381 Good & Funny Duck Names

Are you looking for the best name to call your pet duck? This article has listed over 381 Good, Funny, and Cute Duck Names…Keep Reading!

It is not surprising to hear that ducks live in human homes. Ducks are becoming more domesticated in many areas in the world. Believe it today; ducks make great pets.

Raising them as a pet is becoming more popular; with their unique personalities, they make great pets. Also, ducks lay bigger eggs that have more nutrients.

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There are lots of work involved in the care of having a duck as a pet, with lots of learning to be done.

In the past, ducks were tough to care for; they are very clean and adorable creatures but also messy in one way. The messy part of ducks is their ‘poop.’ If you do not control it, it will be all over the place.

Presently duckling care is relatively easy, self-sufficient, and they are intuitive. Your pet ducks will rid your garden of pests crawling, and they love to forage, fly, or squirm.

Ducks have a lifespan of 20 years, but it all depends on the care they get from their owners and the ailments they can endure. If you think you are really serious about getting a pet duck, then you need to look for the right care.

How Can I become friends with my ducks?

You can become friends and companions to your ducks by handling and hand-feeding them. Every duck comes with its own unique personality. When you raise a duck and watch them grow, you learn and play with them while taking care of them is one sweet experience anyone could have.

When a duck you are taking care of, walks to you, wag its tails, and then honks at you; then you know you have made a friend.

Some Important Tips To Know When Raising Ducks.

  1. Ducks are social birds, and it is best to adopt a pair. Ducklings like to live in groups. If you fail to get your pet duck a companion, they are likely to be lonely and depressed.
  2. They need clean and freshwater with food. If a duck overeats without water or before drinking water, the crop might swell and suffocate your pet.
  3. Lots of duck species grow very fast. You need to get them a bigger space or extend their living space.
  4. Some predators, such as foxes, hawks, snakes, and illnesses, are the primary reason for duck death. Keep their environment clean, maximize their lifespan daily clean up, and locking them up when some predators are out is the key.

If you live in just an apartment, do not adopt a duck; a pet duck isn’t for you. Ducks do well in a grassy area with fresh and clean water with ample sunlight.

381 Good & Funny Duck Names Ideas

Now that you have known some of these tips about ducks care, let discuss further naming your pet duck. Are you already planning to adopt your pet and thinking of what name to name it, then search no more as we have compiled a list of 381 cute and funny duck names ideas.

35 Male Duck Names

Funny Duck Names, female Duck Names, good Duck Names, cute Duck Names, male Duck Names, rubber Duck Names

If you are looking for a great name for your male duck, you are in the right place. The names below are a mix of creative and classic male name ideas for your new pet.

  1. Jake
  2. Ace
  3. Gary
  4. Bailey
  5. Bernard
  6. Baxter
  7. Frazier
  8. Brady
  9. Ceaser
  10. Bruno
  11. Bubba
  12. Finn
  13. Buddy
  14. Dillard
  15. Champ
  16. Coco
  17. Cadet
  18. Diesel
  19. George
  20. Mickey
  21. Joey
  22. Loki
  23. Frankie
  24. Lucky
  25. Henri
  26. Marley
  27. Ollie
  28. Otis
  29. Vernon
  30. Riley
  31. Sammy
  32. Saxon
  33. Sparky
  34. Coke
  35. Ziggy

12 Boy Duck Names

You just adopted your little male duck and confused about what name to give your pet. We have compiled some boy duck name ideas for your pet.

  1. Moe
  2. Charlemagne
  3. Gary
  4. Bernard
  5. Bubba
  6. Baxter
  7. Grey
  8. Franklin
  9. Frazier
  10. Duncan
  11. Monty
  12. Runner

35 Female Duck Names

Funny Duck Names, female Duck Names, good Duck Names, cute Duck Names, male Duck Names, rubber Duck Names

Are you looking to name and female duckling, and you’ve got no idea? Glance through the list below on some female duck names idea to name your pet.

  1. Annie
  2. Bailey
  3. Abby
  4. Allie
  5. Bella
  6. Cookie
  7. Cleo
  8. Coco
  9. Daisy
  10. Dixie
  11. Heidi
  12. Holly
  13. Emma
  14. Hazel
  15. Maddy
  16. Maggie
  17. Honey
  18. Gracie
  19. Kona
  20. Lacey
  21. Zoey
  22. Lucy
  23. Macy
  24. Lady
  25. Lilly
  26. Marley
  27. Sadie
  28. Millie
  29. Molly
  30. Mimi
  31. Nikki
  32. Pebbles
  33. Misty
  34. Riley
  35. Sydney

45 Girl Duck Names

Here are name suggestions to name your adorable little pet.

  1. Holly
  2. Dory
  3. Yolanda
  4. Harper
  5. Jasmine
  6. Penny
  7. Flower
  8. Beatrice
  9. Marigold
  10. Molly
  11. Tulip
  12. Lily
  13. Jade
  14. Tutu
  15. Duchess
  16. Precious
  17. Pansy
  18. Opal
  19. Hazel
  20. Lilac
  21. Fleur
  22. Peach
  23. Cleopatra
  24. Topaz
  25. Becky
  26. Gretchen
  27. Angel
  28. Charlotte
  29. River
  30. Una
  31. Rhonda
  32. Selena
  33. Nina
  34. Gabby
  35. Tinker Bell
  36. Raisin
  37. Doris
  38. Bella
  39. Fiona
  40. Queen
  41. Niagra
  42. Willow
  43. Genevieve
  44. Sandie
  45. Riesling

12 Best Duck Names

Here are a few lists of the best names to name your pet ducks; they are also popular.

  1. Daisy
  2. Donald
  3. Charles
  4. Jemima
  5. Quackers
  6. Ducky
  7. Moby
  8. Purity
  9. Thelma
  10. Louise
  11. Puddle
  12. Daffy

33 Cute Duck Names

Funny Duck Names, female Duck Names, good Duck Names, cute Duck Names, male Duck Names, rubber Duck Names

Are you looking for a cute and adorable name to name your pets? Search no more as we have compiled a list of suggestions to name your ducklings. Here is a list of cute duck names.

  1. Honeydew
  2. Popcorn
  3. Pogo
  4. Coconut
  5. Ollie
  6. Marshmallow
  7. Comet
  8. Jelly Bean
  9. Sugar
  10. Toffee
  11. Snowball
  12. Cupcake
  13. Bacon
  14. Waddles
  15. Pecan
  16. Pepper
  17. Walnut
  18. Fern
  19. Sprinkles
  20. Snickers
  21. Ducky
  22. Cookie
  23. Puddles
  24. Necco
  25. Silky
  26. Feathers
  27. Ruffles
  28. Muffin
  29. Brownie
  30. Vanilla
  31. Downy
  32. Snowflake
  33. Webby

44 Funny Duck Names

Funny Duck Names, female Duck Names, good Duck Names, cute Duck Names, male Duck Names, rubber Duck Names

We all love funny duck names. If you just got yourself a new pet duck and scratching your head for a funny and creative duck name. Do not worry; you are in the right place.

  1. Waddles
  2. Quackie Chan
  3. Firequacker
  4. Duck Norris
  5. James Pond
  6. Plucker
  7. Quack Sparrow
  8. Puddles
  9. Daffy
  10. Cheese And Quacker
  11. Quackers
  12. Sirius Quack
  13. Donald quack
  14. Quacker Jack
  15. Quackhead
  16. Sir Quacks-A-Lot
  17. Aflac
  18. Quack Black
  19. Moby Duck
  20. Quack Efron
  21. Side Chick
  22. Nutquacker
  23. Eggbert
  24. Quackula
  25. Lucky Duck
  26. Quackzilla
  27. Quackmire
  28. Rubber
  29. Quackpot
  30. Uncle Quacker
  31. Jimmy
  32. Ducky MoMo
  33. Quack the Ripper
  34. Scrooge McDcuk
  35. Psyduck
  36. Big Bill
  37. The Duck Knight
  38. Pond Pigeon
  39. Duck Duck
  40. Great Duckpression
  41. Sir Ducksalot
  42. Wolfgang Duck
  43. Quack Sparrow
  44. Feather Locklear

26 Good Duck Names

Are you looking for some good name suggestions to name your new pet, and you haven’t come up with the right name? We have listed below some good duck names to pick from.

  1. Opal
  2. Raptor
  3. Harry
  4. Monica
  5. Peso
  6. Cleopatra
  7. Genevieve
  8. Gretchen
  9. Vanilla
  10. Elsa
  11. Angel
  12. Cadet
  13. Ted
  14. Sandie
  15. Ducky
  16. Topaz
  17. Frodo
  18. Charlotte
  19. Jack
  20. Becky
  21. Bill
  22. Lily
  23. Colonel
  24. Jade
  25. Ollie
  26. Coke

33 Famous Duck Names

Who doesn’t want to name their pets after a famous duck name? Our list of names is inspired by Cartoons, TV, and films. Our famous duck names are below.

  1. Huey
  2. Aflac
  3. Charlie
  4. Duck Dodger
  5. Count Ducula
  6. Daphne Duck
  7. Daffy Duck
  8. Donald Duck
  9. Daisy Duck
  10. Deputy Duck
  11. Dewey
  12. Plucky Duck
  13. Ferdinand
  14. Della Duck
  15. Gooseberry Sprig
  16. Webbigail ‘Webby’ Vanderquack
  17. Guard Duck
  18. Ludwig Von Drake
  19. Howard the Duck
  20. Featherby
  21. Jemima Puddle-Duck
  22. Darkwing Duck
  23. Launchpad McQuack
  24. Pato
  25. Louie
  26. Gizmoduck
  27. Lucky Ducky
  28. Ming-Ming Duckling
  29. Magica De Spell
  30. Becky
  31. Mock Duck
  32. Ferdinard
  33. Scrooge McDuck

29 Rubber Duck Names

Funny Duck Names, female Duck Names, good Duck Names, cute Duck Names, male Duck Names, rubber Duck Names

Not all ducks are living things; some are non-living. Some non-living ducks are rubber ducks in your closet or bathtub, and you still wish to name it. Look below for the name ideas of a rubber duck.

  1. Blubber
  2. Ernie
  3. Wubby
  4. Squirt
  5. Cheddar
  6. Lemonade
  7. Wade
  8. Float
  9. Bubbles
  10. Suds
  11. Splash
  12. Bobber
  13. Polka Dots
  14. Submarine
  15. Paddles
  16. Squeakers
  17. Mazy
  18. Swimmer
  19. Bumpy
  20. Pooh
  21. Winnie
  22. Foamy
  23. Soapy
  24. Beeper
  25. Lezzy
  26. Bubbly
  27. Twinkle
  28. Goldilocks
  29. Splish

21 Baby Duck Names

Funny Duck Names, female Duck Names, good Duck Names, cute Duck Names, male Duck Names, rubber Duck Names

Did you just adopt a ducking, or perhaps your female duck just gave birth? Chances are you need an adorable name to name your baby duck. See the list below for suggestions

  1. Lemmy
  2. Quackie Chan
  3. Fire Quacker
  4. Mogli
  5. Ozzy
  6. Baby Bink
  7. Stuart Little
  8. Adam
  9. James Pond
  10. Quackhead
  11. Buddy
  12. Matilda
  13. Beauty
  14. Merida
  15. Aurora
  16. Judy
  17. Moana
  18. Sarah
  19. Tiana
  20. Mia
  21. Georgia

Names for Pairs of Ducks

As we earlier said, ducks are social birds; you need to adopt a pair or more than one. We have listed some good paring name suggestions for your pets.

27 Two Male Ducks

  1. Bob and Larry
  2. Pumbaa and Timon
  3. Harry and Ron
  4. Lars and James
  5. Harry and Lloyd
  6. Axl and Slash
  7. James and Bond
  8. Frodo and Sam
  9. Bill and Ted
  10. Crab and Goyle
  11. Iceman and Slider
  12. Simba and Scar
  13. Cena and Orton
  14. Edge and Christian
  15. Washington and Lincoln
  16. Batman and Robin
  17. Five and Six
  18. Ozzy and Dio
  19. Lincoln and Regan
  20. Spock and Kirk
  21. Buzz and Wood
  22. Maverick and Goose
  23. Garth and Wayne
  24. Jester and Viper
  25. Lennon and McCartney
  26. Nikki and Tommy
  27. Armani and Gabbana

11 Two Female Ducks

  1. Kate and Pippa
  2. Rachel and Monica
  3. Shirley and Laverne
  4. Ashley and Kate
  5. Gayle and Oprah
  6. Lacey and Cagney
  7. Mullins and Ashburn
  8. Louise and Thelma
  9. Elsa and Anna
  10. Ann and Leslie
  11. Ethel and Lucie

18 One Male and One Female

Funny Duck Names, female Duck Names, good Duck Names, cute Duck Names, male Duck Names, rubber Duck Names

  1. Monica and Chandler
  2. Diana and Charles
  3. Fred and Wilma
  4. Mario and Princess Peach
  5. Harry and Ginny
  6. Romeo and Juliet
  7. Rachel and Ross
  8. Pam and Jim
  9. Axl and Stephanie
  10. Jenny and Forest
  11. Francis and Franca
  12. Haley and Nathan
  13. Cinderella and Prince Charming
  14. Danny and Sandy
  15. Harry and Sally
  16. Marge and Homer
  17. Pater and Marry Jane
  18. Carl and Ellie

    Summary On Cute And Funny Duck Names.

Naming your pet duck can be challenging, but we want to make things easy for you. So, we have compiled a list of 381 cute and funny duck names to get ideas from when naming your pet.

Let’s know your top pick in the comment section and kindly share this article.

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