220 Famous, Male, Female And Funny Crow Names

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Are you searching for the perfect name for your crow? Don’t worry; you’re in the right place, this article has listed 220 cute, funny and famous crow names.

Crows are large birds of the genus Corvus in the family of Corvidae. Crows can be a troublesome addition to your garden or yard; where they make a mess in your yard or attack your crops. Crows are scavengers, fighting them is hard due to their sheer intelligence, tenacity and dexterity.

If you live in a crow infested region, while trying to keep your yard clean or growing a garden; the crow menace will be a huge problem. They are adept at stealing vegetables, grains and fruits from the garden. They can cause unbelievable havoc on crops like corns.

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Never think of a crow as a pet. To start with, it’s illegal to have a crow as a pet in many countries and also a permit is difficult or impossible to obtain under the Migratory Bird Act.

Below Are Famous and Funny Crow Names Ideas

Even though in lots of countries it is illegal to keep crows as a pet, you can still give a name to some of them around your homes or yard. In this article, we have listed famous and funny crow names suggestions you can use.

Names Meaning crow

Here are some names meaning crow and names similar to crows.

  1. Corbin (English origin) – Crow
  2. Corbinian (Latin origin) – Crow
  3. Crawford (English origin) – Ford of the crows.
  4. Merletta (Old English origin) – blackbird.
  5. Cuervo (Spanish) – Crow

Other names similar to a crow are:

  1. Night
  2. Amael
  3. Thorn
  4. Percy
  5. Shade
  6. Praxis
  7. Hebe
  8. Lucifer
  9. Alwyn
  10. Ara
  11. Yevetta
  12. Zev
  13. Clia
  14. Filbert
  15. Gore
  16. Nashota

Male Crow Names

Here are some names you can give  to a male crow

  1. King
  2. Ferdinand
  3. Ronnie
  4. Eddie
  5. James
  6. Philip
  7. Terry
  8. Paul
  9. Jones
  10. Hank
  11. Earl
  12. Bob
  13. Compton
  14. Gavin
  15. Davin
  16. Ford
  17. Phelps
  18. George
  19. Odinkirk
  20. McDonald
  21. Justin
  22. Arwin
  23. Odin
  24. Alfred
  25. Sebastian
  26. Sylvester
  27. Sonny
  28. Stanley
  29. Werner
  30. Arnie
  31. Shallum
  32. Jorah
  33. Ronald
  34. Ignacio
  35. Mercury
  36. Richie
  37. Walter
  38. Gerry
  39. Murphy
  40. Harlan
  41. Cole
  42. Santana
  43. Butler
  44. Darko
  45. Clark
  46. Jamie
  47. Gus
  48. Fred
  49. Rob
  50. Darkie
  51. Ottie
  52. Cloudie
  53. Xander
  54. Buddy
  55. Roger
  56. Gerald
  57. Rich
  58. Balthazar
  59. Atreus
  60. Phantom
  61. Anthony
  62. Michael
  63. Lawrence
  64. Dalton
  65. Adam
  66. Oscar
  67. Merle
  68. Corbin
  69. Crawford

Female Crow Names

pet crow names, funny crow names, famous crow names

Looking to name a crow around you, below are the list of names suggestions to name a female crow.

  1. Iffy
  2. Elise
  3. Eliza
  4. Kelly
  5. Mikayla
  6. Cindy
  7. Tiffany
  8. Lily
  9. Britney
  10. Lola
  11. Kenna
  12. Macy
  13. Valeria
  14. Amber
  15. Gina
  16. Mia
  17. Maria
  18. Malyia
  19. Nicole
  20. Julia
  21. Layla
  22. Jenny
  23. Katie
  24. Isabella
  25. Eva
  26. Ava
  27. Kate
  28. Kendra
  29. Penelope
  30. Alexis
  31. Delia
  32. Liya
  33. Sarah
  34. Victoria
  35. Erin
  36. Stephanie
  37. Ursula
  38. Lexi
  39. Sally
  40. Skye
  41. Kristina
  42. Dorothea
  43. Marona
  44. Tess
  45. Aspen
  46. Gabbie
  47. Cali
  48. Carlotta
  49. Sam
  50. Lulu
  51. Nelly
  52. Savanna
  53. Faye
  54. Lindsey
  55. Katelyn
  56. Sydnee
  57. Charlotte
  58. Jessie
  59. Samantha
  60. Annette
  61. Luna
  62. Freya
  63. Fantasia
  64. Ariana
  65. Cathy
  66. Yevette
  67. Kelsi
  68. Natalie
  69. Hailey
  70. Camilla
  71. Abbie
  72. Debbie
  73. Ariadne
  74. Iris
  75. Cassie
  76. Meg
  77. Aphrodite
  78. Violet
  79. Mandy
  80. Alex
  81. Gertie
  82. Demi
  83. Olivia
  84. Charmaine
  85. Emily
  86. Rachel
  87. Zelda
  88. Molly
  89. Amanda
  90. Emma
  91. Margaret
  92. Alexa
  93. Marigold
  94. Jasmine
  95. Marge
  96. Ann
  97. Birdie
  98. Asia
  99. Donna
  100. Denise
  101. Lisa
  102. Maggie
  103. Jacqueline
  104. Betty
  105. Anastasia
  106. Allie
  107. Justine
  108. Merla

Famous Crow Names

If you need to give a crow a famous name, we have listed below suggestions and idea for naming a crow. The ideas were gotten from movie character, flowers and celebrities.

  • Canuck: Even though the bird is missing now for months, its the unofficial ambassador of Vancouver
  • Russel: Inspired by the name Russel Crowe- an Academy Award-winning Actor. You could consider naming a crow after this actor
  • Jon Snow: Inspired by a character in a popular TV series “The Game of Thrones”. Jon Snow belongs to a group called the Night’s Watch. However, because of their all-black attire, members of the group were called “crows.”
  • Raven: Are types of bird that look almost the same as crows.
  • Dalhia: Is a type of flower that has full black petals, and they are unique and beautiful.

Funny Crow Names

funny crow names

Here are some funny crow names suggestions.

  1. Scarecrow: Scarecrow is a decoy, usually in the shape of a human. They are usually dressed up in old clothes, placed in fields or farms to chase away animals such as squirrels, bird etc. from damaging crops or properties. Scarecrow is also a character in the Batman series who invented a Fear Gas and capitalized on people’s greatest fears. If you’ve got a crow around your house that scares the hell out of you, then you can go wrong naming such bird a Scarecrow
  2. Vel-crow: Velcro is a hook and loop fasteners, with 2 components that are attached to the opposing surfaces to get stick together or to be fastened. If you’ve got a crow around your yard and fond of sticking around, you can simply name that crow VEL-CROW
  3. Crooster: Inspired by the word “crow and rooster.” Some roosters crow a few times a day while some almost instantly. They crow to alert hens to seek cover from predators or alert predators that a rooster is on the lookout for his flock

Pet Crow Names

Here are suggestions for naming your pet crow. You can have a pet crow only if it’s legal in your country.

  1. Talon: Crows are usually associated with talons, hawks, they have large, hooked claws.
  2. Shadow: Inspired from the darkness of their bodies
  3. Inkblot: Crows are known for the darkness of their bodies. The color of Crow bodies resembles blot of ink
  4. Pilot
  5. Skye
  6. Daisy
  7. Angel
  8. Banjo
  9. Chirpy
  10. Roxy
  11. Willow
  12. Spike
  13. Winter
  14. Croseph
  15. Jeckyll

Cartoon Crow Names

funny crow names

  • Heckle and Jeckle: they are animated cartoon characters. It was created by Paul Terry. The character was a pair of 2 identical yellow-billed magpies that always stuck together to crack jokes.

Cool Crow Names

  1. Ace
  2. Aldo
  3. Belle
  4. Casper
  5. Captain
  6. Comet
  7. Eliza
  8. Heaven
  9. Jasper
  10. Jett
  11. Leo
  12. Jupiter
  13. Paco
  14. Zuzu
  15. Xena
  16. Sam
  17. Santiago
  18. Phoebe

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1. What Is A Good Name For A Crow

In this article, we have listed some cool & good names for crow such as Jon Snow, Heckle, Ace, etc.

2. What Is A Group Of Crow Called?

Three crows or a group of crows is known as Murder.

Conclusion: Famous and Funny Crow Names

Crows are intelligent birds, even though in some literature and some fictional media; they are regarded as evil birds, they are just regular bird. In this article, we have listed some cute, pet, famous and funny names for crows around your yard.

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