35 Silly & Funny Duck Puns To Quack You Up

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We all are familiar with ducks. They belong to the class Aves and a member of the family Anatidae. They shouldn’t be confused with other big birds such as geese and swans.

cute duck puns, funny duck puns, good duck puns, rubber duck puns, halloween duck puns

There are lots of exciting things about ducks; one is duck puns. Duck puns are one of the best puns available. Whether you’re in the middle of a serious argument, in your workplace, or talking to someone, these silly duck puns will surely cheer you up.

We have compiled a few good and funny duck puns that sound so silly and funny enough to bring a smile on an angry face. Below are the lists of funny duck puns and jokes,


Funny Duck Puns

Below are our list of funny duck puns and jokes.

cute duck puns, funny duck puns, good duck puns, rubber duck puns, halloween duck puns


1. Do you know why a duck has feathers?

To cover their Butt quacks

2. Kids, what do you call ducks that have all A’s?

A wise Quacker

3. When do Ducks wake in the morning?

At the quack of dawn

4. Ducks indeed don’t like been stressed out?

Yes, they quack under pressure.

5. Where do you think sick ducks are taken to?

They are taken to the ducktor

6. What are the ducks’ favorite Tv channels?


7. Do you know why the man said I shouldn’t take the ducks but i can go with the ostriches?

It is because he doesn’t give a flying flock

8. Where does a duck fart come from?

From their Ass-quack

9. What is a disabled Ducked called?


10. Guess what Duck wore to the party?

A duck-sedo

11. Two ducks are playing together in the lake.

The first Duck: “quack, quack.”

The second Duck: haha, I was about saying that.

12. A duck walked into a bar and asked the bartender, “Got any beer?”

The bartender “No.”

The Duck asked again, “do have  any beer?”

The bartender “No.”

Again, he asks, “do have  any beer.”

The bartender, “No, we got no beer for ducks.”

The next day, the Duck comes back

The Duck asked the bartender, hey “do have any beer.”

The bartender angrily says, “No, we don’t have any beer for ducks. I already told you yesterday.”

The Duck asked again, “Got any beer?”

The bartender says, “No, are you deaf? We don’t have any beer, repeat the question, and I will nail your beak to the bar, you disgusting  little creature.”

The Duck says, hey bartender, “do you have  any nails?”

The bartender, “No.”

The Duck says, “do have  any beer?”

13. A Duck that can’t swim is called what?

A sunk

14. Why was its medical license seized?

Because he was a quack

15. If you put a duck in a cement mixer, what do you get?

Quacks in the pavement.

16. What is a church for ducks called?

Birds of pray

17. Goose discussing with Duck at the poolside

Goose: my husband traveled to Africa for a few weeks

Duck: Oh, really, to Uganda?

Goose: No, My husband is a gander.

18. Kid, do you know why ducks don’t have spare change?

Yes, they only carry Bills

19. What do you call a duck that is addicted to drugs?

A quack-head

20. A platypus walks into a restaurant owned by a duck; he finishes his meal and asks for his check. Guess what Duck did?

Duck-billed platypus.

21. It is so difficult making statues of ducks.

You have to grout all the quacks

22. kid, no duck were found at the pool this morning?

They were all gone before quack the dawn

23. My Duck enters my kitchen and drop a dish and said

I hope the dish didn’t quack.

24. Why did the referee disqualify the Duck from the game?

He was disqualified because he fowl played.

25. Two of my ducks were walking to the poolside when one said, “Quack.”

The other Duck replies to him, “I’m going as quack as I can.”

26. Duck off!!!

Absolutely no response

Cute Duck Puns

1. What does suck say when it visits the doctor?


2. What game is Duck’s favorite?


3. What do you call a duck that put on a plaid?

A Lumberquack

4. Kid, guess where Duck chose as his favorite restaurant?

Quacker Barrel.

Good Duck Puns

cute duck puns, funny duck puns, good duck puns, rubber duck puns, halloween duck puns

1. A crocodile that eats ducks is called?


2. Why are the police after the Duck?

Because he was a quack dealer.

3. Do you think ducks can make great Detectived?

Yes, because they will always quack the case

Rubber Duck Puns

1. Guess who stole something from our house?

A robber ducky

2. What made the Duck to be jailed?

He was caught selling quack.

Well, this is our top 35 duck puns we were able to gather. We hope you enjoyed reading through the duck puns; you can try them with your friends.

Let us know your favorite dUCK PUN in the comment section and let us know if you have any addition to our list.

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