404 Native American Indian Horse Names With Meaning

Indian Horse Names

Lots of our readers have been writing to us asking us to write on Native American Indian Horse Names for them to get ideas when naming their newly adopted Pet.

After much consideration, we have decided to write on Indian Horse Names you can get ideas from and meaning. This article has listed over 400 Native American Indian horse names with meanings.

We have written on different Native American languages like Cherokee, Lakota, Dakota Sioux, Cheyenne, Kiowa, Hopi, Chipewyan, Haida, Navajo, Shoshone, Choctaw, Cree, Yaqui, Seneca, Pima, Inuktitut, Lenape, Mojave, Comanche and son on with full pronunciation and meaning.

Native Americans, also referred to as American Indians, are the indigenous people of the United States of America, which excludes territories of the United States and Hawaii.

These names are often different from other names we usually see or hear people name their horses. Naming your horse a Native American name can be fun, as it is creative and not religious. Below are over 400 Indian horse names you can get ideas from, and we believe you will love it.`

404 Native American Indian Horse Names

Here is a list of over 400 Native American Indian Horse Name ideas, languages, and meaning in English. You can choose from this list if you fancy the native American Indian language.

  1. Nina: Means Strong
  2. WIHAKAYDA: Sioux: Means little one
  3. Mahala: Means powerful slowly gently
  4. LENMANA: Hopi: Means flute girl KEEGSQUAW: Algonquin: Means virgin
  5. ONATAH: Iroquois: Means Daughter of the Earth
  6. Nova: Means Chasing butterfly
  7. SHESHEBENS: Chippewa: Means Small duck
  8. Tiva: Means Dance
  9. PELIPA: Zuni: Means lover of horses
  10. Abitha: Courageous Woman
  11. OYA: Moquelumnan: Means Called Forth
  12. GALILAHI: Cherokee: Means attractive
  13. WICHAHPI: Sioux: Means star
  14. SNANA: Sioux: Means jingle like little bells
  15. CHUMANI: Sioux : Means dew drops
  16. YEPA: Means snow woman
  17. ZIRACUNY: Kiowa: Means Water Monster
  18. PULES: Algonquin : Means pigeon
  19. KIWIDINOK: Chippewa: Means woman of the wind
  20. HINTO: Dakota: Means Blue
  21. HIALEAH: Seminole: Means Pretty Prairie
  22. CHEPI: Algonquin: Means fairy
  23. NATA: Means speaker
  24. PAZI: Ponca: Means yellow bird
  25. YOKI: Hopi: Means rain
  26. SIPATU: Miwok: Means pulled out
  27. CHOCHMINGWU: Hopi: Means corn mother

American Indian Horse Names

  1. MAI: Means coyote
  2. PAMUY or PAMUYA: Hopi: Means water moon
  3. MAHU: Hopi: Means myth name.
  4. TAKCHAWEE: Sioux: Means doe
  5. SATINKA; SANTINKA: Means magical dancer
  6. OOLJEE: Navajo: Means moon
  7. USDI: Cherokee: Means baby
  8. TSULA: Cherokee: Means Fox
  9. PANOLA: Choctaw: Means Cotton
  10. SOOLEAWA: Algonquin: Means silver
  11. KAMAMA: Cherokee: Means Butterfly
  12. SACAJAWEA: Shoshone: Means Bird-woman
  13. ODAHINGUM: Cheyenne: Means rippling water
  14. APONI: Means butterfly
  15. ISI: Choctaw: Means deer
  16. MIKA: Means intelligent raccoon
  17. MAGENA: Means moon
  18. ANGENI: Means spirit or Angel
  19. PETUNIA: Means flower name
  20. OHCUMGACHE: Cheyenne: Means Little wolf
  21. DIBE: Navajo: Means sheep
  22. CHIMALIS: Means bluebird
  23. SAHPOOLY: Kiowa: Means Owl

American Indian Horse Names

  1. OOTA DABUN: Algonquin: Means day star
  2. KUCKUNNIWI: Cheyenne: Means Little wolf
  3. SOKW: Algonquin: Means sour
  4. LILUYE: Miwok: Means singing hawk while soaring
  5. ONIDA: Means the one searched for
  6. HACHI: Seminole: Means stream
  7. GALILAHI: Cherokee: Means attractive
  8. ONAIWAH: Ojibway: Means Awake
  9. ODINA: Algonquian: Means mountain
  10. YANABA: Navajo: Means she meets the enemy
  11. HONIAHAKA: Cheyenne: Means Little wolf
  12. ZALTANA: Means high mountain
  13. HANTAYWEE: Sioux: Means faithful
  14. WIKIMAK: Algonquin: Means wife
  15. TADITA: Omaha: Means one who runs
  16. WAUNA: Miwok : Means singing snow goose
  17. PTAYSANWEE: Sioux: Means white buffalo
  18. AWENTIA: Means fawn
  19. UTINA: Timucua: Means woman of my country
  20. INOLA: Cherokee: Means Black Fox
  21. ALAMEDA: Means grove of cottonwood
  22. PAKUNA: Miwok: Means deer jumping downhill
  23. URIKA: Omaha: Means useful
  24. YAMKA: Hopi: Means blossom
  25. CHA’KWAINA: Hopi: Means one who cries
  26. TALULAH: Choctaw: Means leaping water
  27. SANUYE: Miwok: Means red cloud at sundown
  28. CHA’RISA: Hopi: Means elk
  29. SONOMA: Miwok: Means ground place
  30. TABLITA: Hopi: Means Tiara
  31. TAIGI, TAINI: Omaha: Means returning moon
  32. WAPUN: Potawatomi: Means dawn
  33. MOSI: Navajo: Means cat
  34. NECHE: Ojibway: Means Friend
  35. KWANITA: Zuni: Means God is gracious
  36. HAKIDONMUYA: Hopi: Means time of waiting moon
  37. CHU’SI: Hopi: Means snake flower
  38. XOCHITL: Nahuatl: Means flower
  39. HALONA: Means fortunate
  40. AYASHE, AYASHA: Cheyenne: Means little one
  41. ANKTI: Hopi: Means repeat dance
  42. EHAWEE: Sioux: Means laughing maiden
  43. CHENOA: Means dove
  44. DOBA: Navajo: Means no war
  45. ITUHA: Means sturdy oak
  46. HAUSIS, HAUSISSE: Algonquin : Means old woman
  47. DOWANHOWEE: Sioux: Means Singing voice
  48. OPA: Choctaw: Means owl
  49. NAMPEYO: Hopi: Means Snake Girl
  50. TAKALA: Hopi: Means corn tassel
  51. ADSILA: Cherokee: Means blossom
  52. ISTAS: Means snow
  53. AMITOLA: Means rainbow
  54. TAIMA: Means thunder
  55. ALGOMA: Means valley of flowers
  56. ALIKKEES: Nez Perce: Means haircut
  57. TALISA: Creek: Means Beautiful Water
  58. ALTSOBA: Navajo: Means all war
  59. SOKANON: Algonquin: Means rain
  60. KUWANYAMTIWA: Hopi: Means beautiful badger going over the hill
  61. MELI: Zuni: Means bitter
  62. ANEMY: Means Superior
  63. AMADAHY: Cherokee: Means forest water
  64. MIGISI: Chippewa: Means eagle
  65. SOYALA: Hopi: Means time of the winter solstice
  66. YOOMEE: Coos: Means Star
  67. KANTI: Algonquin: Means sings
  68. NIDAWI: Omaha: Means fairy
  69. MISU: Miwok: Means Rippling brook
  70. SALALI: Cherokee: Means squirrel
  71. UNA: Hopi: Means remember
  72. KOKYANGWUTI: Hopi: Means spider woman at middle age
  73. TIPONI: Hopi: Means child of importance
  74. PAPINA: Miwok: Means Ivy
  75. KUWANLELENTA: Hopi: Means to make beautiful surroundings
  76. TAA: Zuni: Means seed
  77. NAMID: Cheyenne: Means star dancer
  78. SHIMASANI: Navajo: Means grandmother
  79. NADIE: Algonquin: Means wise
  80. SUNI NATI: Zuni: Means middle
  81. LITONYA: Miwok: Means darting hummingbird
  82. MANKALITA: Zuni: Means unknown
  83. TUSA: Zuni: Means prairie dog
  84. WINEMA: Means chief
  85. SHIMA: Navajo: Means mother
  86. MONA: Means when the seed of a jimson weed is gatthered
  87. NIMEDA: Potawatomi: Means Dance

Indian Horse Names

  1. POLOMA: Choctaw: Means bow
  2. PATI: Miwok: Means break by twisting; fish basket
  3. NINOVAN: Cheyenne: Means our home
  4. HELKI: Miwok: Means touch
  5. GIGYAGO: Potawatomi: Means Girl
  6. ANEVAY: Means superior
  7. NITUNA: Means daughter
  8. ETHETE: Arapaho: Means Good
  9. WEEKO: Sioux: Means pretty
  10. OLATHE: Means beautiful
  11. STINKA: Means magical dancer
  12. AHAWI: Cherokee: Means Deer
  13. OJINJINTKA: Sioux: Means rose
  14. KIWIDINOK: Cheyenne: Means of the wind
  15. WACHIWI: Sioux: Means dancer
  16. HALOKE: Navajo: Means salmon
  17. ZONTA: Sioux: Means Trusted
  18. TOLINKA: Miwok: Means flapping ear of a coyote
  19. CHITSA: Means fair
  20. NOYA: Cherokee: Means Sand
  21. NOVA: Hopi: Means chases butterfly
  22. TSOMAH: Kiowa: Means Yellow Hair
  23. TIVA: Hopi: Means dance
  24. TSIISHCH’ILI: Navajo: Means Curly haired
  25. SHUMAN: Hopi: Means rattlesnake handler
  26. QUAHNEAH: Cheyenne: Means morning dew
  27. AGASGA: Cherokee: Means Rain
  28. MINYA: Osage: Means Older Sister
  29. ANPAYTOO: Sioux: Means radiant
  30. SAHKYO: Navajo: Means mink
  31. NINA: Means strong
  32. CHAPA: Sioux: Means beaver
  33. WUTI: Hopi: Means woman
  34. TANGAKWUNU: Hopi: Means Rainbow
  35. WYOME: Algonquian: Means large plain
  36. KINTA: Choctaw: Means Deer
  37. BYHALIA: Choctaw: Means White Oaks Standing
  38. WOYA: Cherokee: Means Dove
  39. GAHO: Means mother
  40. FLO: Means arrow
  41. MUNA: Hopi: Means overflowing spring
  42. KENDA: Dakota: Means Magical Powers
  43. ANNA: Algonquin: Means mother
  44. NASHOTA: Means twin
  45. SHADA: Means pelican
  46. KOSA: Cheyenne: Means Sheep
  47. SIKYA: Hopi: Means small canyon
  48. ABEQUA, ABEQUE: Cheyenne: Means stays at home
  49. PANA: Blackfoot: Means Partridge
  50. LULU: Means rabbit
  51. TAYANITA: Cherokee: Means young beaver
  52. UNEGA: Cherokee: Means white
  53. SNANA: Sioux: Means jingle like little bells
  54. NAMID or NAMIDA: Chippewa: Means Star Dancer
  55. KIMAMA: Shoshone: Means butterfly
  56. DOLI: Navajo: Means bluebird
  57. MEOQUANEE: Cheyenne: Means wears red
  58. DEZBA: Navajo : Means goes to war
  59. KUWANYAUMA: Hopi: Means butterfly showing beautiful wings
  60. CHA’RISA: Hopi: Means Elk
  61. MEOQUANEE: Chippewa: Means wears red
  62. HAIWEE: Shoshone: Means Dove
  63. HUMITA: Hopi: Means shelled corn
  64. SUNKI: Hopi: Means to catch up with
  65. ELU: Zuni: Means Beautiful
  66. TADEWI: Omaha: Means wind
  67. KEEZHEEKONI: Cheyenne: Means burning fire
  68. ASDZA: Navajo: Means woman
  69. ETENIA: Means rich
  70. BENA: Means pheasant
  71. MIMITEH: Omaha: Means new moon
  72. PETA, PETAH: Blackfoot: Means golden eagle

Indian Horse Names

  1. OMINOTAGO: Cheyenne: Means beautiful voice
  2. SISIKA: Means bird
  3. SKENANDOA: Iroquois: Means Deer
  4. JACI: Tupi: Means moon
  5. CHILAILI: Means snowbird
  6. WINONA, WENONA, WENONAH: Sioux: Means eldest daughter
  7. KAI: Navajo: Means willow tree
  8. MITUNA: Miwok: Means wraps salmon in willow leaves
  9. QUANAH : Comanche: Means fragrant
  10. AHYOKA: Cherokee: Means She brought happiness
  11. ALSOOMSE: Algonquin: Means independent
  12. YATOKYA: Zuni: Means sun
  13. SAPATA: Miwok: Means dancing bear
  14. AWENDELA: Means morning
  15. TIWA: Zuni: Means Onion
  16. DOYA: Cherokee: Means Beaver
  17. KEWANEE: Potawatomi: Means prairie hen
  18. LOMASI: Means pretty flower
  19. MAKAWEE: Sioux: Means mothering
  20. WASHTA: Sioux: Means Good
  21. POWAQA: Hopi: Means witch
  22. KIMI: Algonquin: Means secret
  23. MAKKITOTOSIMEW: Algonquin: Means large breasts
  24. SASA: Cherokee: Means Goose
  25. TULA: Choctaw: Means Peak
  26. ANABA: Navajo: Means returns from war
  27. ABEDABUN: Cheyenne: Means sight of the day
  28. MAHAL: Means woman
  29. SITALA: Miwok: Means good memory
  30. CHU’MANA: Hopi: Means snake maiden
  31. ANAMOSA: Sauk: Means White Fawn
  32. ABETZI: Omaha: Means yellow leaf
  33. HUATA: Moquelumnan: Means Basket Carrier
  34. WANETA: Means charger
  35. TAINI: Omaha: Means new moon
  36. WAKI: Hopi: Means shelter
  37. TUWA, TUUWA: Hopi: Means earth
  38. MACHA: Sioux: Means aurora
  39. MANSI: Hopi: Means plucked flower
  40. WEAYAYA: Sioux: Means setting sun
  41. MACAWI: Sioux: Means generous
  42. ATEPA: Choctaw: Means wigwam
  43. TANSY: Hopi: Means name of a flower
  44. KANGEE: Sioux: Means Raven
  45. DONOMA: Omaha: Means sight of the sun
  46. NITA: Choctaw: Means bear
  47. CALFURAY: Mapuche: Means violet flower
  48. BONITA: Apache: Means Beautiful
  49. ZITKALA: Dakota: Means bird
  50. WYANET: Means beautiful
  51. AT’EED: Navajo: Means girl
  52. ABEY: Omaha: Means leaf
  53. KIMIMELA: Sioux: Means butterfly
  54. OTEKAH: Navajo: Means Sun Maiden
  55. DYANI: Means deer
  56. KAKAWANGWA: Hopi: Means bitter
  57. SITSI: Navajo: Means daughter
  58. MALILA: Miwok: Means fast salmon swimming up a rippling stream
  59. CHOSPOSI: Hopi: Means bluebird eye
  60. ZIHNA: Hopi: Means spins
  61. COCHETA: Means stranger
  62. CHOSOVI: Hopi: Means bluebird
  63. KAYA: Hopi: Means elder sister
  64. HONOVI: Hopi: Means a strong deer
  65. MITENA: Omaha: Means the coming moon
  66. MIGINA: Omaha: Means returning moon
  67. KACHINA: Hopi: Means spirit
  68. NITTAWOSEW: Algonquin: Means she is not sterile
  69. YONA: Cherokee: Means bear
  70. NUKPANA: Hopi : Means evil
  71. SINOPA: Blackfoot: Means fox
  72. AMA: Cherokee: Means Water
  73. TAHKI: Algonquin: Means cold
  74. GOLA: Cherokee: Means Winter
  75. ROZENE: Means rose
  76. TACI: Zuni: Means Washtub
  77. AWINITA: Cherokee: Means fawn
  78. MAPIYA: Sioux: Means sky or heavenly
  79. LOMAHONGVA: Hopi: Means beautiful clouds arising
  80. KOKO: Blackfoot: Means night
  81. POLIKWAPTIWA: Hopi: Means butterfly sitting on a flower
  82. HOLA: Hopi: Means Seed Filled Club
  83. ENOLA: Means solitary
  84. NUTTAH: Algonquin: Means my heart
  85. GOGA: Cherokee: Means Summer
  86. SHIDEEZHI: Navajo: Means younger sister
  87. NIYOL: Navajo: Means Wind
  88. NATANE: Arapaho: Means Daughter
  89. AYITA: Cherokee: Means first to dance
  90. TOKALA: Dakota: Means Fox
  91. KASA: Hopi: Means dressed in furs
  92. CHLUMANI: Sioux: Means Dew
  93. OGIN: Means wild rose
  94. CHOLENA: Means bird
  95. MINAL: Means fruit
  96. ALESHANEE: Coos: Means She plays all the time
  97. AWANATA: Miwok: Means turtle
  98. NAHIMANA: Sioux: Means mystic
  99. WAWETSEKA: Potawatomi: Means pretty woman
  100. LEOTIE: Means flower of the prairie
  101. MINA: Sioux: Means Oldest Daughter
  102. NUMEES: Algonquin: Means sister
  103. MAKA: Sioux: Means earth
  104. WITASHNAH: Sioux: Means virginal
  105. OSYKA: Choctaw: Means Eagle
  106. MAGASKAWEE: Sioux: Means graceful
  107. SADZI: Carrier: Means Disposition
  108. MALIA: Zuni: Means bitterness
  109. LUYO: Means wild dove
  110. ODAHINGUM: Chippewa: Means Rippling water
  111. TOTSI: Hopi: Means moccasins
  112. HUATA: Miwok: Means carrying of seeds
  113. NIABI: Osage: Means fawn
  114. KAMALI: Mahona: Means Spirit Guide
  115. SAWNI or SUWANEE: Seminole: Means Echo
  116. KINEKS: Means rosebud
  117. MARALAH: Means giving birth to during an earthquake
  118. ATSILA: Cherokee: Means Fire
  119. NUNA: Means land
  120. NEKOMA: Chippewa: Means Grandmother
  121. HUYANA: Miwok : Means rain falling
  122. ONAWA: Means wide awake
  123. HOWI: Miwok: Means Turtle dove
  124. KEEZHEEKONI: Chippewa: Means fire briskly burning
  125. TOOANTUH: Cherokee: Means Spring frog
  126. MANABA: Navajo : Means return to war
  127. ORENDA: Iroquois : Means magic power
  128. CHAPAWEE: Sioux: Means Industrious
  129. NIJLON: Algonquin: Means mistress
  130. PAKWA: Hopi: Means frog
  131. IMALA: Means disciplines
  132. HATEYA: Miwok: Means press with the foot
  133. TEHYA: Means precious
  134. SUNI: Zuni: Means Native Tribal Member of India
  135. ADOETTE: Kiowa: Means big tree
  136. TALA: Means wolf

Indian Horse Names

  1. FALA: Choctaw: Means crow
  2. AIYANA: Means eternal blossom
  3. ANGPETU: Sioux: Means Radiant
  4. MEMDI: Means Henna
  5. TAMA: Means thunder
  6. WENONA: Means firstborn daughter
  7. PAVATI: Hopi: Means clear water
  8. HURIT: Algonquin: Means beautiful
  9. MIGISI: Cheyenne: Means eagle
  10. DENA: Means valley
  11. AQUENE: Means peace
  12. OMUSA: Miwok : Means misses with arrows
  13. AMAYETA: Miwok: Means unknown
  14. KOLENYA: Miwok: Means coughing fish
  15. HEHEWUTI: Hopi: Means warrior mother spirit
  16. YENENE: Miwok: Means medicine man
  17. SHADI: Navajo: Means older sister
  18. NIRVELLI: Tudas: Means Water child
  19. YAZHI: Navajo: Means little one
  20. ABEYTU: Omaha: Means green leaf
  21. GENESSEE: Iroquois: Means beautiful valley
  22. SINOPA: Cayuse: Means Fox (black foot)
  23. NOKOMIS: Cheyenne: Means grandmother
  24. CATORI: Hopi: Means spirit
  25. TALUTAH: Sioux : Means blood-red
  26. NASCHA: Navajo: Means owl
  27. KELE: Hopi: Means Sparrow
  28. EYOTA: Sioux: Means great
  29. YUTU: Miwok: Means coyote out hunting
  30. MITENA:Ojibway: Means Born at the New Moon
  31. NISHWEQUANNIQUAWESEH: Algonquin: third daughter
  32. ALAQUA: Means sweet gum tree
  33. PAUWAU: Algonquin: Means witch
  34. ANGWUSNASOMTAQA: Hopi: Means crow mother spirit
  35. MISAE: Osage: Means white sun
  36. TIS-SEE-WOO-NA-TIS: Cheyenne: Means she who bathes with her knees
  37. MAUSI: Means plucks flowers
  38. WAKANDA: Sioux: Means possesses magical power
  39. POSALA: Miwok: Means farewell to spring flowers
  40. WANEKIA: Paiute: Means Makes Life
  41. TOSKI: Hopi: Means Squash Bug
  42. WIKAPI WAKAN, WICAPI WAKAN: Dakota: Means holy star
  43. SIHU: Hopi : Means flower

Indian Horse Names

  1. LEQUOIA: Means unknown
  2. HIAWASSEE: Cherokee: Means Meadow
  3. BLY: Means tall
  4. TAKHI: Algonquin: Means cold
  5. COAHOMA: Choctaw: Means Red Panther
  6. SULETU: Miwok: Means flies
  7. LUYU: Means wild dove
  8. CIQALA: Dakota: Means Little one
  9. KALISKA: Miwok: Means coyote chasing deer
  10. SHADA: Means pelican
  11. WATSEKA: Potawatomi: Means Pretty Woman
  12. TAIPA: Miwok : Means Wingspan
  13. AWENASA: Cherokee: Means my home
  14. ALAWA: Algonquin: Means pea
  15. MEDA: Means Prophetess
  16. MIAKODA: Means power of the moon

Conclusion: Indian Horse Names

Giving your horse an Indian name can be fun. If you love Native American names and wish to call your horse, to make your search easier; we have compiled this comprehensive list for you to choose from instead of brainstorming for ideas.

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