Do Cows Have Periods?

Do Cows Have Periods

It’s well known that female cows can produce babies because they have a reproductive system that enables them to do so. But many people do not understand how the reproductive system of a cow works. 

Cows are referred to as mammals, which is the same as humans, which means the cow’s reproductive system shares some similarities with humans, but do cows have periods

Do cows have periods? A simple answer to this is NO! Cows do not have periods, but they have something called a heat circle. 

Cows do not have periods, but they bleed during their estrus cycle, which is why many people think that cows have periods. 

In reference to a woman’s reproductive system, a period is defined as a monthly discharge of blood, signifying she isn’t pregnant. 

Only mammals who menstruate have periods, cows are a type of mammals who do not menstruate, so they do not have periods. 

However, a female cow has a cycle, but it does not tally with that of a woman. If you are a cattle rearer, it’s of high necessity; you have a full understanding of a cow’s reproductive system and know about their hormonal changes. 

Do Cows Breed? 

Of course, they do, provided the female cow is fertile, and the male cow, known as a bull, has reached a desirable and mature age. 

Furthermore, you are to separate your male cow and female cow until they reach at least six months of age, do they won’t produce immature babies. 

Do Cows Have Periods

What is the cow’s reproductive cycle?

Since cows do not have periods, but they have estrous cycles, it’s necessary to understand how their reproductive cycle works. Their estrous cycle is in stages, and it differs based on how a cow is bred. 

Female Cows’ reproductive system is in stages; it starts from the estrous stage. After this stage, they move to the fertile stage, which many cattle rearers will refer to as the “heat stage,” in this stage, they are ready to be mated (bred) by a bull. 

At this “heat stage,” if the cow was not successfully bred (mated), the reproductive system will progress to another stage known as metestrus, and then the diestrus stage. 

If Cows Do Not Have Period, Why Do They Bleed? 

It may be quite confusing to you, “cows bleed during their monthly cycle, but they do not have periods,” regardless of the rumors you might have heard; know that cows do not menstruate, so they do not have periods. 

Furthermore, some days after a cow has passed through the estrous stage, there may be a discharge of blood; however, it’s not a period. The bleeding could be as a result of fertilization or as a result of breeding. 

How Often Are Cows In Heat?

Cow’s heat cycle is different from one another, based on the type of cow. However, you should expect your cow heat cycle within 17 to 21 days. 

Do Cows Have Periods

Furthermore, during a cow’s heat cycle, they will be at a standstill for a bull to breed with them. At this stage, they are in a fertile phase. During a cow’s heat cycle, they can make standstill for up to 10 hours for a bull to mate with them. 

5 Signs A Cow May Be In Heat 

Do you want to know if your cow is in the heat? It’s quite possible, and the 5 Signs below are indications that a cow is in heat (fertile stage) and is ready to be bred by a bull. 

1. Mounting 

This is the most common signal a cow will give when they are in the heat stage.

Typically, if a cow is not in the heat stage, she won’t standstill to be mounted by another cow. 

2. Swollen Vulva

A swollen Vulva is another noticeable sign of the heat stage in female cows. This results from an increase in her estrogen level, which will make the circulation of blood flow more to her private area. 

Another noticeable sign similar to this is that her private area will get darker than when the cow is not in the heat.

3. Mucous discharge 

This is a very crucial sign that a cow is in the heat stage. During this stage, you will notice a discharge of mucous from her vaginal area. Another sign is that you may see the discharge of white substance from the leg or tail. 

4. Restlessness and Bellowing

There will be unrest during their heat stage; they won’t be able to stay in one position, you will find the cow roaming around the field. Their hormonal imbalance during this stage will cause them to be unrest during this stage. 

5. Licking other cows

This may be quite disgusting to read, but you must understand your cow’s body system. When your cow is in the heat stage, she is likely to lick another cow’s private part or her’s is licked. 

Do Cows Have Periods

At What Age Do Cattle First Come Into Heat? 

Cattle are likely to come into the heat stage at a very young age, at around age six months old. At this stage, you are expected to separate your cow from other male cows to avoid premature babies. 

Should You Let A Cow Bred On Her First Heat?

Kindly try all you can not allow your cow to breed on her first heat. A cow is considered not mature for breeding yet, till after age 1-3 years.

You are doing to prevent your cow from having bovine babies, which may cost a substantial amount of money to treat. 

Early pregnancy in cows could be detrimental, ranging from miscarriages, weak womb, and birth crises. 

Is there a way to make a cow go into heat? 

Yes, there is a way. There are two ways to make a cow go into heat earlier than normal, but the easiest and safest way to make a cow go into heat is to allow nature to take its course. Allow your cow to go into the heat stage naturally. 

Another way to let your cow go into heat is by giving them an injection of prostaglandin, an injection that will increase estrogen levels. 

Another common method is putting the cow amidst other cows in the heat stage or among bulls. 

Has this article being able to answer your question on do cows have periods? 

Final thought- Do Cows Have Periods? 

Do cows have periods? An answer to this is that cows do not have periods but experience discharge of blood during their reproductive cycle, which could sign the heat stage.

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