Is The Jian Bird A Real Bird?

the Jian bird

Most birds you would have come across will surely have two wings and two eyes, and no one would likely believe the existence of a bird that doesn’t have two eyes and two wings. However, Chinese mythological birds have only one eye and one wing – Jian Bird.

What Is A Jian Bird? 

The Jian bird is a bird that naturally has only one eye and one wing; it’s a Chinese mythological bird.

Learning that a bird exists with only one eye and one wing would make one wonder why the bird was imperfectly created and how it lives and survives as a bird. 

The Chinese mythological facts about the Jian bird explain further that these birds were created in pairs, which means not a single Jian bird will exist without having its second half, which exists as a single bird.

the Jian bird

Origin Of The Jian Bird

 Chinese mythology is what brought Jian bird. The existence of this creature is complete mythology. 

Is The Jian Bird A Real Bird? 

This bird’s existence is complete mythology from the Chinese, as explained earlier. However, regardless of the Jian bird being a myth, there are a lot of stories about this bird that made this Chinese mythological bird an interesting one. 

Facts About The Jian Bird

The Chinese myth about this bird is proof that China is advanced in technology and possesses diverse mythological stories. 

According to the Chinese myth about the Jian bird, the two separate part of this Jian bird has to come together to achieve a particular purpose. And not just meant for mating only, because as obvious as it sounds, a bird can’t fly with only one wing and one eye. Hence, they have to come together if they want something tangible done. 

If you have a deep thought about this, this simply signifies a Jian bird can’t fulfil its purpose in life without unity with its other half. Only when they come together, they can fly and move from one position. 

Furthermore, the myth explained further that the life of Jian birds is dependent on each other, which means when one dies, the other half only has a limited time to live or stay happy. 

the Jian bird

Jian Bird As A Symbol Of Marriage

Jian bird is frequently used as a symbol for marriage. In the olden days, traditional Chinese marriages were somehow complicated with a six-step affair. These steps are as follows:

1. The proposal: The groom comes for a marriage proposal, and if it is accepted, they proceed to the next step.

2. Birth Dates: In the birth dates, they would check for compatibility, and if both of them are compatible, they will move to the next stage.

3. Bride Price (and Betrothal Gifts)– In these stages, after paying the bride price, the groom’s family will send some religious items and food items to the bride’s family.

4. Wedding Day: Both the bride and groom’s families would now decide upon the wedding date. However, in those days, the bride had little or no say who her husband would be.

5. Ceremony: After fixing the wedding day, which of course, only when they are sure it’s a lucky day; then comes the ceremony itself.

For any marriage to work correctly, both the man and woman must work together. This signifies why this bird is a symbol of marriage in China.

What Does Jian Mean In Chinese?

In Chinese, the word Jian means something strong and healthy; it could also mean to establish or build.


 According to Chinese mythology about this bird, a single part of a Jian bird isn’t considered as a bird because it’s incapable of performing its task as a bird. 

However, it’s considered a Jian Jian, meaning its existence, death, and living depend on the other half.

Jian bird

As a result of this, Chinese mythology about the Jian bird plays a vital role in traditional Chinese marriage. 

According to Chinese traditional marriage rules, the bond a Jian bird shares with its other half is expected to be shared between a husband and a wife. 

However, we believe that this bird’s myth is incomplete because there isn’t detailed information shared about its habitat, physical features, and diet. 

Conclusion – The Jian bird

The Chinese myth about the bird is an excellent lesson to humans; it shows we need unity to grow and to attain success in life. We hope you’ve been able to learn a lesson from this Chinese myth. 

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