133 Hebrew Dog Names & The Meaning!!

Female Hebrew Dog Names, hebrew dog names, male Hebrew Dog Names

Are you looking for Hebrew dog name ideas? Don’t worry; this article has listed over 100 Hebrew dog names. There are lots of dog breeds that are big, strong, and powerful; they deserve good names that match their personality. The way an individual chooses a name for his/her dog is determined if whether they are hoping for ribbons and trophies or just wet kisses or tail wags.

Once you have decided on what to name your dog, you’ll need to choose the name that is easier to pronounce at home. A lot of dog owners have given a Hebrew name to their dogs, which is usually due to the love of the language.

Hebrew is a Semitic language, not related to English. So, if you wish to call your dog a Hebrew name, you need to learn how to spell and pronounce it. A lot of people who gave their dog a Hebrew name are usually concerned about how they or other people will pronounce it.

Female Hebrew Dog Names, hebrew dog names, male Hebrew Dog Names

So, if you are interested in Hebrew cultures and languages or you’re looking to honor your heritage, naming your pet a Hebrew name is a great way to do so. In this article, we have listed over 100 Hebrew dog names you can choose or get ideas from when naming your pet dog.

Here is a list of suggestions and ideas of Hebrew based dog names you can choose for your new pet. Due to difficulties in pronouncing some Hebrew words, in order not to confusion and distress for you and your family, we will advise you to go for shorter and simpler name choices.

Male Hebrew Dog Names & Female Hebrew Dog Names

Are you looking for name ideas for your dog? Here is a list of male and female Hebrew dog names you will definitely love when choosing a name for your adorable pet.

  1. Pili Means Miraculous
  2. Solomon Means Peaceable; perfect
  3. Zila or Zillah Means Shade or shadow
  4. Itzak Means Laughter
  5. Jordan Means The descender
  6. Achala Means Great
  7. Dara Means wisdom and compassion
  8. Chita Means Food and grain
  9. Ittay Means Neighboring or with me
  10. Chaika Means Life
  11. Omar Means He that speaks; bitter
  12. Luna Means Dweller
  13. Yonah Means Dove
  14. Laban Means White
  15. Seth Means Appointed
  16. Gad Means Fortune
  17. Elazar Means God has helped
  18. Bracha Means Blessing
  19. Yardena Means A river in Palestine
  20. Ezra Means Aid
  21. Samson Means Sun
  22. Alma Means Maiden
  23. Satan Means Adversary
  24. Varda Means Rose
  25. Doran Means Gift

Female Hebrew Dog Names, hebrew dog names, male Hebrew Dog Names

  1. Sivan Means A spring month
  2. Abihu Means He is my father
  3. Gil Means Happiness
  4. Jonah Means A dove; destroyer
  5. Yoqtan Means Small
  6. Uri Means My flame
  7. Simon Means Listening
  8. Eden Means Delight
  9. Boaz Means Swiftness or strength
  10. Ori Means My light
  11. Gad Means Troop
  12. Hadar Means Splendor
  13. Davida Means Feminine meaning of David
  14. Chana Means Grace
  15. Bosma Means Perfumed
  16. Iyra Means Watchful of a city
  17. Eitan or Ethan Means Firm or strong
  18. Liora Means My light
  19. Eliot Means My God is the Lord)
  20. Tobiah Means The Lord is good
  21. Nancy or Nanna Means Grace
  22. Vered Means Rose
  23. Barak Means Thunder
  24. Dodi Means My beloved or my friend
  25. Joshua Means God rescues
  26. Eliezer Means my God is help
  27. Adena or Adina Means Slender
  28. Abigail Means Father’s joy
  29. Baraq Means A flash of lightning
  30. Abel Means Breath
  31. Zelpha Means Dignity or beautiful
  32. Goliath Means Great; a giant
  33. Caleb Means A dog; a crow
  34. Aliza Means Joyful
  35. Nes Means Miracle
  36. Zahar Means Dawn
  37. David Means Beloved
  38. Kalev Means Dog
  39. Abe or Abraham Means Father
  40. Nissa Means Test
  41. Carmela Means Garden
  42. Adie Means Ornament
  43. Naomi Means Delightful, or beautiful
  44. Davan Means Beloved one
  45. Hagar Means Flight or stranger
  46. Hava Means Breath of life
  47. Anna or Anne Means Grace
  48. Yithrow Means Overhanging or abundance
  49. Shalom Means Peace
  50. Gabriel Means God is my strength
  51. Lev Means Heart
  52. Japheth Means Beautiful
  53. Noah Means Repose; consolation
  54. Jesse Means Gift
  55. Zayit Means Olive
  56. Amit Means Friend
  57. Nebo Means Proclaimer; a prophet
  58. Micah Means Poor; humble
  59. Qeren Means Horn
  60. Kaila or Kayla Means Who is like God?
  61. Yalla Means Hurry up
  62. Asa Means Physician; cure
  63. Ahava Means Love
  64. Meira Means Giving light
  65. Hedva Means Happiness
  66. Baruch Means Blessed
  67. Qayin Means Possession or acquisition
  68. Gideon Means A destroyer
  69. Chayim Means Life
  70. Eli Means Ascend
  71. Benjamin or Benny Means Son of my right hand
  72. Levi Means Joined; associated with him
  73. Shayna Means Beautiful
  74. Meydad Means Love
  75. Odeleya Means I will praise God
  76. Ira Means Watchful
  77. Shira Means Song
  78. Ori Means My light
  79. Aviva Means Spring or springtime
  80. Alona Means Oak
  81. Mangena Means Melody
  82. Cyrus Means Persian prince; emperor
  83. Coco
  84. Gala Means Mound or wave
  85. Liba Means Heart, love
  86. Yadid Means Friend
  87. Bluma Means Flower
  88. Moche Means Moses our teacher
  89. Eleora Means God is my light
  90. Aviv Means Spring
  91. Shlomo Means Peaceable
  92. Hadar Means Honor
  93. Asher Means Fortunate
  94. Chaim Means Alive
  95. Eran Means Awake or watchful
  96. Moses
  97. Jed or Jedidiah Means Beloved of Jehova
  98. Ari Means Lion
  99. Aderes Means One who protects
  100. Achi Means My brother
  101. Janna Means God is gracious
  102. Sarah Means Noble lady or princess
  103. Reena Means Joy
  104. Aaron Means A teacher; lofty
  105. Abira Means Strong
  106. Zisel Means Sweet
  107. Chava Means Life
  108. Meydad Means Love.

Conclusion: Hebrew Dog Names

If you need to honor the Hebrew culture or show love for the language, giving your dog a Hebrew name is a way to do it. We have listed about 133 name ideas as suggestions for you to either choose from or get inspiration from when naming your pet.

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