Can Snakes Climb Walls?

can snakes climb walls

Can snakes climb walls? I’m pretty sure that a large percentage of us have wondered about the possibility of snakes to scale over high fences/walls. Without any debate, it should be generally accepted that few creatures send many impulses of fear into humans, as these creepy reptiles.  Despite the fact that there are tiny chances … Read more

Do Octopus Have Beaks?

octopus beak

Does Octopus have beaks? That question must have been lingering on your mind for a long time. This article will answer your question and discuss some other features relating to the presence or absence of beaks in octopuses. In one of my blog posts, I also talked about whether octopuses have bones or not.  The … Read more

Do Octopus Have Bones?

do Octopus have bones

Have you ever asked yourself, “Do Octopus have bones?” If you are wondering if Octopuses have bones, you are in the right place. Do you know what an Octopus looks like? I’m sure you know what an Octopus is before you landed on this page. However, Octopuses are wonderful sea creatures, and their close relatives … Read more

Can Crabs Swim And Drown?


Crabs are short-tailed creatures belonging to member Crustacean and order Decapoda; they are sea creatures that have five pairs of legs with a flat round body that is covered by shells. They have large claws on their front legs. Many crabs are eaten by humans. Crabs are very fast, once they sight humans they  burrow … Read more Protection Status