Can Cats Eat Raw Chicken? The Answer Might Surprise You

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You might have been told that cats should not eat raw chicken. In fact, the American Association of Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) suggests that it is unsafe to feed any raw poultry to a cat.

However, there are some veterinarians and animal nutritionists who believe that feeding a small amount of raw chicken to a cat won’t cause them any harm. So what’s the truth?

Is it okay for your cat to eat a little bit of raw chicken? Read on for the facts about whether or not your furry friend should be eating this food!

Why Is It Unsafe For Cats To Eat Raw Chicken?

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Raw poultry can contain salmonella bacteria, which is potentially fatal to cats. It can also cause dehydration, vomiting, and diarrhea—all of which are easily avoided if you cook the chicken enough.

Cats are obligate carnivores, so they need to eat meat in order to get all the nutrients they need.

They aren’t designed for vegetables and grains like humans are, so feeding your cat raw poultry could be dangerous or even fatal.

Raw chicken is a feline favourite, but should you feed it to your cat? Raw foods are good for cats but can be dangerous if not prepared correctly.

Cats have been known to eat meat from rabbits, poultry, fish and now even chicken. Can feline digest raw meat? What are the risks? Find out if it’s safe for your pet in this article!

What Do Veterinarians And Animal Nutritionists Think About Feeding Raw Chicken To Cats?

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The American Association of Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) suggests it is unsafe to feed raw poultry to cats because of the potential for harmful bacteria or parasites to be transmitted.

While small amounts of raw chicken are generally safe for cats, feeding large amounts can cause problems including intestinal blockage, bloating, vomiting, diarrhea, and anemia.

Some veterinarians and animal nutritionists believe that feeding a small amount of raw chicken won’t cause harm to your cat.

Feeding your kitten raw meat and bones, such as chopped or ground beef, may not be ideal.

Raw meats can surely provide them with amino acids and other nutrients but the high acidity of the meat could prove to be dangerous for their health in certain scenarios:

Kittens who are fed on these foods may develop food allergies which could potentially cause problems later in life that many people wouldn’t imagine!

Feeding your cat raw chicken can be hazardous and deadly to them.

It may cause health benefits which you should not be taking advantage of it by feeding the diet without any health care advice from a veterinarian.

If you feed her meat with bones, she might choke on the food or swallow a splinter which could make her extremely ill due to internal damage such as an obstruction in one of her digestive organs.

How Much Raw Chicken Should I Feed My Cat?


Original chicken bones are an excellent raw food for cats as they contain a number of nutrients and minerals.

Raw cat’s diet is very controversial. Many cat owners cannot agree to the usage of raw chicken in cats’ diets.

It has different benefits and disadvantages for cats, which are not fully understood by most people.

A raw cat’s diet can be fatal if it contains bacteria that cause salmonella poisoning or enteric-toxin infection (eot).

However, bones should be kept to the minimum size so that your cat does not have any choking problems.

In order to answer the question of whether it’s okay for your cat to eat a little bit of raw chicken, you need to know how much raw chicken a cat can safely eat.

The AAFCO recommends that a small amount of raw chicken cannot exceed 5 percent of the total diet of a cat.

For example, if your cat is being fed a dry food diet, 5 percent of this should be raw chicken.

This means that in general, the amount of raw meat in their diet should not exceed 1/4 cup per day or 2 ounces per week.

If you want to feed your cat more than this amount, it’s best to talk with your vet about what’s safe for your pet.

Raw chicken bones are generally considered safe for cats. However, raw chicken bones can splinter when chewed on by cats so be careful about where you set them out for your cat to eat.

Feeding raw, uncooked foods to a cat are not recommended.

After raw meat diets become popularized in the 1980s, more and more veterinarians became concerned about diseases that could be transmitted from raw diet food to cats through its ingestion.

The Benefits Of Feeding Raw Chicken To Your Cat

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It turns out that raw chicken contains a lot of essential nutrients for your cat, so feeding them this food might actually be beneficial.

Raw chicken is also lower in calories than other meats, which can help save your cat’s diet.

But, raw chicken does contain some things that are harmful to cats, like bacteria and parasites.

So although it may be okay for your cat to eat a little bit of raw chicken, it’s still not advisable to feed them exclusively this type of food.

The benefits of raw chicken are too many to mention.

It is rich in nutrients that boost health and improve food absorption, it also promotes hair growth, weight management, skin health, bone health etc.

Raw meat contains very important nutrients for cats that are apparently missing from cat food or commercial dry kibble diet which can cause a lot of digestive problems in cats.

Now that you know that it’s okay for your cat to eat a little bit of raw chicken, you should make sure they’re eating the right amount.

A good rule of thumb is to give them about 1/4-1/2 cup each day (depending on their size). They’ll also need extra water when they’re eating this kind of food.

So what do you think? Do you think it’s okay for your cat to eat raw meat? What are some benefits or drawbacks you have seen from feeding your pet raw poultry?

How To Safely Feed Your Cat Raw Chicken

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The following are simple safety tips that will help you feed your cat raw chicken safely:

1. Don’t feed raw chicken to your cat if it has an existing condition or is currently sick.

2. Keep the food and water bowls separate from each other.

3. If possible, keep a close eye on your cat as they eat the raw chicken until you’re sure that they don’t have any issues with eating this type of food.

4. Keep some canned or cooked food on hand so that switching between raw and cooked food makes it easier for your cat to transition to a healthier diet for themselves.

5. Make sure you know where all of your cat’s hiding places are so that you can easily clean up any messes before they become a problem!

Raw pet food can be a good source for cats and dogs to eat because it provides the right nutrients.

But some raw meats may carry parasites like fleas and ticks which can cause infection in your pets digestive tract causing bad consequences.

Cats digestive tract is less effective than a human’s and the food they eat must be processed more thoroughly to prevent bacteria from growing.

This can cause digestive issues for cats including diarrhea.

When eating raw fish, poultry or other prey animals, it is important that you cook these foods well before serving them to your cats since they are unable to fully digest this type of meat on their own.

If not cooked properly, some of these meats may contain diseases causing parasites such as worms which

Conclusion: Can Cats Eat Raw Chicken

The answer is yes! There are some veterinarians and animal nutritionists who believe that feeding a small amount of raw chicken to a cat won’t cause them any harm.

So how much raw chicken should you feed your cat?

The AAFCO recommends that owners feed their cats up to three tablespoons per day, which would be equivalent to one ounce in weight.

This may seem like a lot of food for your pet, but it’s definitely not enough to make them sick.

A balanced diet of raw chicken contains essential nutrients for your cat and should be healthy to continue the diet.

It’s crucial that you feed them balanced and balanced foods so as to ensure they get all their nutrients.

Raw food diets are often given to cats for nutritional reasons. Raw cat food is fed in small amounts, once or twice a day with plenty of fresh water available at all times.

The cat food diet should be stored on the bottom shelf so that it does not come into contact with raw meat products used as ingredients by humans or other animals around them, especially chickens and other birds.

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