200+ Beautiful Brown Cat Names For Your Pet

Black and Brown Cat Names

Some cat breeds have brown coats; for instance, German Rex cat and Havana cat. If you’ve adopted a brown kitten and want to name it, keep reading as we have listed over 200 brown cat names you can ideas from and name your adorable pet.

Havana Brown cats are pretty feline breeds that were brought in the nineteenth century over to Europe from the East. They gained much popularity for their bright emerald eyes and self-brown color.

Havana Brown cats are breeder-created cats. They were bred for a specific genetic and color. They are playful, have soft voices and charming personalities.

brown cat names

Havana Browns adapt to other pets, children, and social situations within your home. These make them the perfect breed for pet owners who want an affectionate, intelligent, feline companion and sociable pet cat.

So, if you wish to get a brown pet cat, you should consider getting the Havana cat breed.

If you’re lucky to bring home a Havana cat or any other brown cat and confused about what to name your new buddy. In this article, we have listed over 200 brown cat names you can get ideas from and we believe you will love them.

Best And Unique Brown Cat Names

Unique Brown Cat Names

Are you looking for unique names for your cat? Here is a list of the unique and best brown cat names you will love. Below is a list of great names for a brown cat.

  1. Garfield
  2. Teddy
  3. Toffee
  4. Coffee
  5. Hershey
  6. Godiva
  7. Sandy
  8. Timber
  9. Auburn
  10. Cinnamon
  11. Maple
  12. Truffle
  13. Snickers
  14. Gravy
  15. Ko-Ko
  16. Copper
  17. Marmite
  18. Tawny
  19. Dutch
  20. Motts
  21. Cronan
  22. Coco
  23. Heath
  24. Biscuit
  25. Teak
  26. Squirrel
  27. Twix
  28. Cadbury
  29. Burgundy
  30. Meatloaf
  31. Chai
  32. Brunette
  33. Amber
  34. Fudge
  35. Latte
  36. Peanut Butter
  37. Cocoa
  38. Brandy
  39. Tootsie
  40. Sausage
  41. Teddy Bear
  42. Beans
  43. Ashley
  44. Monkey
  45. Autumn
  46. Nuts
  47. Whiskey
  48. Ashen
  49. Dapple
  50. Sahra
  51. Milo
  52. Buster Brown
  53. Bruno
  54. Mocha
  55. Truffles
  56. Nutmeg
  57. Cappuccino
  58. Cookie
  59. Syrup
  60. Roux
  61. Crimson
  62. Toast
  63. Mahogany
  64. Peanut
  65. Twinkie
  66. Cola
  67. Rolo
  68. Woody
  69. Chrome
  70. Reese
  71. Carmel
  72. Hazel
  73. Chocolate
  74. Chestnut
  75. Kasha
  76. Brownie
  77. Choc
  78. Twink
  79. Ginger

Brown Tabby Cat Names

Brown Tabby Cat Names

Here is a list of male brown tabby cat names and female brown tabby cat names. Tabby cats are not cat breeds, but a coat pattern in cats. They are cats with a stripe on their coat and a unique “M” marking on their foreheads.

If you have a tabby cat and searching for name ideas, then take a look at our list for the best brown tabby cat names.

  1. Brownie
  2. Abby
  3. Cocoa
  4. Spotty
  5. Goldie
  6. Dot
  7. Sir Smudgy
  8. Topaz
  9. Amber
  10. Hershey
  11. Snickerdoodle
  12. Sandbar
  13. Peanut
  14. Foxy
  15. Mocha
  16. Tigress
  17. Mr. Coconut
  18. Coral
  19. Tawny
  20. Copper
  21. Coco
  22. Reese
  23. Pebbles
  24. Milo
  25. Shelbie
  26. Cinnamon
  27. Ticked

Brown and White Cat Names

A lot of cat breeds have a mixed color of brown and white, for example, the Calico Tabby. A calico mixed with a brown tabby, the result will be Orange and brown tabby markings with large white patches.

Do you have such a breed as a pet? Then check out our list of brown and white cat names.

  1. Foxy
  2. Graham
  3. Forest
  4. Cheddar
  5. Chewy (Chewey, Chewie)
  6. Bagel
  7. Nugget
  8. Toffee
  9. Kona
  10. Bacon
  11. Pebbles
  12. Taffy
  13. Snickers
  14. Winnie
  15. Fudge
  16. Pepper
  17. Toast
  18. Dusty
  19. Timber
  20. Biscuit
  21. Hazel
  22. Brandy
  23. Waffles
  24. Topaz
  25. Nutmeg
  26. Tootsie
  27. Mango
  28. Kahlua
  29. Coco
  30. Peanut
  31. Donut
  32. Amber
  33. Espresso
  34. Dunkin
  35. Toffee
  36. Coffee
  37. Pinto
  38. Penny
  39. Bean (Beans)
  40. Brownie
  41. Cider
  42. Wookie
  43. Cookie
  44. Sierra
  45. Freckles
  46. Teak
  47. Muffin
  48. Sundance
  49. Aspen
  50. Bacon
  51. Bruno
  52. Tawny
  53. Truffles
  54. Mocha
  55. Oakley
  56. Chesnut
  57. Maple
  58. Henna
  59. Fawn
  60. Reese
  61. Hershey
  62. Whiskey
  63. Ember
  64. Peaches
  65. Chai
  66. Autumn
  67. Copper

Light Brown Cat Names

brown and white cat, Light Brown Cat Names

Is your cat light skin-colored? Here is a list of Light Brown Cat Names you will love.

  1. Garfield – From the 2004 animated film
  2. Mufasa – From the movie Lion King
  3. Simba – A light-skinned lion in the movie The Lion King

Other light brown cat names are:

  1. Woody
  2. Teddy
  3. Sandy
  4. Canoli
  5. Whisky
  6. Sausage
  7. Java
  8. Ko-Ko
  9. Gravy
  10. Latte
  11. Ginger
  12. Coffee
  13. Chrome
  14. Ashley

Black and Brown Cat Names

Black and Brown Cat Names

You might be asking yourself, what kind of cat is black and brown? It is the Havana cat species; they are hybrid creations that result from the breeding of a chocolate point Siamese cat and a black domestic shorthair cat.

If you have adopted the black and brown cat and looking for a perfect name, Below we have listed the best name ideas you can choose from to call your new friend.

  1. Choc
  2. Shady
  3. Mountain Chonk
  4. Mystique
  5. Godiva
  6. Pepper
  7. Coco
  8. Twix
  9. Cinder
  10. Onyx
  11. Speckles
  12. Ember
  13. Maple
  14. Ebony
  15. Porter
  16. Ash
  17. Cadbury
  18. Stormy
  19. Empresso
  20. Godzilla
  21. Ashen
  22. Thunderball
  23. Mocha

Brown Male Cat Names

Is your brown cat a male? Coming up with the perfect name for your male brown cat can be challenging. However, to make your search less stressful, we have compiled a list of the best boy brown cat names.

  1. Squirrel
  2. Timmy
  3. Chestnut
  4. Woods
  5. Bruno
  6. Wolfie
  7. Buddy
  8. Milo
  9. Remy
  10. Pinto
  11. Hairy
  12. Fudge
  13. Mikey
  14. Monkey
  15. Terry
  16. Copper
  17. Burt
  18. Wookie
  19. Ryan
  20. Cider
  21. Moose
  22. Bark
  23. Whiskey
  24. Rusty
  25. Graham
  26. Dusty
  27. Noodle
  28. Lazlo
  29. Toffee
  30. Gerry
  31. Nugget
  32. Wine
  33. Cadbury
  34. Jimmy
  35. Biscuit
  36. Twinkie
  37. Java
  38. Richie
  39. Chewie

Funny Brown Cat Names

Funny Brown Cat Names, Brown Male Cat Names

Here is a list of funny brown cat names.

  1. Katy Purry
  2. Baloo
  3. Poop
  4. Pooper Scooper
  5. Burrito
  6. Jennifurr
  7. Yogi Bear
  8. Smudge
  9. Cappuccino
  10. Rambo
  11. Beanie
  12. Meatball
  13. Cindy Clawford
  14. Nacho
  15. Yeti
  16. Meowsie
  17. Chai
  18. Jiggles
  19. Porky

Female Brown Cat Names

Are you looking for a perfect name for your new kitty queen? If I had a female brown cat, I would name her Khaleesi. Khaleesi is a queen and mother dragons from the Popular TV series GoT (Games of Thrones).

Other name ideas for your female brown cat are:

  1. Cookie
  2. Reese
  3. Sandy
  4. Autumn
  5. Tootsie
  6. Fawn
  7. Ginger
  8. Penny
  9. Coco
  10. Latte
  11. Ashley
  12. Brunette
  13. Saffron
  14. Kasha
  15. Bambi
  16. Sahara
  17. Skylar
  18. Winnie
  19. Savannah
  20. Auburn
  21. Rosemary
  22. Suede
  23. Amaretto
  24. Mojave
  25. Sierra
  26. Myrtle
  27. Sherry
  28. Apricot
  29. Sunny
  30. Ruby
  31. Daffodil
  32. Brandy
  33. Ashey

Dark Brown Cat Name

Dark Brown Cat Name, Female Brown Cat Names

Dark brown cats are usually seen in specific breeds and are very rare. Solid or Dark browns are commonly seen among Burmese and Havana brown cats. Here is a list of dark brown cat names, if you’re lucky to adopt one.

  1. Pudding
  2. Scooby Doo
  3. Kiwi
  4. Bruno
  5. Éclair
  6. Cola
  7. Bronson
  8. Nutella
  9. Count Chocula
  10. Toblerone
  11. Hickory
  12. Browny
  13. Khaki
  14. Pecan
  15. Rocky Road

Related Questions

How do I choose a cat name?

If after going through this guide on our brown cat names and you still need more name ideas; here are some tips you should know when choosing a perfect name for your feline.

AConsider your Cat’s breed.

To get name ideas easily, you should consider your pet’s breed. There are lots of cat breeds such as Manx cat, Turkish angora, Japanese Bobtail, Siamese, and so on. Siamese cats are breeds with a pampered reputation and names such as duchess, prince, and princess will be nice to call them.

B. Consider your cat’s appearance and personality.

Even in recent times, people still name their pets based on their appearance. So, what stops you from naming your pet based on its appearance. Is your cat Black? why not go for names like blacky, or shadow.

Also, when choosing a name for your cat, you should consider its personality. Is your cat very fast to grab things or chase things around? why not name your pet Flash, Ranger, or Hoover.

C. Keep it short

You want a short and simple name that can be easily remembered by your family and friends. Then you should keep your pet’s name short. Max, penny, and Benny are some examples of short-name ideas you can use.

Also, keep in mind that cats are more likely to respond to their owner’s voice than their names. So, it is best to keep their names short.

Conclusion: Brown Cat Names

Searching for a name for your pet doesn’t have to be a tough task, and to ease your stress we have written a guide on the best Name ideas for your brown cat.

So, if you’re looking for cute, funny, or dark brown cat names, this guide is for you. If you love our article, please kindly share it with your friends…Thanks.

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