What Does It Mean When A Bird Poops On You – A Sign Of Bad Or Good Luck?

We all believe that birds are mythical creatures, but does that signify that birds possess magical powers that can make their poop affect the human body? So, what does it mean when a bird poops on you?

Is that going to bring luck to you, as many people do say? Birds are amazing creatures to humans, and different cultures ascribed different symbolic meanings to birds. 

Birds possess a special ability, which is the ability to fly; this distinguishes them from other types of animals and makes humans greatly love them.  What does it mean when a bird shits on you, What does it mean when a bird poops on you If we should dig deep into the numerous superstitions related to birds, millions of words won’t be able to cover everything. However, among the ones described, we shall be considered a popular one.

What does it mean when a bird shits on you? There is a widespread belief that when a bird poops on humans, it’s a sign of luck or a sign of something good coming towards such a fellow. 

However, this is an unending debate which some are not ready to agree to, as there is no enough evidence to back up this claim, nor could the source of the belief be traced to its origin to provide a more detailed explanation. 

Is Bird Pooping On You Good Luck?

Birds symbolize different things to different cultures, and since there are different types of birds, we can’t communist all kinds of birds for symbolizing the same thing. 

Bird lovers, and those who are ready to know more about birds, always ask questions like, “what does it mean when a bird shits on you?”, or “What does it mean when a bird poops on you?” both questions mean the same thing.  

With the number of birds present in the sky; it is rare for a person to get pooped on by a bird. However, in such instances that it happens, many consider it to be a sign of luck. What Does It Mean When A Bird poops On You? Different cultures provide different answers to this question. Some say, if a bird poops on you, it’s a sign of good luck, but this is limited to some certain birds, like doves. 

Some see birds as heralds of bad luck, while some see them as a messenger of peace, whichever way depends on your culture.  In Russia, they hold the belief that when a bird poops on you, it’s a sign of a new achievement coming your way.  What does it mean when a bird poops on you, What does it mean when a bird shits on you

5 Birds That Are Considered Good Luck When They Poop On Humans.

Here are five birds that are considered good luck.

1. A Dove or Pigeon

 Seeing the pair of these two birds represents love, good luck, and good news. If you get pooped on by a dove or pigeon, it may mean that your relationship will be fruitful, or you’ll have a romantic relationship.

2. Robin

 If you get pooped on by a Robin, it may signify many things like good luck, happiness, and new opportunities.

3. Pet Birds

 For pet bird owners, you will agree with me that there will be chances that your pet will bless your head or shoulder at least once a week. Pet birds poop may signify Good luck and blessings.

4. Storks

These lovely birds signifies new opportunities and fidelity. So, if you get pooped on by a stork, it may mean good luck and family expansions.

5. Hummingbirds

getting pooped on by a hummingbird signifies happiness, love, and zeal to follow your dreams no matter how impossible and challenging they seem.

Origin Of What It Means When A Bird Shits On You

Many of those who usually ask questions like, “what does it mean when a bird shits on you” will sometimes wonder how this saying came to be.  These Questions, For ages, it has been believed that animal feces brings luck.

Not just seeing the feces or stepping on it brings luck, but when it falls on you from on high.  However, before you wish for a bird to poop on you, you should try and imagine how disgusting this could be. 

Furthermore, if you are not convinced yet, and you still find yourself asking questions like, “what does it mean when a bird shits on you” here are three convincing reasons it is considered a sign of luck if a bird poops on you. 

1. Symbolism Of Birds

Before the advancement of technology came to be, people rely on birds to deliver messages. Birds can fly without any earth ties, and this signifies freedom. Many cultures also believe birds are reincarnations of spiritual guardians, which means when you notice the same bird following you, it means you are protected. 

No one provides food for birds, neither can one ascertain where they get their food from, yet they eat to their satisfaction daily. This is what makes many believe that birds are more of a spiritual phenomenon than physical. 

We all know how thrilling the imagination of being able to spread wings and fly could be; the exceptional ability of a bird being able to fly without any barrier signifies liberty.  Thinking about these as one reason, led to the belief that being pooped on by a bird is a sign of luck.

2. What Are The Chances Of Being Pooped On By A Bird?

The chances of being pooped on by a birds are very low, and it rarely happens.   If you get pooped on by a bird, it could be a sign that you are about to secure a contract you have been struggling with for a long while, or a significant achievement is about knocking on your door.  bird poops, bird shits

3. A Bird Pooping On You Is Not Inconvenience, But A Favourable Event.

Perhaps you have an outing, and on your way, a bird poop suddenly falls on you, as if you were their toilet, do not see this as an inconvenience, instead a sign of a favorable event coming your way. 

Related Questions

Does Bird Poop Stain Cloth? 

Yes, it doesn’t but it’s not a tough stain.  This is one comforting fact about birds poop. If you get pooped on by a bird, on your way to an event, friend’s place, or school, you can make use of a little piece of paper to clean it off, or if you can get a sachet of water nearby to rinse the little part off. 

Does Bird Poop Stink

Yes, every animal poop has its naturally smell. Healthy birds poop doesn’t stink or have offensive odor.  If you get pooped on by a healthy bird, you might not even notice a bird has pooped on you because you won’t notice any awful smell. 

 What Colour Is Bird Poop?

The color of bird poop will be determined by what they have eaten. Majorly for pet birds, their poop color is usually brown or green.  Birds do not urinate; this is why you may notice some white patches on many bird poop.  

Conclusion – What Does it mean when a bird Poops on you?

 A bird poop falling on you could be quite embarrassing, especially if you are in the midst of your friends or in public. To erase this embarrassing or negative feeling from your mind, try seeing such an event as a sign of luck coming your way. 

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