What Does Squirrel Poop Look Like?

Squirrel poop, what does squirrel poop look like, squirrel poop images, squirrel poop pictures, squirrel poop vs mouse poop

Squirrels are unique, independent, entertaining, and innocent creatures. Squirrels start their days before daylight up till early evening while trying to find food. In late winter, Squirrels are more active when the mating season begins.

There are over 300 species of squirrels in 7 families, which includes ground squirrel, flying squirrel, and the tree squirrel. Squirrels house themselves between two strong branches called “DREYS.” Dreys are built from leaves and twigs.

what does squirrel poop look like, squirrel poop images, squirrel poop pictures, squirrel poop vs mouse poop

Squirrels run very fast, and they are quick; they can run 20 miles per hour. And because of their padded feet, they can survive jumps from a height of 100 feet.

Whenever squirrels sense danger, they become motionless; they have excellent eyesight as they are always on the lookout for predators.

You might have asked yourself, What Does Squirrel Poop Look Like? Well, in this article, we will explain more about how squirrel poop looks like.

What is Squirrel Poop?

Squirrel feces or poop can also be known as squirrel droppings and it often resembles mouse poop, of course, this is because both pests poop appear dark brown and smooth, the only difference is that squirrels dropping appear larger and barrel-shaped while that of a mouse are small, oblong-shaped poops with sharp tapered ends.

Squirrel dropping can be found in all areas where squirrels have inhabited before or are still inhabiting, it is very important to monitor the distribution of squirrel poop in other to know whether the squirrels are present or not.

What Does Squirrel Poop Look Like?

So,what Does Squirrel Poop Look Like? As stated earlier, squirrel dropping appears to be dark brown in colour, it is smooth, large and barrel-shaped.

Being able to identify squirrel poop with its colour and shape will help you to determine the presence of squirrels in your apartment or around your apartment.

When it comes to the size of squirrel poop it is important to know that squirrel poop is a large oblong pellet that is about 3/8-inch-long and 1/8 inch in diameter.

It has rounded tips and looks slightly bulged in the centre.

Squirrel dropping, what does squirrel poop look like, squirrel poop images, squirrel poop pictures, squirrel poop vs mouse poop

How Big Is Squirrel Poop?

Knowing the size of the squirrel poop is very important as this will enable you to differentiate between squirrel poop and a mouse poop.

Getting to know the difference between squirrel and mouse poop is also very important because it will help you to have adequate knowledge of the particular rodent infestation present and the best way to get rid of them.

As mentioned above, squirrel poop is about 3/8-inch-long and about 1/8 inch in diameter and of course, it has rounded tips and looks bulgy in the centre.

So, in comparison to the mouse poop, the squirrel poop looks bigger than the mouse poop. So, when you find a bigger poop that looks somewhat similar to mouse poop then it is probably squirrel feces and it means squirrel is around the corner somewhere and somehow you need to get rid of it.

Squirrel poop, what does squirrel poop look like, squirrel poop images, squirrel poop pictures, squirrel poop vs mouse poop

Does Squirrel Dropping Smell?

Trying to know if squirrel poop smells? Yes! Squirrel dropping may end up giving your apartment an unpleasant odour. This is because squirrels end up living in your attic and once, they live in there they automatically turn your attic to their own toilet leaving about 20 droppings in your attic every day.

They also pass urine in the same manner and quantity. These droppings and urine not only smell really bad to the point of making you uncomfortable but they also pose a biohazardous risk to your health and that of any other occupant of the building.

The smell oftentimes attracts new squirrels which increases the droppings as well as the odour.

How to Identify Squirrel Poop

Identifying squirrel poop is very important in helping you determine the best way to handle squirrel infestation and get rid of the squirrels. The best way to know whether you have squirrels living comfortably in your attic is by being able to identify the squirrel feces from other rodents’ poop.

To be able to identify squirrel dropping follow the guide below;

  • Squirrel poop is smooth, large and barrel-shaped
  • It is oblong shaped and appears bulgy in the centre
  • It also has rounded ends that are about half inch-in length
  • They often become drier and chalkier in appearance as they age
  • Squirrel dropping tends to get lighter with age and can be red or brown in colour
  • Squirrel poop is easy to detect because it has a unique smell

Pictures Of Squirrel Poop

Below are example of images of squirrel poop.

what does squirrel poop look like, squirrel poop images, pictures squirrel poop, squirrel poop vs mouse poop
pics credit: wildliferemovalusa.com

Squirrel poop, what does squirrel poop look like, squirrel poop images, squirrel poop pictures, squirrel poop vs mouse poop

what does squirrel poop look like, squirrel poop images, pictures squirrel poop, squirrel poop vs mouse poop


what does squirrel poop look like, squirrel poop images, pictures squirrel poop, squirrel poop vs mouse poop
photo credit: animalatticpest.com

How to Clean Squirrel poop

Cleaning squirrel poop is very essential because it is part of maintaining proper hygiene and making sure that you rid the house or apartment of possible germs or infections.

There are two steps involved in cleaning squirrel dropping, they are listed below;

1. The First Step

The first step to cleaning squirrel poop is by removing them. Before you start cleaning it is important that you wear protective gears like mask and hand gloves and then gradually pick out the squirrel droppings one by one, luckily the poops do not crumble when you touch them.

It is important to know that you should never touch the squirrel poop with your bare hands. When you are done removing the droppings one by one then it is time to move onto the next stage of cleaning which is the second step.

2. The Second Step

When you are done with removing the squirrel poop one by one and cleaning the area, the next step is to sanitize the cleaned area.

Most homeowners will employ the use of bleach and water to sanitize the area while other homeowners who want to achieve a more thorough cleaning use enzyme-based cleaner as this will help them get rid of all bacteria and remaining squirrel dropping.

Is Squirrel Poop Dangerous?

The question, Is Squirrel Poop Dangerous? Have been asked severally by many people on several occasions, and everyone who has asked this question has always enquired to know.

This is because they are being very careful about their health and knowing whether squirrel poop is dangerous or not will help them to determine the best way to handle the poop without getting contaminated.

Just like every other rodent, squirrel excretes poop in the places where they live and as well urinate in those places too.

The truth is that faecal matter by rodents when ingested or inhaled have the tendency to harm your health in a  way you never imagined hence the need for you to observe maximum hygiene and take extra precautions while cleaning and disinfecting surfaces that have squirrel poop excreted on them.

Squirrel feces is a fertile breeding ground for a variety of disease-causing organisms. Some of the disease-causing microorganisms that can be found in squirrel poop and are capable of causing viral or bacterial infections in humans to include;

Leptospirosis: This is a bacterium that is often found in squirrel poop as well as urine and can be transferred to humans through contaminated food or water that has been ingested. Symptoms that arise from leptospirosis infection include mild flu-like symptoms to severe symptoms leading to serious respiratory problems.

Tick and Fleas: Ticks and fleas are not strictly found in squirrel poop but they can be found on the body of the squirrel and can be easily transferred to humans. Ticks and fleas, when found in the body of humans, are dangerous because they have been associated with Lyme disease.

The symptoms of Lyme’s disease include stiffness, nerve pain and inflammation of the spinal cord or the brain.

Salmonellosis: Salmonellosis can be contracted by humans through inhalation or contact with surfaces or food contaminated by squirrel poop. Although fatalities from salmonellosis are very rare, it is still important that you take appropriate precautions by cleaning the surfaces and areas where squirrel poop can be found in the apartment or office.

Do we hope the above has answered your questions, Is squirrel poop dangerous? If yes, it is then very important that you take absolute care in handling or coming in contact with squirrel dropping and this will protect you from the risk of coming in contact with any of these disease-causing organisms which may affect your health negatively.

How to Differentiate Between Squirrel poop vs Mouse Poop

Since there are other household pests mostly mice, it is important that you arm yourself with the right knowledge to differentiate squirrel poop from mouse poop, this is because both of them actually look alike. Hence, if you don’t have the right knowledge you may be at a loss on how to handle and get rid of the rodent.

The major difference between squirrel poop and mouse poop will be listed in the table below;

They are large oblong pellets with rounded tips that appear bulgy at the centre. They are smooth and dark brown in colour. The size of squirrel droppings is about 1/8-inch diameter and 3/8 inch long. They are always found in clusters and the dark brown colour lightens with ageMice have the highest number of droppings among rodents and pests although this differs according to the species of the mouse. The size of a mouse poop is about 1/8 to 1/4 inch long. It is pellet shaped and has a seed-like appearance. The concentration of mouse droppings is highest around food sources and their nesting place. Mouse poop is either black or brown in colour and has rounded tips. They turn greyish as they age and when you touch them it crumbles.

Hence, the major differences between the two rodent droppings are found in the size and the colour of their poops so each time you are looking to differentiate between mouse poop and squirrel poop it is important that you focus on noting the differences in the poop sizes and colours.

Well, we have succeeded in listing and explaining the various aspects of squirrel feces as well as answering all your questions regarding squirrel dropping, most importantly how to clean them out and maintain appropriate hygiene in the home or office.

Do you have more questions regarding squirrel feces? Then drop the questions in the comment section and we will be very glad to answer them carefully.

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