280+ Cute, Funny And Famous Skunk Names

Cute Skunk Names

Are you looking for the best pet Skunk Names? In this article, we have a comprehensive list of the perfect name ideas for your adorable pet. 

Humans have different preferences and tastes, and as such, it is quite common to find people or pet owners with unusual pets, which are just like your regular pets, such as cats, dogs, etc.

Examples of unusual pets are snakes, skunks, and so on. Skunks are despised not because they are not pleasing or ugly but simply because they have stinging odors that you can perceive from a long distance. This type of odor can make visitors avoid your home as much as possible.

Isn’t it odd that while a lot of people see skunks to be smelly and a nuisance and would love to eliminate them, some people continue to care for these cute little creatures?

pet skunk names

Despite the odor, you may hear lots of kids and adults saying, “Oh, can I keep it?” Even though skunks are cute creatures, they are still wild animals, and we would not recommend they are kept as pets.

However, if you still want to keep a skunk as a pet, it is best to remove their scent glands at the age of five to six weeks old or stick with a tamer plush pet.

Lots of people will find it ridiculous to keep skunks as a pet, but these animals have lots of advantage that you might love. They can help get rid of pesky household insects and rodents. The most commonly found skunk In the USA is almost the size of a house cat.

Now, let’s go on to list some of the best cartoon, funny, baby, famous and cute skunk names.

Baby Skunk Names

baby skunk names

Did you adopt a baby skunk and looking for what to name your pet? Here is a list of baby Skunk Names.

  1. Jellybean
  2. Sugar
  3. Mira
  4. Cupcake
  5. Tango
  6. Baby
  7. Buddy
  8. Nikki
  9. Dinky
  10. Luna
  11. Sweetpea
  12. Cici
  13. Mia
  14. Ava
  15. Peanut
  16. Booboo
  17. Marshmallow
  18. Ken
  19. Mary
  20. John
  21. Pixie
  22. Josh
  23. Roxie
  24. Nico
  25. Cutie
  26. Kobe
  27. Toffee
  28. Flip
  29. Nugget
  30. Biscuit
  31. Buttons
  32. Sammy
  33. Birdie
  34. Snoopy
  35. Cosmo
  36. Joy
  37. Vicki
  38. Murphy

Funny Skunk Names

Funny Skunk Names

Here is a list of pun or funny skunk names. Do you want to name your pet something funny or hilarious? Below, we have listed some funny name ideas you can get inspiration and ideas from.

  1. Rascal
  2. Bandit
  3. Febreeze
  4. Stinkerbelle
  5. Smello
  6. Pepe Le Pew
  7. Stella
  8. Whiffy
  9. Stinky
  10. Punky
  11. Sneakers
  12. Penny
  13. Smelly
  14. Fart Kitten
  15. Dinky
  16. Fart Squirrel
  17. Pewety
  18. Lysol
  19. Skunkle
  20. Blllluuuuuuuooooooooeeeeeee
  21. Chanel
  22. Dank
  23. Sonic the Smellhog
  24. Folra
  25. Stinkass
  26. Funky
  27. Polecat
  28. Pretty Boy
  29. Striped Sweater
  30. IDK
  31. Smell Smell the Skunk
  32. Politics

Famous Skunk Names

Famous Skunk Names

From our research, there are no many famous skunk names. Most of the prominent names would are gotten from movie, TV series or novels. However, we were only able to list Kicks as one famous skunk name.

  1. Kicks – Kicks is a cool and fictional skunk who sells exclusive players bags, socks and shoes in Animal Crossing
  2. Pepé Le Pew – Is a character in the Looney Tunes series, which was first introduced in 1945.

Cartoon Skunk Names

pet skunk names

Skunks have been famous cartoon characters in lots of television series and movies. Here are a few lists of cartoon skunk names we have been able to gather. If you’re a lover of cartoons and wish to name your pet skunk after a cartoon character, we have listed some skunk names in cartoons we believe you will love and choose from. Skunk character names are as follows:

  1. Flower – Bambi
  2. Skunk – Sesame Street
  3. Fifi La Fume – Tiny Toons Adventures. Fifi La Fume is an ideal name if you’re looking for female cartoon names.
  4. Pepé Le Pew – Looney Tunes
  5. Stinkor – He-Man
  6. Pepper Clark – Littlest Pet Shop
  7. Bradley – Codename: Kids Next Door
  8. Kicks – Animal Crossing series
  9. Skunk – Skunk Fu!
  10. Odie Cologne – King Leonardo and his Short Subjects
  11. Petunia – Happy Tree Friends.

Cute Skunk Names

Cute Skunk Names

No doubt, skunks are cute creatures. So, giving your pet skunk a cute name won’t be a bad idea at all. To ease your stress for searching for the cutest name ideas to call your pet, we have listed some cute skunk names you can get ideas from when naming your new buddy.

  1. Milo
  2. Pixie
  3. Meadow
  4. Barney
  5. Cupcake
  6. Teddy
  7. Lolo
  8. Boo
  9. Velvet
  10. Roxie
  11. Dove
  12. Pepper
  13. Nacho
  14. Nugget
  15. Tibbs
  16. Fido
  17. Bolt
  18. Turbo
  19. Pearl
  20. Nina
  21. Oreo
  22. Poochie
  23. Bluebell
  24. Brownie
  25. Toast
  26. Rose
  27. Jellybean
  28. Buttons
  29. Tinker
  30. Swoopy
  31. Marble
  32. Whiskers
  33. Bear-Bear
  34. Marshmallow
  35. Petunia
  36. Coco
  37. Pipsie
  38. Munchkin
  39. Boots
  40. Riley
  41. Fluffy
  42. Sugar
  43. Taco
  44. Rae
  45. Marzipan
  46. Roo
  47. Dahlia
  48. Stitch
  49. Trix
  50. Cleo
  51. Peanut
  52. Stinker
  53. Rocky
  54. Sweetie
  55. Cuddles
  56. Baby
  57. Cupcake
  58. Happy

Pet Skunk Names

Are you still looking for more pet name ideas for your new friend? Here is a list of more pet skunk names you can get ideas from, and we believe this list will help you. If you wish to keep a skunk as a pet, below are some name ideas.

  1. Kylo
  2. Badger
  3. Rufus
  4. Jackson
  5. Peanut
  6. Marti
  7. Pinot
  8. Samson
  9. Hank
  10. Beau
  11. Prince
  12. Margo
  13. Elwood
  14. Sam
  15. Scout
  16. Ebony
  17. Blue
  18. Henry
  19. Dutch
  20. Boo
  21. Faith
  22. Joey
  23. Pipsie
  24. Hunter
  25. Shadow
  26. Picasso
  27. Baxter
  28. Pesci
  29. Spike
  30. Sparky
  31. Phoenix
  32. Malble
  33. Otis
  34. Oscar
  35. Bo
  36. Jake
  37. Oreo
  38. Rusty
  39. Faya
  40. Harley
  41. Benji
  42. Thor
  43. Sammy
  44. Pixie
  45. Teddy
  46. Malibu
  47. Bentley
  48. Persia
  49. Benny
  50. Ollie
  51. Marshmallow
  52. Elton
  53. Scooter
  54. Jasper
  55. Tank
  56. Dulus
  57. Madonna
  58. Jack
  59. Mozart

Good Skunk Names

Cute Skunk Names

Below are some good skunk names you should consider when searching for the perfect names for your pet.

  1. Spice
  2. Digger
  3. Mochi
  4. Yoda
  5. Sunny
  6. Sleepy: Sleepy is one perfect and good name for pet skunks. When skunks are sleeping or resting during the day, they are not too active; they are more active after dark.
  7. Fido
  8. Stitch
  9. Monkey
  10. Snoopy
  11. Mooshie
  12. Summer
  13. Mulder
  14. Bones
  15. Mulligan
  16. Gibson
  17. Nate
  18. Spike
  19. Monet
  20. Mr Biggles
  21. Fuse
  22. Sugar
  23. Muggle
  24. Gills
  25. Nell
  26. Gray
  27. Murphy
  28. Happy
  29. Sparky
  30. Guinness
  31. Nico
  32. Foxy
  33. Moby
  34. Sprite
  35. Nanda
  36. Fritz

Male Skunk Names

Do you have a male skunk and searching for the perfect name for your cute creature? Here is a list of male skunk Names.

  1. Tango
  2. Booboo
  3. Buddy
  4. Kobe
  5. Nico
  6. Toffee
  7. King
  8. Murphy
  9. Sammy
  10. Snoopy
  11. Fluffy
  12. Ed
  13. Max
  14. Simba
  15. Oliver
  16. Bear
  17. Mike
  18. Theo
  19. Papa
  20. Nathan 

Female Skunk Names

Cute Skunk Names

Did you adopt a female baby skunk and confused about what to name her? Here is a list of female skunk names you can get ideas from.

  1. Mary
  2. Biscuit
  3. Faith
  4. Kaylee
  5. Poppy
  6. Sheba
  7. Mabel
  8. Bianca
  9. Faye
  10. Kassie
  11. Lily
  12. Coco
  13. Skye
  14. Pixie
  15. Skitty
  16. Zelda
  17. Nina
  18. Jasmine
  19. Molly
  20. Iris
  21. Noodle
  22. Roxie
  23. Leia
  24. Rose
  25. Meadow
  26. Tallulah
  27. Lola
  28. Dhalia
  29. Camilla
  30. Jennie
  31. Madonna
  32. Joy
  33. Toffee
  34. Keesha
  35. Nina
  36. Bella
  37. Violet
  38. Bubbles
  39. Lexi
  40. Jean
  41. Ivory
  42. Margot
  43. Larissa
  44. Maya
  45. Brandy
  46. Milan
  47. Tink
  48. Kate
  49. Lucy
  50. Begonia
  51. Azalea
  52. Marigold
  53. Summer
  54. Nate
  55. Mika
  56. Olive

Interesting Skunk Facts

Here are some interesting facts about skunks.

  • Skunks can grow anywhere in length between 16 to 27 inches.
  • Skunks can weigh up to 6 pounds
  • Their spray does not carry rabies
  • Another name for a skunk spray is MUSK
  • Skunks can live up to 10 years. They live longer in captivity
  • Skunks spray comes from the gland, which is situated on the sides of their anus
  • Male skunks do not help in raising their babies
  • Skunks can spray up to 23 feet, but only 6 or 7 feet are accurate.
  • They are carriers of rabies.
  • Skunks are nocturnal.

Related Questions.

1. What is a baby skunk called?

Skunk babies are called Kits. According to Paul Osborne of All Creatures Wildlife services, they are called kits because their behavior is close to kittens.

2. What is a male skunk called?

A male skunk is called Buck, while a female skunk is called Doe.

3. What is the most common skunk?

The striped skunk is the most skunks.

4. Do Baby skunks bite?

Yes, baby skunks can bite. It depends on how old the baby is, but you need to be concerned and be careful. If they are scared or frightened when you approach baby skunks, they can bite and spray.

Conclusion – Pet Skunk Names

If you’re searching for your pet skunks’ name ideas, we believe this guide will be helpful. Please, if you find this article useful, help us in sharing it.

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