Are Koalas Dangerous?

Are Koalas Dangerous

Koalas belongs to a group of animals called marsupials. Like many other wild animals, Koalas don’t tolerate the presence of humans around them. So, Are Koalas Dangerous?

This animal name comes from the Aboriginal language, which means do not drink. They do not drink water; their only Source of water intake is through the main foods they eat: eucalyptus leaves.

Koalas spend most of their day sleeping. A koala spends almost 22 hours sleeping. Majorly, koalas are mostly found in Australia, where there is much presence of trees.

Are Koalas Dangerous

Koalas have a scientific name of Phascolarctos, and they are aggressive if threatened. In 2014, a woman named Mary Anne Forster of South Australia received a violent attack from a Koala while trying to save her two dogs from this animal.

Can Koala Be a Pet?

Many of those people who have seen Koalas before will always wish to have this adorable looking animal as a pet, but the question is, are Koalas safe with humans? Are koalas dangerous?

Many people love keeping cute animals as a pet, not considering the dangerous effect they may have on humans; many keep raccoons as pets, not minding the zoonotic disease they may contact from it.

Koalas are not the type of animals to keep as a pet, and they are always prone to attack humans. The Australian koala foundation made it known that it’s an illegal act to keep Koalas as pets.

However, certified zoos are licensed to keep koalas. The scientists are not exempted from this as well; scientists can keep Koalas.

Terrifying facts about Koala

Koalas have an attractive look; they have big round heads, round furry eyes, and eye-catching body type.

Koalas have a striking resemblance to cartoon teddy bears, which makes many assume they are harmless animals. If this is your perception about Koalas, then you need a change of mind.

Koalas are not a type of animal to joke with. If you have ever had a physical encounter with this bizarre animal, you will know the truth. This animal is quick to attack humans, especially if you come close to their babies, despite their kind and cute look.

Several reasons made these animals be termed horrible, ranging from their quick attacks on humans down to their disgusting behavior.

If you would like your illusions to be shattered, keep reading this article as we will unveil some terrifying facts. If you have been longing to come in contact with a Koala, then keep reading.

1. Highly infectious Chlamydia plagues koalas

A few years back, Australia was saturated with a terrible disease known as Chlamydia. A professor at burnet institute in Melbourne made it known that half of the total populations of Koalas are infected with this dreadful disease.

Researchers made it known that this disease is incurable; many medicines have been tried to cure this disease up to no avail.

If care is not taken, if humans battle with this disease for too long without proper care, it may result in death, which is why you should highly avoid the presence of koalas around your vicinity.

Considering the mass number of koalas, it’s not strange to hear that a koala can pee on humans. Koala loves climbing trees a lot, so it will be relatively easy for them to pee on the body of a human, passing near the tree, or having a fresh breath under the tree. And this is where humans can contract the disease from koalas.

Furthermore, this disease is so severe that it can cause blindness and infertility. Koalas are the major Source of this disease, and it can be transmitted from them via their urine.

2. Koalas Can Be More Aggressive Than A Crocodile

In the year 2006 in Australia, a group of some guys broke into a zoo to steal a koala and sell it for drugs, but they had a terrifying nightmare of their life on that day.

The zookeeper “will kemp” explained that these guys sustained several bites and injuries on their bodies. In his words, he said, “The Koalas bit the hell out of them.” However, despite their unsuccessful attempt to steal a koala, they were able to get away with a crocodile that weighs 90 pounds and is four-foot long.

Even though they had to go through vigorous stress, taking the crocodile over the fence was still easier for them than getting away with a Koala.

Are Koalas Dangerous

3. Koalas Don’t Have The Brain Capacity To Learn Anything New

In 1929, Frederic Wood Jones and Stanley D. Porteus, who are researchers in Australia, made it known that Koalas have very tiny brains, which can’t hold anything new.

Unlike other breeds of animals, like dogs and cats, that can learn a few things, like identifying their owners and sending them on an errand, Koalas don’t have the capacity of such attributes.

4. Their main Source of food isn’t good for them.

Eucalyptus leaves are their main Source of food; however, these leaves don’t digest in their stomach.

5. They make an unexpected noise that terrifies most listeners.

If you think a koala will sound sweet judging from their look, then you better wake up. Koala makes some terrifying noise that terrifies people. Their sound won’t follow your expectation; when they sound, you will think it’s a big animal that made a sound, or probably an elephant.

6. Koalas have Fingerprints That Are identical to humans

Scientists believe that humans and koalas came from the same ancestors due to their unique fingerprints with humans.

Taking a look at their palm ridges; It’s the same as that of humans, the only difference being the wart they have on their palm is similar to that of a dog.

Now back to the question, are Koalas dangerous? Yes, they are, and humans shouldn’t tolerate their presence whatsoever.

What To Do If You Notice A Koala Around you

Now that you’re aware that koalas are extremely dangerous to you and your families, you may be worried about what to do if you notice a koala around you.

Once you notice Koala around you, contact your wildlife rescue organization immediately. Ensure that the Koala doesn’t climb a tree till they arrive, because if it does, it may be tough for it to retrieve.

Related Questions

Can Koalas be Kept as Pets?

No. It is illegal to keep one as a pet, except for the zoo.

Do koalas bite?

They look cuddly and cute, but if threatened despite their herbivorous diet, they can ruthlessly attack and bite humans. They have razor-edged claws and sharp teeth that are capable of inflicting severe injuries on human bodies

Conclusion: Are Koalas Dangerous

If you maltreat them, they can be aggressive and bite you. Never go close or try to pick up wild koalas as they can scratch you with their long claws. Due to some diseases that they can transmit to humans; they are dangerous

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