17 Of The Most Famous War Horse Names

warhorse names

Just like humans, horses come in every shape and size. They function in hundreds of ways as well. Also, horses have different names, just like humans. A lot of them are kept as pets, and some for works, and even for warfare.

The first time it was recorded when horses were used for warfare occurred over 5,000 years ago, which dates from Eurasia between 4000-3000 BC. The types of horses that were used for different war depends on the load the horses needed to carry or pull, speed, endurance, and distances to be traveled.

In war, various nations had different military needs, and the military unit made these horses famous as the horses helped them in fighting many battles, either “lose or Victory.”

war horse names

Here In this article, we will be bringing to you the top 17 famous war horse names. In history, their names have not been forgotten. The list comprises of real-life war horses, war Horses in literature, film, and war Horses in mythology and folklore.


Below are famous female war horse names and male war horse names:

  1. Staff Sergeant Reckless

In the United States of America military, sergeant reckless is a decorated war horse who has an official rank.

Sergeant reckless was born in 1948, a Mongolian breed. And she was purchased In October in the year 1952 for a sum of 250$, from a Korean stableboy who needed money to buy an artificial leg for his sister. In 1953, during the battle for Outpost Vegas, Reckless was noted to make 51 solo trips in a day. In 1954, Reckless was made a sergeant and retired; she died in 1968.

  1. Traveller

Traveller was General Robert E. Lee commanding officer most famous horse during the American Civil war. He was grey and notable for his strength, speed, and courage in combat. He was acquired by Lee In February 1862 and rode him to lots of battles.

Traveller was shot to death in 1871 to relieve its pain because he developed tetanus, and there was no treatment as of that time.

  1. Comanche

The US army bought Comanche in St. Louis, Missouri, In the year 1868. Comanche caught the eyes of Captain Myles Keogh of the 7th Cavalry. Comanche was wounded in September 1868, when the army fought locals on the plains of Kansas.

Even after he was wounded, he carried Keogh, and he was named for his loyalty and bravery in the fight against Comanche. In 1876, Comanche carried captain Keogh in the battle of Little Bighorn, and no soldier survived. In 1887, Comanche was awarded an honorary Second Commanding Officer of the 7th Cavalry.

Sadly In 1891, he died and was given a military funeral. He was one of the only two horses to receive it.

female war horse names

  1. Bucephalus

Bucephalus or Bucephalas was one of the famous horses of antiquity and was the horse for Macedonian king, Alexander the Great. The horse was presented to him when he was 13 years old.

It was recorded that Bucephalus died in June 326 BC after the battle of the Hydaspes, which is now the modern Punjab Pakistan.

  1. Tencendur, or Tencendor

Tencendur is the warhorse of King Charlemagne in the Song of Roland.

  1. Altivo

Altivo is a proud warhorse. It is a supporting character from Dreamworks’ The Road to El Dorado, who belonged to Spanish captain Hernan Cortes. Altivo joined Tulio and Miguel on their latest adventure, which is to find the El Dorado.

  1. Marengo

This was the famous war horse on Napoleon Bonaparte, an Arabian Stallion; and named after the fight and warfare of Marengo between Austria and France through which he carried Napoleon without harm.

He came to France from Egypt in the year 1799 when he was 6-year old. Marengo was brave and steady, which he carried his rider to different battles. After the 1815 battle, he was captured by the British, and he lived in England until 1831.

8. Kasztanka

This was a famous female horse that belongs to Marshal Jozef Pilsudski, an interwar Poland leader. Kasztanka was bought in 1914 by Pilsudski and was a faithful companion in several battles during the First World War.

On 11 November 1927, Marshal Pilsudski rode Kasztanka for the last time on Saxon square at Polish independence day. She died on 23 November 1927.

9. Copenhagen

Copenhagen was named in honor of the 2nd battle of Copenhagen, which was won by the British. The Duke of Wellington, Lord Arthur Wellesley, acquired this horse in the year 1813. Copenhagen was of mixed Arabian and thoroughbred parentage. Copenhagen died on 12 February 1836.


Chetak or Cetak was the horse ridden by Maharana Pratap on 21 June 1576 at the battle of Haldighati, the stallion was injured, and Pratap erected a statue for his horse In Haldighati, where Chetak fell and it was referred to as the blue horse.

famous war horse names

11. Stranger

Stranger is the warhorse of Sandor Clegane.

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12. Cincinnati

General Ulysses S. Grant rode more than 10 different horses during the American Civil war, but Cincinnati was his favorite. Cincinnati was the son of Lexington, which was one of America’s fastest Horses. He was famous after riding to negotiate Robert E. Lee’s surrender at the court house by Grant.

13. Palomo

Palomo was Simon Bolivar, “the liberator” of latin America famous warhorse. This horse was a gift to Bolivar from an elder peasant lady named Casilda who, according to people, dreamed of presenting a horse as a gift to the General.

The horse is tall white with a long tail. Palomo rode Bolivar to lots of campaigns during the national liberation struggle. He later died, and the horseshoes are displayed at Mulalo Museum.

14. Smiler

Smiler is a warhorse bought by Theon Greyjoy from A “Song of Ice and Fire in Lordsport. “

15. Argo

Argo was the warhorse of Xena, the warrior princess.

16. Topthorn

Topthorn from War Horse is colored raven black and a strong stallion. He is always beside Joey and built for war.

 17. Dora

A warhorse of Đurađ Senković

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