Nubs: The Friendship Of An Iraqi Dog And An American Marine

Have you ever heard of the story of Nubs, the Iraqi dog that traveled 70 miles just to see his human friend again?

The whole story started when Marine Major Brian Dennis met a stray dog on his second tour of duty in Iraq. A bond was quickly formed when Major Dennis showed compassion to that stray dog.

Sadly, not all parts of the story are happy moments. When Major Dennis was out on patrol, Nubs got stabbed with a screwdriver by one of the soldiers.

It was pretty bad for Nubs, and Major Dennis even thought he wouldn’t make it, but fortunately, he did.

Anyways, the next part of the story is when Major Dennis is reassigned to another part of the border, 70 miles away from where he found Nubs. 

Generally, soldiers aren’t really allowed to have pets. As a result, Major Dennis couldn’t bring Nubs with him to his next assignment, and so he thought that this was farewell for his little buddy, or so he thought.

What Major Dennis didn’t know was that Nubs was following them. Although Nubs couldn’t catch up to them immediately, he did so after a couple of days. 

By the time Nubs arrived, Major Dennis was in the Iraqi headquarters, and one of the soldiers reported to him that Nubs was outside. Major Dennis couldn’t believe his eyes when his buddy was there, waiting for him.

Now, back to the rules of soldiers not allowed to have pets. Major Dennis’ commander ordered him to get rid of the dog, but instead, Major Dennis made it his mission to bring the dog with him to the United States.

Bringing nubs to the US is a problem for the Major because it costs quite a lot of money. Still, with the help of his friends and the people of the Internet, Nubs was safely transported to his new home in San Diego.

Interestingly enough, Major Dennis wasn’t actually there yet when Nubs arrived in San Diego; he was still serving in Iraq at that time. When Major Dennis finished his tour in Iraq, it was unsurprisingly a happy reunion for the best of friends.

Watch the video below:

Watch the video below:

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