Do Goats Have Front Teeth On Top?

Goats are among the oldest domesticated animals on earth, and they are often kept as pets in the twentieth century—most people who keep goats as pets have never bothered to check their dentition.

Just like in humans, most animals have both upper and lower sets of teeth. These sets of teeth make it possible for grabbing, cutting, and biting. Some animals only have the lower sets of teeth, while some don’t even have teeth at all. So, have you ever asked yourself “do goats have top teeth.”

Do Goats Have Top Teeth?

So, do goats have top teeth? No, goats don’t have top front teeth. If you have raised a goat, you might have probably noticed that they lack the front top teeth.

For those people who haven’t had the chance to raise a goat or come closer to goats, it will be a surprise for them knowing now that goats do not have top front teeth in their mouths. However, they do have inner top teeth as well as lower top teeth.

Do goats have top teeth

The lack of top front teeth by goats doesn’t stop them from munching on food such as leaves, grains, seeds, hay (grasses or legume), watermelon, healthy vegetables, bananas, and so on.

Goats are known as ruminant animals (grazing animals), so the lack of front top teeth is not a problem for them. For typical goat diets, the top and lower front set teeth for tearing food particles are not really necessary. They have sets of molars that allow them to crush or chew on solid foods.

How Do Goats Eat Without Top Teeth?

Goat, as with other grazing animals, lacks top incisors (teeth). You might be wondering how these ruminant animals are able to eat without the upper teeth? Well, in the absence of the Top front teeth, there’s a hard dental pad that serves the function of the teeth.

Goats make use of the hard dental pad and the lower incisors to tear food particles. They grab foods with the help of their tongues, and they use their sets of back molars to chew or grind these foods.

How Do Goat Get Maximum Nutrition & Full Digestion Of Food Particles?

Ruminant animals have a four-chambered stomach, which means goats can regurgitate already swallowed food, which is stored a special pouch in their stomach as cud and chew it again.

This process allows them to chew down the food particles again for easy digestion and also to extract  maximum nutrients from the food.

How Many Teeth Do Goats Have?

Most goat’s teeth are situated in the lower region of their mouth. In total, a mature goat has a total of 32 teeth. They have 8 incisors, which they use for grabbing and biting off leaves, branches, and other food particles. Also, goats have 24 molars, which they use in grinding and crushing their food before swallowing it.

Permanent Teeth: (I) Incisor, (C) canine, (P) premolar, and (M) molar. Deciduous teeth: Di, Dc, and Dp.

Matured & permanent goat detition formular: 2(I0/4; C0/0; P3/3; M3/3)= 2(16)=32.

Foemular for Deciduous teeth: 2(Di 0/4; Dc 0/0; Dp 3/3) = 2(10)=20

Do goats have top teeth

Can Goats Bite?

Yes, goats do bite. If you hold them roughly and they are in pain, they can bite you. One of my goats had bitten me before when I was holding her hands too tight; it was a sharp pain but no cut.

Sometimes, when you are feeding them with your bare hand, they can get your finger squashed. Squashing your finger doesn’t show any harm, but it will hurt for a while. Also, if you stick your forefinger between the dental pad and incisors, you run a risk of getting bitten.

Do Goats Teeth Age?

Yes, goats teeth do age. The front lower teeth of your goats can tell you their age. However, several factors can influence the growth of goat teeth, such as diet.

It may also interest you to know that goats do loose teeth like humans. The baby goats lose their milk or Deciduous teeth to make way for adult teeth, and as they age, they also lose teeth.

For the first year of baby goats life.

In the first year, their teeth are sharp and small. These teeth will be gradually be replaced by permanent teeth.

For the second year

Most goats, the two middle front teeth will be lost when it is about 12 months old. Larger and permanent teeth will replace them.

For the third year ( 2 to3 years old)

Your goat teeth next to the middle pair will fall out and be replaced by larger permanent teeth when the goat clocks 24 months old and above.

For the fourth year.

When they get to 4-years, they should now have 6 full permanent teeth, with just one pair of baby teeth left.

For the Fifth-year (4 years and above)

By this time, the sets of the front lower teeth are complete. From this point, the age of your goats can be guessed as the teeth are subjected to be worn. Diets play a significant play here; those goats that graze on rough pastures, their teeth will wear sooner than those on the barn. Goats teeth wear and drop out as they age.

Conclusion: Do goats have top teeth

Goats are adorable creatures with great digestive systems. With the way their digestive system is built, they do not need the top front teeth to survive. It will help if you are careful when handling goats because they can bite you with their front incisors and hard dental pad.

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