A Comprehensive List Of The Best Quarter Horse Name Ideas

American Quarter Horse names

This article aims to provide you with the best Best Quarter Horse Names. The American Quarter Horses are an amazing breed of horses, they are the first breed of horse native to the United States that run extremely fast for short distances.

These horses came into existence in colonial times, over the years quarter horses have become the most popular in the United States as well as one of the most versatile breeds around the world today.

They have short compact bodies, physical agility, gentle nature, small well-defined head, and also good speed. They are available in many different colors and stand between 14 to 17 hands tall. They have a wonderful temperament which makes them excellent for people to hand and ride. The most common among them is the sorrel, a brownish-red.

American Quarter Horse names

When choosing a name for your quarter horse, it doesn’t need to be difficult or challenging although there are some factors that one needs to take into consideration.

A horse’s registered name can always be different from their barn name. Their registration is usually what their show records will reference. The American Quarter Horse Association is one of the biggest breed registries in the world which has approved events and shows in more than 13 countries around the world.

Some Of The Factors To Consider When Naming Your Quarter Foal (Horse)

  • Pedigree – Although this is not required, the name may be gotten from the foal’s pedigree
  • Length – With the inclusion of spaces and numbers the name can’t be longer than 20 characters. Numbers can be added but to the end of the horse’s name. Also, there must be a space between the last word and the first number of the name, for example, Dakota King 24.
  • The Horse’s name must not contain punctuation marks. For Example, Dakota’s King is wrong but Dakota King is okay.
  • If you wish to name your horse after a celebrity, written permission/letter from that celebrity must be obtained.
  • No profane or suggestive names are allowed.
  • Color – Yeah, surprisingly a lot of folks had named their pet after their color. You can name your quarter horse after its color, for example, if you have a Gold horse, you can simply name it Gold rush,,, cool right?

Based On Pedigree These Are Words That Are Commonly Used In Quarter Horse Names.

  1. O’Lena
  2. Te
  3. Smoke
  4. King
  5. Invitation
  6. Doc
  7. Bar
  8. Poco
  9. Skipper
  10. Smart

American Quarter Horse names

Quarter Horse Names That You can Get Ideas From When Searching For A perfect Name

Below are some Quarter horse names you can get ideas from and we believe you will love it.

  1. Gold Rush
  2. Angel River Bar
  3. Lil Chick
  4. Badger Me Elsewhere
  5. Lostma Cowboy
  6. Badger the Lady
  7. Lucky Badger
  8. Bar Bandito
  9. Marshmallow Skipper
  10. Barbie Butter Buck
  11. Night King
  12. Big Mama Bar
  13. Peppy Poppy
  14. Bit o Badger
  15. Peppy Cee
  16. Bueno Ivory Jet
  17. Peppy Butter
  18. Butterscotch Buck
  19. Peace A Pie
  20. Carolina Chick
  21. Peppy Punch
  22. Carolina King
  23. Poco Bit O’ Smoke
  24. Chick Flick
  25. Pie Bueno
  26. Maximus Goodbar
  27. Rainbow Skipper
  28. Poco Coco
  29. Night King
  30. Poco Moro Oreo
  31. Chick in the Bar
  32. Rose Badger
  33. Chick of Dreams
  34. Rose Bar
  35. Cobra
  36. Shad O’Lena
  37. Coconut Badger
  38. Smart Angel
  39. Coke Bueno
  40. Bobby J
  41. Doc O’Lovely
  42. Rose Hancock
  43. Daisy Doc
  44. Scarlet Invitation
  45. Dakota King
  46. Skipper Barbie
  47. Doc Kentucky Moon
  48. Smart as Te
  49. Tennessee Glitter
  50. Docs Royal Rose
  51. Willow Goodbar
  52. Skipper John
  53. Yellow Chick
  54. Skipper Stormcloud
  55. Zero Buck
  56. Smart Glimmer Doc
  57. Te Smokin Goodbar
  58. Smart Little Badger
  59. Tennessee Bar
  60. Smokin Jet
  61. Galaxy King
  62. Smokin Sunflower
  63. Galaxy Skipper
  64. Johnny Hancock
  65. Glimmer Lena
  66. Snow King
  67. Hot Badger
  68. Sundance Invitation
  69. Avalanche Skipper
  70. Te Totally Butterscotch
  71. Paloma Skyler 447
  72. Ebony Smoke
  73. King Cobra
  74. Lena My Way
  75. King Khan
  76. Lena Bit of Diesel

Quarter Horse names

Conclusion: Quarter Horse Names

We hope you find our article helpful when searching for name guidelines and ideas for quarter horses. If you enjoyed our article, kindly help us in sharing it with your friends and loved ones.

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