Percheron Vs Clydesdale – Differences & Similarities

Percheron Vs Clydesdale

If you’re searching for the difference between Percheron vs Clydesdale, don’t worry; you’re in the right place as we have listed the similarities and difference between these two horses.

Percheron and Clydesdale are two muscular horses with attractive looks. They are specifically bred to pull a carriage or a plow, but in recent times, you may be surprised to find out that these two daft horses are ridden as well. The word “draft” originally means “to pull something.”

If you are a lover of horses, and you’ve always dreamed of having a horse, a beautiful one with a calm look, then going for Percheron and Clydesdale is the best choice you will ever make.

There are lots of horse facts as there are different horse breeds and fanciers to raise them. A small horse breed is known as the Falabella miniature horse; they can be kept as an inside pet.

The major Draft horses used in the United States of America are the Clydesdale, the Belgian, and the Percheron. Percherons can be black, white, and gray; they are born black, but their color changes and becomes lighter as they age.

Clydesdales are normally bay in color and are the most popular draft horse breed.

However, many people find it hard to figure out the difference between them; They both have several similarities, but we will take our time to examine both horses and compare both horses in terms of similarities and differences.

Percheron Vs Clydesdale

These two horses are excellent for riding and driving; they both have their area where they best fit in.

Many love these horses prefer and love them because:

  • They are easy to train: If you are looking for a horse that you can efficiently train, then going for any of these two horse breeds is a good idea.
  • Temperament: They are not horses that quickly get angry or hostile horses.
  • Calmness: They are both calm.
  • Attractive look: They both have beautiful looks.

Percheron Horse

The Percheron horses are known for their elegant faces, strong jaws, and common gray or black colors. They weigh about 2600 pounds, that’s amazing, right? The western region of France developed them in 1980.

The Percheron horse breed was named after the Perche Valley In the North of France. The exact breed’s origins are unknown, but they are prevalent and bred in the United Kingdom. However, it is believed that they were brought to Europe, and their ancestors are Arabian horses.

Percheron Vs Clydesdale

In middle age, they were used for heavy work like pulling heavy load. They have a muscular and strong neck with a broad chest and deep girth.

Percheron horses’ hindquarters are very powerful and muscular. Their coat color is gray or black with a thick mane. Percheron horses can reach heights of 15-18 hands and weigh up to 2600 pounds. They can live up to 25-40 years.

The modern variations of the Percherons are used for showing competitions and are slender. They are slow jumper but are suitable for riding.

Clydesdale horse

These breed of horses are flashy and British stock. The Clydesdale horses have developed over 300 years ago and originate in Clydesdale in Scotland. They are a symbol of Budweiser (Anheuser-Busch brewery).

Lord Darney and The Prince of Wales are recognized as the two founders of the breed. Clydesdale horses have been used for heavy farm works; for instance, where machines are not suitable for use, they are used to pull logs.

Percheron Vs Clydesdale


Many love Clydesdale horses due to their majestic walk, which makes them favorite for shows. The mass number of Clydesdale will have white markings on them and are 16-19 hand tall. Clydesdales are famous for Driving and are less wider than Percheron.

What Are The Differences Between Percheron Vs Clydesdale?

Clydesdales horses weigh around 1800-2000 pounds, while Percheron weighs about 2600 pounds. Percherons are best for riding, while Clydesdales are best at driving, Percherons are riders’ love.

Clydesdales have thick feather hair around their legs, while Percherons have strong jaws. Percherons are heftier than Clydesdales, and Percherons are 15- 18 hands tall, while Clydesdales are 16-19 hands tall.

Clydesdale is less wide than Percheron. Percherons were developed by France for wartime histories, while Clydesdales are British stock.

There are many exciting facts to discuss these two horses. If we start, we may spend eternity on it; however, let’s quickly dive into their differences in tabular form below & similarities.

Height15-18 Hands16-19 Hands
WeightUp to 2,600 Pounds1,800 – 2,000 Pounds
Leg FeathersModerateHeavy
BloodlinesSome OutcrossingMostly Pure
OriginFranceThe United Kingdom/Scotland
High White Leg MarkingsRareCommon
Best Suited ForRidingDriving
Common ColorsGray & BlackBay

Similarities Percheron Vs Clydesdale

These two horses are people’s choices because they are both calm and intelligent.

Even though they have similar characteristics, there still differences between Percheron vs Clydesdale that can be traced back to their origins.

Here are little similarities between the two horses.

  • They both possess a large amount of strength
  • They are both muscular
  • They are both used for sport
  • They both have flashy colors
  • They are both used for farming purposes

When you dream of having a great horse that you can be proud of and lack an idea of which one to buy, then going for any of these two horses will be the best decision you will ever make. Research shows many prefer Percheron to Clydesdale due to their speed.

Related Questions

Are Clydesdales Horses Good At Riding?

Yes, they are good at riding. They have an extremely trainable and amenable attitude, just like any other breed of horse. If they are given the right mental training, time, and care to develop the critical muscles needs for carrying heavyweights rather than pulling, they can make great ridden horses.

Percheron Vs Clydesdale

However, I have never owned a Clydesdale, but I know they are very gentle and intelligent, but it would be difficult to ride on them because of their mere sizes. Except there would be special saddles made, and this will be for people with long legs as their legs would be stretched wide on the back of these horses.

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