171 Male And Female Irish Cat Names

Irish Cat Names

Ireland is renowned as one of the most fertile and elegant places situated in Europe. Ireland is a lovely place with a great history. Irish culture is very friendly with people and well-mannered.

If you are looking for a cool and unique name for your adorable kitten, then you should keep reading as we have listed over 150 Irish cat names you can choose from if you are searching for the perfect Irish name for your pet cat.

If you love the Irish tradition, language and culture or you have adopted an Irish cat breed, you might want to name them in honor of Ireland. There are so many name ideas to choose from when naming your furry friend; however, you need to name your new companion what describes him or her perfectly.

Irish Cat Names

Check out our list of over 150 Irish cat names and meanings. Sometimes Selecting a name for your cat can be tricky and challenging, so to make your search fun and easy, we have compiled this list if you love the Irish culture or you have Irish heritage.

Male Irish Cat Names

male Irish Cat Names

Here is a list of cute male Irish cat names you can get ideas from when naming your boy kitten.

  1. Ailin: Means Handsome
  2. Alby: Means white one.
  3. Aodh: Means flame
  4. Berke: Means the birch tree meadow
  5. Blair: Means from the fields
  6. Bram: Means raven
  7. Beamard: Means Brave as a bear
  8. Barry: Means Fair-haired.
  9. Bryan: Means a nobleman
  10. Buckley: Means a boy
  11. Canon: Means little wolf
  12. Carney: Means victorious
  13. Carthage: Means loving
  14. Caspian: Means borrowed from the sea
  15. Colm: Means Dove
  16. Conn: Means mighty or high
  17. Corey: Means from the hollow
  18. Cork: A southwestern city of Ireland.
  19. Cormac: Means son
  20. Damon: Means tame
  21. Darcy: Means dark
  22. Domnall: Means ruler of the world
  23. Donovan: Means little dark prince
  24. Doyle: Means dark stranger
  25. Dublin: The largest city of Ireland
  26. Eamon: Means guardian of the riches
  27. Eoin: Means God’s gift
  28. Fallon: Means in charge
  29. Farry: Means Manly
  30. Fergus: Means man with energy
  31. Finbar: Means Handsome
  32. Finley: Means fair hero
  33. Finn: Means small blonde soldier
  34. Finnegan: Means fair or white
  35. Fionn: Means white
  36. Flannery: Means red-haired
  37. Gildea: Means Golden
  38. Gilroy: Means a ruler’s servant’s son
  39. Gorman: Means blue
  40. Griffin: Means strong in faith
  41. Guinness: The most-loved brand from Ireland.
  42. Hurley: Means sea tide
  43. Izod: Means blonde or gold
  44. Jannon: Means fair-haired
  45. Jameson: Inspired by an Irish whiskey, “Jameson.”
  46. Kavan: Means handsome
  47. Kieran: Means little dark one
  48. Kirby: Means from the church farm
  49. Leary: Means keeper of calves
  50. Liam: Means strong-willed warrior
  51. Lugh: A warrior or king, a prominent god
  52. Mal: Means chief
  53. Mannix: Means a monk
  54. Marcas: Means war-like
  55. Moran: Means Great
  56. Murphy: Means sea warrior
  57. Midir: Inspired by a mythological hero.
  58. Niall: Means champion
  59. Oisin: Means small deer
  60. Patrick: Inspired by St. Patrick’s Day
  61. Peadar: Means a rock
  62. Phelan: Means Wolf
  63. Quinn: Means wise
  64. Quigley: Means descendant of Coigleach
  65. Renny: Means Mighty
  66. Riley: Means brave
  67. Riordain: Means Bright
  68. Ronan: Means little seal
  69. Rory: Means red king
  70. Rory: Inspired by a high king of Ireland, “Rory O’Connor.”
  71. Ryan: Means kingly
  72. Rys: Means great
  73. Sean: Means God is gracious
  74. Seanan: Means the little old wise one.
  75. Shay: Means hawk-like
  76. Shamrock: A symbol of Ireland.
  77. Shane: Means God’s gracious gift
  78. SulliMn: Means Black-Eyed
  79. Sun: Means the town by the river Boyn
  80. Tag: Means handsome
  81. Tier: Means Regal
  82. Tierney: Means master or lord
  83. Tully: Means Peaceful
  84. Tyrell: A Norse god of battle.
  85. Ualtar: Means fighter

Female Irish Cat Names

female Irish Cat Names

Here is a list of cute female Irish at names you can get ideas from searching for the perfect name for your girl kitten

  1. Adan: Means Little fire
  2. Aifric: Means agreeable
  3. Aili: Means light
  4. Alaine: Means Beautiful
  5. Aoife: Means Beautiful, joyful
  6. Berit: Means strong and powerful
  7. Biddy: Means powerful or strong
  8. Bidelia: Means Protective
  9. Blarney: Inspired by the world-famous “Blarney castle.”
  10. Boann: Inspired by the goddess of the river Boyne.
  11. Breanna: Means strong, virtuous, and honorable
  12. Breen: Means sadness
  13. Brenda: Means little raven
  14. Brianna: Means noble
  15. Bridget: Means power and strength
  16. Brielle: Means a hill
  17. Brigid: Means virtue, power, and strength
  18. Brody: Means from a muddy place
  19. Cadie: Means rhythmic flow of sounds
  20. Caoimhe: Means gentle and beautiful
  21. Cashel: Inspired by the rock of Cashel in Ireland.
  22. Cattie: Means pure
  23. Ciara: Means dark-haired
  24. Cody: Means pillow
  25. Coleen: Means a girl
  26. Colla: Means lost in antiquity
  27. Colleem: Means young girl
  28. Courtney: Means someone with a small nose
  29. Dana: Means Bold
  30. Darby: Means free
  31. Darcelle: Means dark
  32. Delanie: Means Challenger
  33. Dempsey: Means proud
  34. Duvessa: Means a dark beauty
  35. Ena: Means fire
  36. Erin: Means land of abundance
  37. Evin: Means swift
  38. Fainche: Means Free
  39. Fay: Means raven
  40. Fiona: Means white
  41. Glenda: Means good or holy
  42. Gliona: The daughter of a river god
  43. Haley: Means ingenious
  44. Islene: Means vision
  45. Jana: Means God is gracious.
  46. Kathleen: Means innocent and pure
  47. Keavy: Means gentle and pretty
  48. Kelsey: Means brave
  49. Keri: Means dark or dusky
  50. Kira: Means black
  51. Lia: Means a bearer of good news
  52. Liffey: Means A river that flows in Dublin
  53. Lona: Means purple jewel
  54. Maeve: Means bringer of joy.
  55. Maeghan: Means Great
  56. Maureen: Means Mary
  57. Meara: Means merry disposition
  58. Melodeon: Means terrible
  59. Moira: Describes a rebellious woman
  60. Molly: Means bitter of Hebrew origin
  61. Mor: Means Great
  62. Morna: Means Merry
  63. Muirne: Means Beloved
  64. Muriel: Means bright
  65. Niamh: Means Radiance
  66. Nessa: Means not gentle or soft
  67. Neve: Means dazzling
  68. Nora: Means honor
  69. Noreena: Means honor
  70. Nuala: Means fair shoulders
  71. Oona: Means lamb
  72. Orla: Means golden princess
  73. Orlagh: Means gold
  74. Piritta: Means strong or powerful
  75. Pirjo: Means strong and powerful
  76. Pirkko: Means powerful and strong
  77. Rosalyn: Means beautiful and a pretty rose
  78. Shanna: Means possessor of wisdom
  79. Shannon: Means Wise river
  80. Shea: Means majestic or hawk-like
  81. Sheila: The Irish variant of Cecilia
  82. Siobhan: Means God is gracious
  83. Sybil: Means fortune teller
  84. Tiffany: Means lordly or regal
  85. Treise: Means Strong
  86. Vevila: Means harmony

Tips for Naming Your Cat

What comes to the mind of every new pet owner after the adoption or purchase of their pet is the perfect name of their new companion. Picking a name for your cat can be fun and challenging, so to make it easier, we have listed some tips.

  1. Take your time and do proper research on the name you wish to call your cat for the rest of his or her life.
  2. Do not go for names with too many syllables or complicated to pronounce by you or your family members.
  3. Do not pick a name that is too similar to the name of any other pet in your house. This might cause confusion or embarrassment.
  4. It is advisable to name your cat base on its personality. Always cross-check the meaning of any Irish word or name before giving it to your furry friend.

Conclusion: Irish Cat Names

Irish names are not very common, but for the love of the Irish culture and heritage, you can name your pet cat an Irish name. Let us know your top pick on all the Irish cat names we listed above.

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