you can get ideas from when naming it. Chickens are adorable and cute animals, so why wouldn’t their coop be given a lovely name. Below are some cute chicken coop names.

  1. Hen Hilton
  2. Sister Chicks
  3. Breakfast Barn
  4. Hen-some
  5. Just Got Laid
  6. Banty’s R Us
  7. The Oval office
  8. Cheep Accommodations
  9. Cruegga de Ville
  10. Chick Inn
  11. Egglympus
  12. Cluck on Inn
  13. Cackle Castle
  14. Graceland
  15. Eggy Rogers
  16. EggsMart
  17. Laid Fresh
  18. Fort Chix
  19. The Sisterhood
  20. Fowl Fortress
  21. The Best Lay This Side of the Bay
  22. Hen Haven
  23. Henningway
  24. La Grange
  25. Eggs of Many Colors
  26. Sit Pretty
  27. The Laydies Room
  28. Winging it
  29. Laid With Love
  30. Sorority Row
  31. Eggville
  32. Hensylvania
  33. Fowl Pen
  34. The Penthouse
  35. Lucky Chicken Manor

Clever Chicken Coop Names

Clever Chicken Coop Names

Are you already planning to buy a coop, or you already built one for yourself and thinking of a clever or creative name for it? Search no more, as we have a good list of some clever chicken coop names you can get ideas from, and we believe you will love it.

  1. Entertainment Center
  2. Chick-Mahal
  3. Poultry Palace.
  4. The Chickenarium
  5. ReeRun
  6. Coop de Grass
  7. Twelve Yolks
  8. The Country Clucker
  9. Matt’s farm and flock
  10. Huhne haus (In german means chicken house)
  11. Eggri-La
  12. Biddy City
  13. La Grange
  14. The Banty Barn
  15. Gallinas Roy’s
  16. Chez Poulet
  17. The Eggcellant Inn
  18. The Biddy Boudoir
  19. Meet the Flockers
  20. The Cluck on Inn
  21. The Hen Hilton
  22. The Hen Party
  23. #20 Birthday Lane
  24. The Chicken Ranch
  25. The Chic Haven
  26. B&B – Broody’s and Banties
  27. The Chickininy Palace
  28. Tweety’s Farm
  29. Flown the Coop
  30. The True Grit Inn
  31. Holly’s Hen House
  32. The Log Chicken Condo
  33. HopOff Egg Co-Op
  34. Banty Shanty Sheila
  35. The Chicken Prison
  36. Honsehuset (Norwegian Meaning for a Hen House)
  37. The Cob
  38. The Bada Wing Club
  39. Henezuela
  40. Log Chicken Challet
  41. The stealth coop
  42. Scrabbled Egg Boarding House
  43. The Clucking Clubbana
  44. Egglympus
  45. Poop Deck
  46. Fowl Play
  47. Poop central
  48. The Bad Omen Cackle House
  49. Fuster-cluck
  50. Country Rooster Cafe
  51. Sunny Side Up farm
  52. Hentasia
  53. Cock-a-Doodle Den
  54. Poo Drop’ Inn
  55. Coop du Zombies
  56. Cackleberry Castle
  57. off-White House
  58. First day out with mom
  59. mothers cluckers
  60. Great Eggspectations.
  61. Clucktopia
  62. The Little Deuce Coop
  63. The Chick Inn
  64. Chicken Math 101
  65. The pecking order
  66. Jurassic Park
  67. The Hen Den
  68. Omelette house
  69. The dew cluck inn
  70. Fluffy Butt Hut
  71. The Gypsy Girls
  72. Hippie chicky
  73. The Coop
  74. The West Wing
  75. The clucking fun.
  76. Coop Shady Pines
  77. Red Roof Hen
  78. Egg Drop Coop
  79. Little Poof Coop
  80. Biddy Banty Shanty

7 Tips on Building a Great Chicken Coop

Below are some tips on building a great and faster to clean coop that you will love.

1. Budget.

When you consider building a chicken coop, the budget is a vital factor to consider. You need to establish how much you will spend before starting to build your coop.

With your budget, you can determine if it will be best for you to build yours or buy from the market. Do not rush into constructing your chicken house; do proper research first.

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2. Size

You must consider size before building your chicken house. You need to estimate how many chickens you will be needing. Building a small coop for many chickens will force your birds to be crowded as they are limited spaces and can cause the spread of diseases very fast.

chicken coop names

3. Protection from predators.

Do not neglect this point, or else negligence can lead to the loss of your entire flock. You need to determine the type of predators in your neighborhood, like foxes, wolves, etc. If they are the types of predators that can attack your flock from the top, then you should be security cautious on the proof of your chicken coop.

Also, you need to know if the type of predators in your neighborhood are big animals that can force themselves through the fence or even run through the coop, then you need to make use of the most durable materials available.

If you think the type of predators in your hood will try to dig their way to your chicken house, ensure you dig your fence at least a foot in the ground and use a concrete floor where you will be keeping your coop.

4. Light

Chickens need light. You must consider this when building their coop. This is why windows are important for coops. Place the window in such a way that your flock will get enough sun.

It is especially important that your chicken coop is well ventilated

Conclusion: Backyard Chicken Coop Names

Naming your coop can be fun and challenging, which is why we have tried to lessen your stress when trying to think and come up with names. You can also name your chicken coop by starting with your first name if you only want something simple, For example, Shelly’s coop.

We hope you will get inspirations and ideas from our list of coop names. If you enjoy our article, why not share it with your friends that might be searching for coop name ideas or suggestions.

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