Pitbull Lifespan- How Long Do Pit bulls Live?

Pitbull Lifespan, How Long Do Pit bulls Live

Pit Bulls have provided delightful years of special devotion for many individuals. Introducing one into your household as a pet is perhaps one of the finest things you can do. 

Pit bulls are common breeds of dogs. In 2019, there were about an estimated 4.5 million Pit bulls in the United States, accounting for approximately 6% of all breeds of dogs alive. 

Despite their negative reputation with some animal lovers, Pit Bulls can make excellent family dogs. With all assurance, if you’re considering getting a Pit Bull as a new pet, you must be curious about this common question; “How long do pit bulls live?”

It is just so unfortunate that no dog species would live as long as you want. 

Nevertheless, knowing the amount of time or duration you anticipate spending with your beloved family companion might be very helpful. 

To satisfy your curiosity about the average lifespan of pitbull, this article will answer the question in your sub-conscience.

 In addition, other related information about the pitbull lifespan will be extensively provided.

What Is A Pitbull Dog?

The Pit Bull is a popular breed of dog in the United States. Sometimes, the American Bully, the Staffordshire Terrier, the American Pit Bull Terrier; are often referred to as the typical Pit Bulldog. Although, the Pitbull possibly can be a hybrid of any of the three mentioned above.

Pitbull Lifespan, How Long Do Pit bulls Live

Pit bulls are significantly different from other breeds with short snouts and their stocky & short bodies. Regardless of their distinct physical features, it can be arduous to identify one from another.

So, how long do pit bulls live? What is the average lifespan of pit bulls? Or put it this way, how swift is a pitbull lifespan? 

How Long Do Pit Bulls Live?

According to data from a recent study, the average lifespan of Pitbulls lies between twelve (12) to fourteen (14) years. As a direct consequence of this life expectancy, most pit bulls will be regarded as senior dogs when they reach seven (7). 

When a pit bull reaches that age, it will not appear as old, so there is no need to be concerned. Dogs can live to be old pets for a long time and in good health. Luckily, senior dogs still like playing and exploring, but their energy levels will be lower than when they were little puppies.

Life expectancy is dictated mainly by the size of all dog breeds. Small dogs can last more than 17 years in certain situations; however other gigantic species, such as Mastiffs, can die at 8.

This is attributable to the fact that massive canines grow sooner than smaller dogs, according to researchers. Moreover, it is pertinent to be aware that the pitbull lifespan and how long your dog lasts are directly dependent on some factors.

  • Average lifespan of America Bitt Bull Terrier is 8 to 15 years
  • Average lifespan of American Staffordshire Terrier is 12 to 16 years
  • Average lifespan of Staffordshire Bull Terrier is 12 to 14 years

Factors That Influence How Long Pit Bulls Live

As mentioned above, many conditions determine how long a pit bull will live. Aside from fatal accidents, a Pit Bull’s longevity can be influenced by a multitude of variables. A Pit Bull’s life expectancy can be shortened by a variety of factors, including the following:

  • Obesity in dogs causes many of the same health issues that it does in humans.
  • Your Pit Bull’s health can be harmed by malnutrition.
  • Your dog’s movement and quality of life are both affected by hip dysplasia.
  • A Pit Bull’s lifespan can be significantly shortened due to heart problems.
  • Due to the lack of proper upbringing, a violent Pit Bull may require euthanasia after attacking a person or another dog.
  • Inadequate fitness can lead to destructive tendencies, prompting owners to surrender their Pit Bull to a shelter, where they will most certainly be killed.

Many other things can either shorten or lengthen the lifespan of a pit bull.

How Can You Make Your Pit Bull Live Longer?

Although you can’t alter conditions like hereditary heart problems, you should take action to ensure your Pit Bull leads a good life. 

Here are some suggestions for extending the life of your Pit Bull:

1. Adopt a Healthy Pit Bull Breed

Pit bulls are susceptible to various health issues, including heart disease, hip dysplasia, allergies, and thyroid issues. Reputable dog breeders work hard to decrease the number of hereditary diseases carried down via their bloodlines and conduct tests on their dogs before rearing them.

On the other side, puppy mills, backyard breeders, and pet stores are more concerned with profit than growing healthy pitbull puppies. Dogs from shady kennels like these are more likely to have deformities, as well as lethal illnesses like parvo.

2. Feed Them High-Quality Food

People who often feed on junk food have shorter lives than those who consume a healthy diet. Dogs are in the same boat. Are you aware of the ingredients in your Pit Bull’s food?

Several low-cost dog diets contain fodder components with no nutrient properties, such as corn or meat by-products (animal parts that people won’t eat, such as hooves or beaks). Look for foods with actual meat as the first ingredient. Abstain from corn and by-products of meat.

3. Give Them Regular Vet Care

Numerous medical problems are simpler to cure if they are discovered earlier. Getting your Pit Bull to the veterinarian every 3-month when they’re young and two to three a year as they become older will help you notice potential health issues before they become severe enough to reduce your Pit Bull’s lifespan.

4. Maintain Your Pitbull’s Weight

Almost 50 percent of all dog pets are obese or overweight. Your Pit Bull being obese can trigger the same problems it does in humans, such as Kidney disease, High blood pressure, Arthritis, cancer, and an eventual Short lifespan.

What are the signs that your Pit Bull is obese? When observed from the sides or top, your canine should have a noticeable waist when upright. The ribcages ought to be visible (but not felt).

The secrets to maintaining your Pit Bull at a good weight, much like human beings, are to feed them good food and adequate exercise. 

If you want to give your dog snacks, cut back on the cereal to compensate for the calories, and don’t overdo it with the goodies. 

To keep your Pit Bull’s weight in check, you may also use nutritious fruits and veggies that are entirely harmless as snacks, such as carrots.

Pitbull Lifespan, How Long Do Pit bulls Live

What Do Pitbulls Usually Die From?

The Pitbull is no exception since all dog breeds are vulnerable to significant breed-specific medical conditions. Pit Bulls are particularly prone to heart problems. These can include the following:

Symptoms of heart problems do not always appear right away. Unless the pet owner is vigilant in scheduling frequent inspections for their Pitbull, problems may go undiscovered until they are hard to resolve.

Pit Bulls are prone to dermatological problems as well. They can range from minor ailments like allergies to life-threatening disorders like mast cell tumors or melanoma. Any cancer that starts in the skin can be challenging to treat, and it is often the end of a Pitbull’s life.

While the merle pattern is not officially recognized in Pitbull colours, some producers attempt to produce merle Pit Bulls. This results in dual breeding in some situations, resulting in severely ill progeny with a range of health problems.

Do Pit Bulls Get Aggressive With Age?

When most people think of Pit Bulls, violence and aggressive behaviour are the first things that spring. To be truthful, the breed’s assault statistics have garnered these dogs a negative record.

Many people are unaware; however, that Pit Bulls get calmer as they age. By the time they reach the age of four, most of them will have shed their violent and explosive characteristics. By then, you will enjoy some of this pet breed’s inherent attractive characteristics.

What Is The Longest A Pitbull Has Lived?

Some Pit Bulls have been reported living as long as twenty-six (26) years. There was a particular story where a Pit Bulldog from Louisiana (in the United States) made the topic’s subject. There are other unconfirmed reports of some Pitties living up to twenty years (20) of age in some other parts of the planet. These kinds of conditions are scarce and unusual.

How Long Do Pitbull Mixes Live?

Pitbull mixes have a lifespan of 8 to 16 years. It all hinges on the canine species with which the Pit Bull has been crossed. They can live up to 16 years old if mixed with a little dog breed or a robust one. On the other hand, the Pitbull hybrid will have a shorter life expectancy if the variety includes huge dog breeds.

Final Thoughts — How Long Do Pit Bulls Live?

Some species are beneficial to certain types of owners. It’s critical to assess your temperament and capabilities before bringing a new dog home. While one breed may be a perfect fit for you, another may provide difficulties. As a result, before introducing a Pit Bull into your family, you must first know what it demands.

The pit bull may prove everyone wrong and live longer than the typical pit bull lifespan of 12 to 14 years if showered with a lot of love and care.

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