166 Evil Dog Names – The Best List!!!

horror dog names, Evil dog Names

Some dogs are so mean, they have a tendency to bite or attack everything they come across. In most situations, this can cause some slight discomfort. In this article, we aim to provide a comprehensive list of evil dog names you can get ideas from when you want to name a tough or mean dog.

Some dog breeds are known to be tougher or mean, such as the Rottweiler, Doberman Pinscher, Pit Bull, and German Shephard.  Do not confuse naturally wicked or harsh dog breeds to any female dog that has babies. Generally, female dogs with babies are mean and evil.

horror dog names, Evil dog Names

There are lots of evil dogs in Horror movies like the “Cujo.” If you are searching for evil dog names to name your little puppy or you wish to name your puppy after an evil dog character you enjoyed in a movie, you are in the right place.

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For whatsoever reason you wish to name your puppy an evil name and you are stuck with ideas, In this article, we have compiled a list of the best male and female evil dog names you can get ideas from when choosing a name for your dog.

You need to name your dog base on its personality. It will be wise if you only name a tough, wicked, or mean dog an evil or horror name. Check out our list of both male and female evil inspired dog names below. Some of these names are inspired from movies and novels.

Male Evil Dog Names

Male Evil Dog Names

Do you have a mean male puppy and searching for the perfect name to call him, but you are out of ideas? Here is a list of male evil dog names you can get ideas from:

  1. Bones (Skeletal)
  2. Dagger (combat knife)
  3. Freddie Krueger (A Fictional character- Nightmare Monster)
  4. Fury (Extreme, violent anger)
  5. Pugsley (From The Addams Family)
  6. Dullahan (Headless Horseman)
  7. Ghidora (3-headed Monster)
  8. Dolores (From 1995 movie Dolores Claiborne)
  9. Barnabas (Vampire Collins)
  10. Menace (A threat or danger)
  11. Eleazar (Twilight series)
  12. Crusher (large, cruel, and strong)
  13. Kaleo (Eldest vampire In Shattered Mirror)
  14. Danger (Bad situation)
  15. Fiend (wicked, cruel)
  16. Ichabod (Legend of Sleepy Hollow)
  17. Barbarian (Uncivilized, showing no mercy)
  18. Phantom (Ghost)
  19. Hecate (From Shakespeare’s MacBeth)
  20. Armand (From The Vampire Chronicles)
  21. Marcus (Twilight series)
  22. Fala (Demon In My View)
  23. Samara (The Ring)
  24. Grover (Grover Dill, bully in A Christmas Story)
  25. Blaze (To burn fervently)
  26. Salem (Witchy Black Cat)
  27. Hannibal Lecter (From Silence of the Lambs)
  28. Desdemona (Of the Devil)
  29. Chucky (A super evil doll)
  30. Lurch (From The Addams Family)
  31. Klingon (A rough character from Star Trek)
  32. Lord Daryl (Midnight Predator)
  33. Kurt Barlow (Salem’s Lot)
  34. Twilight (Dusk)
  35. Svenghouli (Horror Show Host)
  36. Atilla (Aka, the Hun)
  37. Zombie (Living Dead)
  38. Countess Dolingen (From the movie The Games of Countess Dolingen; Dracula’s Guest)
  39. Fester (The Addams Family)
  40. Nosferatu (Famous Vampire)
  41. Igor (Faithful Assistant to Dr. Frankenstein)
  42. Bela (Lugosi – Scary Movie Actor)
  43. Aleron (means on the wing (Latin))
  44. Quasimodo (Hunchback of Notre Dame)
  45. Simon (The Silver Kiss)
  46. Spike (From Buffy the Vampire Slayer)
  47. Bluto (The bully in Popeye)
  48. Dunkan (means dark one (Celtic))
  49. Cruella (A fictional character from Cruella)
  50. Killer (Taker of life)
  51. Capone (Al Capone, gangster)
  52. Vancha March (Cirque du Freak series)
  53. Nyx (Of The Night)
  54. Thing (The Addams Family)
  55. Badger (relentless burrowing animals)
  56. Scarface (Al Capone’s Nickname)
  57. Jasper Hale ( From Twilight series)
  58. Godfather (From The Godfather movie)
  59. Lucifer (Devil)
  60. Banshee (Screaming Spirit)
  61. Gremlin (From Gremlins Film)
  62. Regan (The Exorcist)
  63. Fang (Long Tooth)
  64. Bruiser (Crushes anything)
  65. Kern (means dark (Gaelic))
  66. Ares (After the Greek god of war)
  67. Boris (Karloff – A Scary Movie Actor)
  68. Nefarious (Wicked or villain-like)
  69. Kong (A Large Ape)
  70. Demetri (Twilight series)
  71. Gizmo (A cute fur ball but don’t get him wet)
  72. Corbin (means a raven)
  73. Gnarly (Disfigured, and dangerous)
  74. Bully (One who bullies)
  75. VooDoo (Bewitching Magic)
  76. Brutal (To be cruel and rough)
  77. Sasquatch (Bigfoot)
  78. Darth (Star Wars character)
  79. Hercules (A Roman hero)
  80. Frankenstein (From Book & Movies)
  81. Zorak (Praying Mantis from Space Ghost)
  82. Nebula (Dark Mist)
  83. Nasty (Cruel, offensive)
  84. Aro (From Twilight series)
  85. Ather (In the Forests of the Night)
  86. Grizzly (A potentially aggressive bear)
  87. Reaper (Very Grim Visitor)
  88. Chaos (Extremely Disorganized)
  89. Lestat (Anne Rice’s Vampire)
  90. Jeshickah (Midnight Predator)
  91. Delano (In French means of the night)
  92. Bluebeard (Pirate Ghost)
  93. Midnight (Darkness)
  94. Hades (Hell)
  95. Jager (In the Forests of the Night)
  96. Diablo (Devil in Spanish)
  97. Monster (Ugly, mean)
  98. Hulk (Scary Superhero)
  99. Amaia (In Basque it means end)
  100. Casper (A Friendly Ghost)
  101. Piper (Another Charmed witch)
  102. Nathaniel (Midnight Predator)
  103. Damian (The Name of an evil boy in a movie)
  104. Karayan (In Armenian means the dark one)
  105. Claudia (From The Vampire Chronicles)
  106. Godzilla (Big mean Monster)
  107. Zelda (From Sabrina)
  108. Caius (Twilight series)
  109. Dillinger (notoriously criminal from the ’30s)
  110. Magnum (Powerful)
  111. Laurent (Twilight series)
  112. Alec (Twilight series)
  113. Poe (Famous Author)
  114. Cujo (The evil and popular dog in Stephen King’s novel)
  115. Black (The color of evil or darkness)
  116. Evil (Morally wrong or corrupt)
  117. Mars (God of war)
  118. Ripper (Tear or break something)
  119. Felix (Twilight series)
  120. Blade (Sharp, Tomb of Dracula)
  121. Skull (Skinless Head, Danger)
  122. Alumit (In Hebrew means secret)
  123. Dementia (Insanity)
  124. Wolverine (X-Men character)
  125. Beelzebub (Devil)
  126. Daray (means dark)
  127. Malice (Desire to do harm to someone)
  128. Brutus (Caesars friend and assassin)
  129. Tariq (In Arabic means night visitor)
  130. Crimson (Color of Blood)
  131. Abel (In Hebrew means vanity)
  132. Biff (A bully in a movie)
  133. Beast (Monster)
  134. Morticia (From The Addams Family)
  135. Jaguar (Midnight Predator)
  136. Pookah (Irish meaning for Hobgoblin)
  137. Merlin (Camelot Sorcerer)
  138. Black Beard (A feared)
  139. Freddy (A Movie Character)
  140. Machete (A cutting Tool)
  141. Shadow (Darkness)

Female Evil dog Names

Female Evil dog Names

Here is a list of female evil dog names you can get ideas from when naming your little girl puppy.

  1. Samantha (Bewitched)
  2. Katrina (Twilight series)
  3. Medusa (The snake-haired mascot)
  4. Carmen (Twilight series)
  5. Paige (A fictional character in Television series Charmed)
  6. Boo (Scary)
  7. Endora (A character of a Mother-in-Law from the movie Bewitched)
  8. Sam (The Dog In I Am Legend)
  9. Willow (A character from the film Buffy the Vampire Slayer)
  10. Wednesday (A Daughter from The Addams Family)
  11. Raven (Poe’s Famous Poem)
  12. Sookie (A character from the Television series True Blood)
  13. Elvira (The Mistress of the Dark)
  14. Carrie (Stephen King’s Telekinetic Teen)
  15. Buffy (From Vampire Slayer)
  16. Irina (From Twilight series)
  17. Blair (Witch project)
  18. Hilda (Witchy Name)
  19. Fier (From a fictional character Fear Street)
  20. Heidi (From Twilight series)
  21. Sabrina (The Teenage Witch)
  22. Alice (Alice Cullen from Twilight series)
  23. Morticia (From the movie Addams family value)
  24. Rosemary (A character from Rosemary’s Baby)
  25. Lilly (From American Sitcom The Munsters)

Conclusion: Evil Dog Names.

We have been able to list over a hundred evil and horror dog names you can get ideas from when naming your pet dog. These names are for tough, mean, and evil-looking dogs. Whether you want to name for a mean or a strong dog, these are the best names to go for. Movies and novels inspire these names and they are famous as well.

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