What Does It Mean When You See An Owl?

The meanings of owls differ from culture to culture. These beautiful and majestic creatures have duality. They are beautiful and majestic, but also violent and savage.

The owl as a symbol is either a harbinger of wealth and fortune or omens such as famine and sickness.

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The Symbolic Meaning of Owls Around the World

The specific meanings differ. Some believe that when you hear or see an owl, it is an indication of spiritual messages!

Often this can then be related to the passing of a loved one, loss of wealth, or something significant soon to follow. However somber it may seem. Seeing an owl should bring joy because it is a beautiful animal.

In North America, the native American owl meaning is wisdom and intuition. The owl is also a totem, it is seen as a spirit guide and can be a symbol of family, clan, or tribe.

However, an owl can mean bad news and death. It all depends on the message that the owl is bringing , did the owl appear in a dream? did you see it at night or during the day? If there is a darkness, an energy that doesn’t feel good…chances are the owl’s message is an omen.

What Does It Mean When You See An Owl?

Credit: Lepale via Pixabay.com

Owls are beautiful, and they come in a great many shapes and sizes.

They vary in their abilities as hunters. It must be said that there are very few hunters who are as silent or stealthy as an owl. They are specialists in hunting and with their nocturnal vision.

These great hunters carve their own porches and dens in hollow trees or uncared to gutters. They use their cunning and great stealth to lurk in the dark

Seeing an owl is precious and a special occasion. These animals are not necessarily bad omens or bad luck. Often it is quite the opposite, and they can mean good luck and symbol or sign for change.

The Symbolism of a White Owl

White owls signify change or transition.

White animals are very rare in the wild. You should feel a certain accomplishment by seeing one. Upon seeing one, you must reflect on the recent lesson you’ve learned.

For example, if you see a snowy owl, and you’re going through financial stress, this could be your chance to ask for help.

However, the white owl is also associated with death along with rebirth. Look inward and search for wisdom and knowledge in change.

White Owl
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Some Facts About Owls You Don’t Already Know

  1. Most owls have asymmetrical ears so that they can hear in an omnidirectional way.
  3. Owls have binocular vision
  4. They can focus and unfocus their eyes to zoom in on prey
  6. This is where the old wife’s tall of an owl being able to see right around its head originates.
  7. Some…eat other owls?
  8. Bigger owls eat smaller ones as they are often full of nourishment themselves.
  9. The biggest owl(Northern American Owl) is so tall in at an uncanny 32 Inches.
  10. The tiny tiniest (Elf Wolf)comes in at 5-6 inches and 1,5 oz.
  11. Northern Hawk owls can detect prey from half a mile away by sight.
  12. You are able to tell if the owls are successful hunters if the males only are fat.
  13. the females in Owl society don’t get fat whilst hunting an equal amount.
  14. Many owls such as Barn Owls EAT THEIR PREY WHOLE bones and hair included. (3-in-1 Special)
  15. Owls are proficient flyers.
  16. One such as the Northern Saw-whet has been recorded to have flown up to 70 miles into NYC.
  17. Not all owls hoot.
  18. Some screech like horses
  19. Others sound like a whetstone sharpening.
  20. Owls are ZYGODACTYLS
  21. This means they have front-facing toes
  22. They use their own weight to move faster or slower on the ground

Frequently Asked Questions:

How do you know if the owl is your spirit animal?

Credit: Kevinsphotos via Pixabay.com

The bird is referred to as a source of wisdom and intuition. The bird again is supposed to encourage self-reflection and we must remember how we’ve:

  • Treated others
  • Treated ourselves
  • Treat our environment

If we have lacked these the spirit animal is supposed to bring us back to pay attention in our lives. The owl represents our need to be:

  • Observant
  • Calculated
  • Majestic
  • Calm

What Does it Mean When an Owl Enters Your Room?

Many ancient cultures saw owls as spirit guides to knowledge and wisdom. In Roman culture, the Greek goddess Athena had an owl on her shoulder. This allowed her to see the WHOLE TRUTH.

It should be an honor to have an owl enter your house. However, some different cultures(one being Traditional Native Americans) would view seeing owls as omens of death.

Throughout history and the world, there are many different interpretations of Owls. However, there is no denying their link to several cultures.

The ‘Greek Gods’ believed owls to represent fortune and goodwill. The Native Americans saw owls as a message and omen to represent death.

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