Advantages of Farrowing Crates For Pigs

Advantages of Farrowing Crates For Pigs

If you manage or own a pig farm, this article is for you; you may find it helpful. You are on this page because you’re looking for advantages of farrowing crates for pigs.

In recent times, a lot of people feel the importance of animal taking care of animals and their welfare. Therefore, people feel the need to stay in a comfortable environment when caring for their animals (pets).

If you are into animal business, you need all the reliable animals’ facilities to be successful.

If you’re into piggery farm to maximize profit, know that you need to produce lots of piglets every year. However, nowadays due to the high rate of mortality in piglet this goal is not easy to achieve.

Advantages of Farrowing Crates For Pigs

Although there are many factors that contribute to the high mortality rate in piglets, one of the main factors is the lack of a good unit of production center referred to as Farrowing crate.

New or inexperienced farmers who are just starting might not know the advantages of farrowing for pigs. After the Adult female pigs would have put to bed, their babies (piglets) struggles to survive, and a lot of them die in the process. As a result, you have lost some investment leading to financial loss.

If you wish to be successful in the pig farming business, you need to invest in some equipment. We suggest that you invest in farrowing crates. We have listed some advantages of farrowing crate for female pigs below.

Advantages Of Farrowing For Pigs

Below are some benefit in having this equipment in your farmyard:

1. Biting Piglets

It is known that when piglets are almost in their weaning ages, they tend to bite themselves. So, if piglets are crated, this will be prevented and may not happen.

2. Cannibalism

If you have aggressive female pigs, they are likely to kill and eat their babies after birth. This happens when mothers keep licking the navels of their babies until the babies are torn in pieces. However, if there is a farrowing crate, this will prevent the disaster from happening.

3. Lazy Sows

After delivery, just like how humans breastfeed their babies. It important for sows to breastfeed their babies too. However, some are so lazy to breastfeed their newborns. Instead, they prefer to lie in the wallow.

Advantages of Farrowing Crates For Pigs

4. Crushing

I have never had or reared a pig, but I have seen many friends into pig farming complaining about how their mother mistakenly crushed some newborn piglets. 

This usually happens when the mother is moving around after delivery and steps on her piglets.

In some cases, the mother sleeps on her babies, which results in most of the baby’s death and leads to a financial loss. So, it is recommended you get this equipment.

5. Diarrhea

We all know that pigs tend to search for food everywhere, thereby eating junks and drinking contaminated water. To avoid your pigs having diarrhea, you need to have a well designed farrowing crate where the mother pig will have access to good food and water instead of eating filths and junks. You need to provide them with a separate feeder and drinker too.

6. Weaning Weight

Piglets need to gain lots of weight when they are approaching their weaning age. So, any farmer who wants to have their piglets gain more weight needs to provide them with a separate drinker and feeder.

7. Births in Wallow

Births in wallow is another big problem. There are many reasons why pigs wallow. If a pregnant mother pig (sow) has the freedom to walk around anywhere, she may end up giving birth in the wallow. This may cause some of the babies to die. So, investing in farrowing crates can help prevent these types of disaster from occurring. 

Advantages of Farrowing Crates For Pigs
pigs wallowing

Tips To Choosing The Right Farrowing Crates

It is vital to keep an eye on the environment were your animals breed. When investing in the farrowing crate, below are some features that you may want to consider.

1. Space, Size, and Number of Animals.

Based on this feature, you need to either opt for a smaller or a larger farrowing crate that meets your needs. If you intend to go for full-scale production, you need to consider the number of expected offsprings and invest in larger equipment.

2. Material Strength

For better reliability and safety, you need to go for a farrowing crate made with strong materials. If you wish to run a smooth and efficient business, you must go for the best materials available.

Advantages of Farrowing Crates For Pigs

3. Easy Cleaning

Ensure any farrow crate you intend buying is easy to clean. The farrowing box should be built so that cleaning is effortless, and you can access all the areas when cleaning. Regular cleaning of the cage will ensure the animals don’t get diseases.

4. Type of Cage

Based on your needs, you should opt for the right cage. Ensure you know your budget before investing in this type of cage (crate). You don’t need to spend your arm and leg on this purchase.

Also, any product you opt for must come with a reliable and high-quality ground mounting system. If it is not installed correctly, the sow may fall on the newborns.

Problems Investing In Poor Designed Farrowing Crates

Having a poorly designed crate may cause a lot of problems. Some of the issues associated with poorly built crates are:

  1. Higher piglet mortality
  2. Diarrhoea
  3. Foot Sores
  4. Sow lameness
  5. Sow death

Conclusion – Advantages of Farrowing Crates For Pigs

Now you know the importance of investing in a farrowing crate for female pigs. As a farmer to maximize profit, you need to reduce your pigs’ mortality rate by investing in high-quality equipment.

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