Do Ducks Need Toys

Do Ducks Need Toys

Do Ducks Need Toys? If you have ever watched ducks play, you will definitely know how engaging and entertaining they can be. Ducks, like any other animal, benefit from engaging in stimulating activities.  Of course, they enjoy swimming, so water games are always entertaining. On the other hand, there are various fun games you may … Read more

Is The Jian Bird A Real Bird?

the Jian bird

Most birds you would have come across will surely have two wings and two eyes, and no one would likely believe the existence of a bird that doesn’t have two eyes and two wings. However, Chinese mythological birds have only one eye and one wing – Jian Bird. What Is A Jian Bird?  The Jian … Read more

Can Chickens Eat Watermelon And The Seeds?

Whether you are raising chickens as pets or for food products, there are specific principles you need to follow, which you need to know. Educating yourself on the proper things to feed your chickens will ensure that they grow strong and healthy. Pre-formulated chicken feeds are the simplest way to feed them and will ensure … Read more

Differences Between Geese Vs Ducks.

geese vs ducks

This article aims to provide you with the differences and similarities between Geese Vs. Ducks. Waterbirds like geese and ducks are in the same family Anatidae. These birds are adapted for swimming, diving in shallow water, and floating on the water surface. In general, Ducks and Geese are monogamous breeders and classified as waterfowls which … Read more

Can Chickens Eat Rice? Uncooked Rice!

can chickens eat uncooked rice

Over the years, there have been a lot of misconceptions and myths regarding Chickens and rice. A lot of people have assumed that feeding your chicken with rice can cause some sort of problem to them. This informative article aims to provide you with facts concerning chickens eating rice (cooked, uncooked, white, and brown rice). … Read more

387 Funny & Pink Flamingo Names

flamingo names

Are you looking for a name for your pet flamingo? You’re in the right place; this article has listed 387 pink, funny, and famous flamingo names. There are various species of flamingos across the world, and they include the greater flamingo, the American flamingo, the Chilean flamingo, and the lesser flamingo. The lesser flamingos are … Read more

Eagle Vs Falcon – What’s The Difference

eagle vs falcon

Don’t you just love spending time, sky gazing, watching the majestic creatures of the birds grace us with their presence? Each bird, with its feature distinguishing them from others and makes them unique in their ways. This article aims to you with the difference between eagle vs falcon. When it comes to birds, they are … Read more Protection Status