Bats As Pets- Things You Need To Know (Pet Bat)

pet bat, bat as pet

Due to the nature of bats, a lot of people have always asked the question, do bats make good pets?.  We have been asked this question quite a number of times by the readers of my blog, and I think it is time I answered that question here.

If you are reading this informative post, it means you have been thinking about getting your self a pet bat, or you already have one, then you are wondering if bats do make great pets.

pet bat, bat as pet

Whatever the case maybe, it is important that you get the answers to your question, and that is why we wrote this article to answer the question properly, do bats make good pets? If you have been looking for the answer to this question, then keep reading you will get to see the answer to the question you have asked for a very long time.

Before we get to the answers to your question, we need to look at a bat as an animal critically, this will help us to figure out the characteristics that may enable them to be used as pets before we start considering whether they will make good pets or not.

Pet Bat 

The bat is often seen as a very spectacular animal because it doubles as a bird and as a mammal. Bats are often regarded as wild animals, but they can equally seek shelter in homes due to the fear of predators and climatic severity.

As a matter of fact, bats are the only mammals that can fly, and of truth, they are very exceptional in the air because their wings are tiny and give them the advanced ability to maneuver in the air even more than birds.

Bats have a very high metabolism; hence they can digest bananas, mangoes, and berries in about 20 minutes.

pet bat, bat as pet

They are nocturnal animals, so they don’t see very well in the dark; hence they adopt a technique known as echolocation to move around freely in the dark.

That they are nocturnal and move around more in the dark does not mean they do not use their eyesight in the daytime, it simply means most of their activities are carried out in the night because they see more at night.

Moving around in the night presents bats the opportunity to stay away from their predators. So you see that it is more convenient to move at night since they can get their food and equally stay safe.

There are many species of bats in the world, and this makes them a very significant number of the animal population. It is said that bats make up a quarter of the population of all the animals on earth.

Can You Have A Bat As A Pet?

As a matter of truth, taking bats as pets will require a lot of courage and proper understanding of the bat as an animal, this is because a few cases of bat originated diseases, the pointy teeth of the bat and the spectacular way they sleep by hanging themselves upside down definitely creeps a lot of people out including me.

Can You Have A Bat AS A Pet

The fact that I can’t imagine seeing a mammal flying freaks me out the more. Keeping them as a pet is a terrible idea.

You may feel the same way or not, but that does not mean one cannot use bats as a pet, but it comes with regulations of some sort.

So the answer to your question is Yes, you can use bats as pets, but it is not recommended because there are a lot of rules that one must follow before you can be considered capable of keeping a bat.

We shall find out those rules later but be assured that bats will not make the best pets for you because while bats are in the forest, they are very active killing mosquitoes and pollinating trees and flowers, but once they find themselves in your home as a pet, they become just mere critters with little claws.

More baffling is also the fact that while in the forest, bats can live up to 20 years or even more, but once you bring them home as pets and they as much as manage to live past 24 hours, then you are lucky.

You should not adopt a pet bat because asides from their inability to live past 24 hours in your home, they are also not enticing and friendly to be used as pets. In essence, you may consider having other exotic pets instead of a pet bat.

Do Bats Make Good Pets?

Most people have over the years tried to make pets out of bats, something that still amazes me until now because I can’t still wrap my head around having to use bats as my pets, but that’s by the way though.  When trying to get a pet, for most people, bats are not in their top choice of pets.

Such people who try to have pet bats are often asking the question, do bats make good pets? 

Well, as much as bats are an amazing and intriguing animal which explains why some people will love to have them as pets, but it doesn’t always work out well because keeping bats which feeds on insects and are regarded as insectivorous, bats as pets are regarded as illegal in the united states. Well, except for fruit bats that are legal in many states.

pet bat, bat as pet

This is to say that the bat is protected by the US laws, and these provide that people who intend to keep bats as pets must be vaccinated against rabies, receive special training, and must also secure the state or federal permits to keep bats as pets.

When you are not able to fulfill all these requirements keeping a bat as a pet becomes animal cruelty because bats are complicated animals and as such requires enormous efforts and specializations to care, house and provide adequate nutrition for them which you cannot offer them without adequate training more reason you are not allowed to keep bat pets.

The answer to your question, do bats make good pets? You can keep bats as pets after obtaining the necessary permits, but bats do not make good pets because they cannot be domesticated. 

Bats live longer when they are in the forest than when you try to domesticate them, and because they require special care, housing, and nutrition, it becomes really tasking to keep them as pets, So No bats do not make good pets!.

If you still wish to have a bat as a pet, you can but still remember that keeping insectivorous bats is illegal in the united states, again urine wash which is a natural behavior of bats where they rub urine on their furs will make it difficult to touch bats because when you do you are likely to be touching a piss oiled bat which is totally unhygienic.

Hence, bringing a bat into your house as a pet will leave your house with a dense fog of totally disturbing stench the next day.

Another reason why keeping bats as pets is not the best idea is that buying a bat is unnecessarily expensive, getting a bat pet will cost you nothing less than $200- $800 and then imagine the bat dying in the next 24 hours, isn’t that a total waste of money?

The bottom line is that bats do not make good pets before whatever reason, so instead of keeping bats, you should look at having other exotic pets.

We are sure we have answered your question, do bats make good pets? And if you have been considering getting a bat as a pet, this article will be very helpful for you in making a good choice.

Do Fruit Bats Make Good Pets?

Do fruit bats make good pets

Keeping native bats as pets is illegal in lots of countries, including the United States. However, owning a specie of bats known as fruit bats is legal in many states. An example of a fruit bat is the straw-colored fruit bats.

Can Bats Cause Damages?

Yes, bats can cause damages. When they invade your home, there are lots of damages they can cause. For instance, bats guano and urine can accumulate, saturating and soaking particleboard, insulation, sheetrock, drywall, ceilings, hardwood flooring, carpeting, and a lot more.

Restoring them can add up quickly to your budget. Before the damages become too expensive, it is very important to manage bat infestations issue very fast.

Aside from structural damages, they can spread diseases and bugs. Their bites can affect humans and even household pets. They are also capable of spreading dangerous diseases like rabies and SARS, like any other animal.

Another infectious disease caused by bat invasions is known as Histoplasmosis. Histoplasmosis is a respiratory ailment that is caused by the inhalation of bat droppings or guano.

Do bats attack humans?

History had it that bat have been attacking humans. Bat mites are similar to scabies and can be challenging and difficult to get rid of.

Do bats attack humans?

Bats Bite on humans has been increasing due to the fact that their natural habitats through deforestation are being destroyed. You might want to know, What do bats eat?

Some bat species do not suck human’s blood or attack humans; they prefer to get their meals from other animals; they eat fruit, insects, nectar, and pollen. A few species of bats eat frogs and fishes. However, vampire bats feed on blood, and they can feed on human blood, but we cannot call this an attack. Vampire bats are known to feed on animal blood, such as the blood of livestock and birds.

How Can Bats See?

Bats see with their eyes, but their sight is not great during the day; they also echolocate. Bats vision depends on the species, bats are not blind, and all bats have eyesight.

Vampire bats- make use of their noses in locating livestock and other animals, and when they land on them, the heat sensors on their nose help them to locate a blood vessel that sits very close to the skin surface of the animal. They will snick with their teeth to make a tiny hole to enable them to tap from the blood.

Fruit Bats They have the best eyesight on all species of bats. They use their nose also to spy on flowers and fruits as this is their main diet, although they occasionally snack on insects.

Insect-eating bats– These species make use of their ears more through a process known as echolocation. With their sensitive radar-like ears, they can pick high pitch clicks and sounds which are far high for humans even to hear. With these ears, they can tell how far or close a thing is; they see perfectly through sounds. Echolocation allows bats to be fast and accurate in the dark

Summary: Pet Bat

Bats are not meant to be domesticated; they are wild animals. If you have more opinions regarding keeping a bat as a pet? Then don’t forget to let us know in the comment section and share this article.

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