Dog memorial gift ideas

Dog memorial gift ideas

It is always painful and heartbreaking when you lose your pet. It doesn’t matter if it’s due to natural causes or some other circumstances, it is always very tough to say goodbye to your furry friend. 

Having some sort of thing to remind you of your dog is a part of the mourning process. It helps you get over your feeling of loss and makes the whole grieving stage more organic.  It is also very important to understand that in order to get closure, one needs to be at peace and it should come from within. Rushing things or getting a new pet might not be the best way to go when it comes to the loss of a loved pet. 

Dog memorial gift ideas

Here are some of the memorial gift ideas which might help you to honor your dog.

1. Memorial Service 

Organizing a funeral for your dog is a good way to start. Honoring your friend by organizing a funeral meet goes a long way because it is just what you would do for a family member. Even if you don’t want to bury your pet at a cemetery, you can still have a meeting in your backyard or a park nearby. 

2. Frames 

You can get own your custom dog portrait designed which features the photograph of your pet along with whatever you want to write in it. It can be a quote that reminds you of your pet or something which describes its life. You can keep this frame at your study table or at your living room as a part of your house.

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3. Memory Boxes

Memory boxes are another very convenient and easy way of keeping the memories of your pet in one place.  You can keep all the things that remind you of him. Leash, toys, dog portraits, you can keep all of these safe in one place. This is a very personal yet heartfelt way of expressing your gratitude towards your furry friend.

4. Planting A Tree

You can also pay your respect towards your dog by planting a tree or a flower in their memory. The plant will always remind you of your pet and will be a reminder of all the happiness your pet brought to your life. Planting a tree is a good idea because trees have a lot of goodness associated with them and are tangible as well. 

Also, you can even try the kit that utilizes your pet’s ashes to grow a plant from seed.

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