Do Goats Bite?

do goats bite

Goats have been domesticated by humans for lots of years and there are many reasons to keep these mammals that go far beyond simple economics. Anyone who has kept these ruminants can attest that they are nice, calm but somehow friendly.

They are lovely farmyard pets; they are not aggressive nor chase after people like dogs. We all know that goats have teeth but do not have top front teeth. However, do goats bite?

Yes. of course goats do bite. You should know today that anything with a mouth and teeth can bite. Anytime I go into the yard to feed them, one of my goats I named Goaty usually uses her hard dental pad and lower teeth to bite the skin on my leg. This is what I have observed anytime she is hungry or close to me. However, the bites are not serious.

Do goats bite

I have another pet goat that always like biting my fingers anytime I feed her. She comes close to me to lick up the remaining food particles from my hand and then slowly bite my fingers.

On 16th December 2020, I decided to try out something if a goat can bite and cut my flesh when I push my fingers to their inner teeth.

I called on one of my goats named Goaty, immediately she came I pushed one of my fingers into her mouth,  she first licked it and I pushed it inner to reach her premolars. Her premolar was so sharp like a blade, she bites me and blood started popping out from my finger…omg. However, this doesn’t to be their nature to bite humans.

I hand feed my goats sometimes. Goats’ front teeth are sharp despite not having the top front layer. Since I often hand feed them; I sometimes let them nibble my fingers and gloves.

Goats do not bite as a defense; the sharpness of their teeth depends on their age. Goaty is 3-years old and her teeth are so sharp while Lola my other pet goat is 6 months old & her teeth aren’t sharp as Goaty’s own.

Do goats bite

Goats use their mouths to touch and explore anything around them just like humans uses their fingers.

So, to answer the question Do Goats Bite? Yes, Goats do bite but not as a defense like Dogs or some wild animals.

Some people are likely to argue with me that goats don’t bite. However, all I have written here are my life experience with my goats and my opinion.

Related Question

Are Goat Bites Dangerous?

No, Goat bites are not as dangerous as a lot of people might want to compare their bites to that of dogs. Since a lot of goat bites are not serious and there’s no possibility of bleeding it’s not harmful, however, some bites might result in cuts or bruise kind of wound.

It is advisable that if you’re unlucky and get a cut from a goat bite, you should consult your doctor. Although these ruminants are not known to be a carrier of any kind of virus from their bite which could be harmful to a humans health.

In General, Goat bites are not serious. However, Some diseases can be transmitted from a goat to a human, like Leptospirosis. Transmission can occur through tissues or urine of the affected goat.

Is Rabies Common In Goats?

From my years of experience as a goat rearer, I haven’t discovered any of my goats to have rabies. However, you need to keep your environment clean always.

If goats are around the common carries of rabies such as foxes, raccoons, bats, and coyotes; they are likely to get rabies.

do goats bite

Are goats aggressive?

Naturally, goats are not aggressive. However, some goat breeds are aggressive. Goats are friendly and calm but possess a kind of stubborn trait whereby when you chase them from a place they are likely to return to the same place in a short time. They are most aggressive toward humans. However, during mating male goats are known to be aggressive and fight themselves because of the female.

Do Goats Need To Be Vaccinated?

I usually vaccinate my goat every 12 months to keep them safe from any disease breakout. If you live in an area which disease outbreak is always high you should always vaccinate every 6-months and followed by a booster 4 weeks later.

Conclusion: Do Goats Bite?

Since you are aware now that goats do bite, you need to be careful with your pet. However, their bites are not serious and are rare. If you enjoy our article, kindly help us by sharing it with your friends.

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