12 Safe And Healthy Pet Rat Treats

rat treats, treats for rats

Today, we will be discussing 12 safe and healthy rat treats and their benefits. Rats are omnivores, which means they can feed on both plant and meat; they will eat anything. If you have a pet rat and need name ideas, check out our article on perfect pet rat names

You can buy your pet rat food from the pet shop or supermarket, but to keep them super happy and excited, you need to supplement their usual food with something a bit more exciting.
It would help if you gave your adorable rats some treats. These rat treats can prolong your rat’s lifespan.

rat treats, treats for rats

With some experimentation, you will discover what your favorite rat foods are. Try a lot of healthy treats like raw carrots, hard-boiled eggs, chicken pieces, and frozen peas, and you will see if they will eat it straight away, or they just can’t be bothered with it.

What Is A Treat?

A treat is something that is sought out for that gives us pleasure or an act of providing another with something free. Not all treats are food.
It is very vital to know that when you hear TREATS, it’s not always about food.

In this article, we will be discussing food treats for rats. Some rats can seek pleasures from water play, wheel running, social interaction, belly rubs, digging, grooming, climbing, and mating. In contrast, others might not be interested in these things.

It’s Ok to give your rat treats too. For example, one of my pet rats loves hard-boiled eggs. Well, if you’re looking for the best treats for rats, don’t worry; this article has listed the 12 best and safe rat treats.

12 Rat Nutritious Rat Treats

Below are the best rat treats for your lovely rodent friends

1. Hard-Boiled Eggs

This is a good treat and a great source of Protein for your rat. Also, it can provide your rat with Vitamin A, B, D, Selenium, and Iron. Hard-boiled eggs are good for your rat’s brain and belly.

Just boil the egg like the way you boil eggs for consumption at home. After boiling, you can either leave the shell or peel it when giving the egg to your rat.
You can keep the shell and break it a bit so your rat can figure out how to go about it. This will be like a game treat.

This type of treat can be messy in the cage. Also, you know eggs can be smelly if left for a long time. So, we recommend that after every egg treat, please clean up the cage immediately.

2. Chocolate Soy Milk And Yogurt

Research has shown that adding regular soy to rat’s diet is proven to minimize their chances of getting mammary tumors. My rats love chocolate soy milk, and it’s good for their health.

You can feed your pet rat with frozen Yogurt too as a treat. This type of treat is perfect for the summer seasons. However, in warm seasons, we highly recommend these treats for your rats, and they will surely love them.

treats for rats, rat treats

Frozen yogurts are very delicious. Just go to any supermarket or pet shop and get either natural or flavored Yogurt.

Please avoid the Citrus flavored Varieties. Avoid oranges and citrus. They have a component known as d-limonene that can cause cancer in male rats.

After getting your favorite Yogurt from the supermarket,

  • Scoop a bit of the Yogurt,
  • Drop it in a small bowl or baking tray, and
  • Put it in the freezer overnight.

Now you have a simple and delicious treat for your pet rat. To spice it up, you can drop some fruits and watch your rat enjoy it.

Rats Can Help Reduce Food Waste

3. Raw Carrots

Rats love carrots; for healthy teeth, feed your pet rat carrots. They like fruity treats. You can get carrots quickly in the grocery shop.

If it’s your first time feeding your rat carrots, it may affect the color of their droppings. So, you do not need to be ashamed worried. Once their systems are used to this fruit, their droppings will return to normal.

4. Chicken Bones

No doubt, rats love cooked chicken meat, skin and bones. So feed your rats with cooked chicken bones and watch how they enjoy gnawing on the bones. Chicken bones are excellent sources of Calcium.
Ensure that you clean up the environment after feeding them with the chicken bones to avoid smell or possible contamination.

5. Small Dog Treats

Dog treats are great for pet rats too. Dog treats are usually crunchy and are great for rat teeth.
Remember, these treats are made for big animals, so only feed your pet rat in moderation. You can feed it to them once a week or month. Since this treat is crunchy, it will help your rat teeth to grow healthy and stronger. In addition, you can give your rat small bite dog biscuits as a treat.

6. Seeds

Melon, Sunflower, and pumpkin are a good-sized seed for hand feeding your pet rats. It is proven that seed consumption by rats can boost their intake of healthy phytonutrients and micronutrients. However, sunflowers are fatty seeds; you shouldn’t feed them to your rat all the time.

7. Roasted Monkey Nuts

Roasted Monkey nuts are good treats for pet rats and greats for taming new rats. Feed these nuts to your rats and watch them enjoy them. Nuts help rat for healthy teeth too.

8. Apple Slices

This is one of the favorite treats you can give to your rat. Apple is my favorite fruit; I always have them at home to consume them anytime I want and feed my little pets.

Ensure you cut the apple into smaller pieces or slices before you feed your rat and also remove the seeds. The seeds contain Cyanide, so we advise you to always take out the seeds before feeding them to your rats.
Generally, Apples are fresh and healthy treats for pet rats. But, of course, you’re free to give to them anytime you wish.

9. Dried egg noodles

Dried egg noodles offer lots of nutrition to pet rat than regular pasta; they are rich in Protein, Selenium, and essential amino acids. Break the Dried egg noodles into small pieces and feed your pet rat.

10. Baby Foods and Soups

Pet rats love baby food, and it is perfect for them. Since baby foods and soups are liquid and very nutritious, it is an excellent treat for sick rats or finding it hard to eat. This treat will surely help them get better and stronger again.

You need to avoid baby foods with citrus fruit and cookies. Citrus is too acidic for rats, while cookies are too caloric.
It will be better to make your own soups so you know they won’t contain any nasty ingredient. In addition, soups are great treats for rat during the winter seasons.

Home Recipes for healthy rat treats

Below are some of the best homemade pet rat treats.

11. Cooked Sweet Potatoes

Are you a lover of sweet potatoes? If yes, then your rodent friends won’t mind if you share it with them.

Please do not feed them with the raw potato; the sweet potato must be cooked. You can either cook it in an oven or boil it with water. Cook it until it is soft and tasty with no condiments.

You can cut it into pieces or leave it whole. After cooking, allow it to rest and then peel off the skin. Then, feed your pet with the cooked sweet potato; it is very nutritious.


12. Plain popcorn

Popcorns without sugar and coloring are also great treats for pet rats. You can make this popcorn yourself at home to be sure no artificial or harmful ingredients were added.

Avoid sticky flavors and toffee when producing yours for your rodent friends. One good thing about this is that there will be no fighting as there will be many on the ground to share among them.

Remember, do not overfeed your rats. Anything you’re feeding your rat must be in moderation. If they get too fat, they can be prone to lots of diseases, tumors and other ailments. So instead, feed them with lots of healthy foods and plenty of freshwaters.

Benefits of Good Treats For Rats

Good treats offer the following benefits to your rats:

1. Nutrition – Many pet rat treats have abundant vitamins, minerals, and calories, which are beneficial to rat health.
2. Treats help to comfort our rodent friends during stress
3. Treats help to build the bond stronger between you and your pet
4. It serves as an opportunity to gnaw like nuts
5. Serves as a means of distraction. When you’re living your home to work or a distant place, your rat tends to know and feel bad. So, before living, if you give them their best treats, they are likely to get distracted. Also, when getting their nails cut.
6. Treats also serve as appetite boosters for sick rats that find it difficult to eat; a treat can be helpful.

Conclusion – Rat Treats

We suggest that if you need to give your pet rat vegetables and fruits, give them raw and fresh ones. Cooking these veggies and fruits will likely make them lose some of the nutrients.

Also, avoid giving your pet rat citrus. Anything you’re giving to your rodent friends should be in moderation. For treats, you can feed your rat with tomato slices, frozen peas, and chicken pieces as well. However, if you notice your pet rat is gaining too much weight, please cut down some food consumption and, if possible, avoid feeding them treats.

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