230 Cute, Famous, And Good Polar Bear Names

We believe you’re on this page because you want to get a perfect name for your polar bear? Don’t worry; you’re on the right page. This article has listed over 200 cute and good polar bear names you can use.

Polar bears are cute and cuddly creatures. A lot of people have always felt an affection and profound attraction for the magnificent white polar bear. These cuddly creatures have played a pivotal role in people’s lives in the Arctic since immemorial.

They have big and stout feet. They use their big feet for swimming across the icy waters. With the help of their claws, they can walk across snows without slipping and sliding.

Polar bears live most of their days on the sea ice, where they hunt for food (prey), including fish, walrus calves, and seals. In the summer seasons, polar bears will go to the land to search for food, and their diet may include berries, reindeer, and birds.

Polar bears are large mammals. Adult males may weigh up to 1700 pounds and grow up to 11 feet in length, while females may weigh about 650 pounds.

Petting a polar bear can be challenging. So, it is not advisable to adopt these creatures as a pet at home. Taking care of polar bears can be pretty expensive and demanding; the cost of feeding them too can be costly.

However, if you love polar bears, you can pick a name from our list to name one at the zoo close to you. This article has listed over 200 polar bear names you can use.

Good Polar Bear Names

Here is a list of good polar bear names you will love and use.

1.    Skater – Skater is a good name for your pet. This name sounds perfect for an ice bear that skates through the ice.

2.    Whitey – Whitey is a perfect name for white fur colored polar bear

3.    Rider – Rider is a perfect name for your pet polar bear because they are referred to as riders of icebergs.

Other good polar bear names are:

1. Teddy

2. Charlie

3. Maximus

4. Hector

5. Hadia

6. Chaplain

7. Fred

8. David

9. Whitney

10. Crotchet

11. Paul

12. Alexis

13. Peter

14. Aurora

15. Barney

16. Fluffy

17. Pauline

18. Paisley

19. Petunia

20. Bob

21. Iceberg

22. Patsy

Pet Polar Bear Names

Are you looking for name ideas for your adorable pet? Here is a list of pet polar bear names.

1. Yura

2. Frost

3. Artus

4. Sakari

5. Arzu

6. Orso

7. Neva

8. Siku

9. Tapeesa

10. Crystal

11. Indigo

12. Amelia

13. Bode

14. Arthur

15. Carolina

16. Kayi

17. Arzel

18. Hope

Cute Polar Bear Names

Without a doubt, polar bears are some of the cutest creatures on earth. So, naming your pet a cute name won’t be a bad idea. Check out our list of cute polar bear names below.

1.    Winnie – A fictional character in the movie Winnie the Pooh. It’s everyone’s favorite. Naming your pet Winnie is a good idea and a perfect name for a cuddly, fluffy, and cute creature.

2.    Angel – In the Arctic, polar bears look like angels due to their white fur. So, naming your pet “Angel” won’t be a bad idea.

3.    Snowie – Since polar bears live in the snow and ice, I think naming your polar bear “Snowie” makes perfect sense.

Other cute polar bear names are:

1. Baby bear

2. Cuddles

3. Cosmo

4. Everest

5. Snowbelle

6. Shivers

7. Snowrose

8. Katie

9. Jet-ice

Baby Polar Bear Names

Polar bear babies are called cubs. Polar bear cubs are adorable when they are born. If you’re lucky to adopt a baby polar bear and you need a name, check out our list of some cute baby polar bear names below.

1. Kayi

2. Munchkin

3. Ursolo

4. Orso

5. Oslo

6. Corky

7. Hope

8. Arthur

9. Lars

10. Buttercup

11. Cookie

12. Kulu

13. Minik

14. Peanut

15. Artus

16. Indigo

17. Arthis

18. Husky

19. Arzel

20. Baby Bear

21. CuddlesKarhua

22. Rupert

23. Arzu

Famous Polar Bear Names

Here is a list of famous polar bear names. Natural Habitats, Movies, Novels, and TV series inspire these famous names.

1.    Iorek Byrnison – A fictional character who featured in the movie The Golden Compass.

Other famous and popular polar bear names are

1. Nanuk

2. Orqoi

3. Ursus Maritimus

4. Isbjorn

5. White Sea Deer

6. Kallik

7. Gyp

8. Bernard

9. Taqqiq

10. Ice Bear 

11. Muk 

12. Svenska

Male Polar Bear Names

Here is a list of male polar bear names you will love.

1. Mr. White

2. Paul

3. King

4. Hudson

5. Beast

6. Zook

7. Herbert

8. Ice Bear

9. Duke

10. Kaia

11. Baron

12. Kallik

13. Aubrey

14. Jak

15. Brody

16. Ursa

17. Keith

18. Kaskade

19. Bronko

20. Luk

21. Wolverine

22. War

23. Bernard

24. Diego

25. Defender

26. Tommy

27. Burton

28. Survivor

29. Othello

30. Napoleon

31. Micky

32. Iago

33. Boomer

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Female Polar Bear Names

Here is a list of female polar bear names you can use.

1. Bella

2. Queen

3. Liza

4. Avery

5. Cookie

6. Koa

7. Lola

8. Bea

9. Sugar

10. Lou

11. Lilly

12. Bella Bear

13. Munchkin

14. Lucinda

15. Maya

16. Fay

17. Sugar

18. Tatty Teddy

19. Mia

20. Taffy

21. Nola

22. Tiffany Teddy

23. Millie 

24. Emmy

25. Sunflower

26. Tina

27. Whitney

28. Elsie

29. Lucy

30. Eden

31. Molly

32. Toffy

33. Isabell

34. Ursula

35. Daisy

36. Ida

37. Protector

38. Winnie

39. Helena

Cartoon Polar Bear Names

Polar bear names in movies are:

1.    Bernard – A popular polar bear in the series BERNARD.

2.    Lars – A baby polar bear in the series THE LITTLE POLAR BEAR

3.    Rupert Bear – A popular fictional character in the United Kingdom.

San Diego Zoo Polar Bear Names

This is a zoo in Balboa Park, San Diego, California, United States of America, housing more than 1200 animals; it’s a popular tourist spot. Check out our list of some San Diego Zoo Polar Bear Names.

1.    Tatqiq and Kallul – In 2001, these two siblings came to the San Diego zoo from Alaska

2.    Chinook – In 1996, Chinook came to San Diego as an orphan and was admitted.

Other polar bear names in zoos are:

1. Humphrey

2. Nikita

3. Aurora

4. Hudson

5. Juno

Funny Polar Bear Names

Do you want something hilarious? Check out this list of funny polar bear names.

1. Gummy Bear

2. Stalker

3. KissyFur

4. Old-man in the fur cloak

5. Wanderer

6. Hairy McNairy

7. Bear Foot

8. Barbarian

9. Beat-o-plane

10. Beware Bear

11. Peter Panda

12. Bubsy Bear

13. Cher Bear

14. Goosbeary

15. Wadsworth

Stuffed Polar Bear Names

Since adopting or taking polar bears home is illegal in many states in the USA, if you love polar bears so much and wish to have one as a pet, you can buy the toy or stuffed ones in the market and give it a name. Below is a list of stuffed polar bear names.

1. Koda

2. Kevin

3. White Snow

4. Kumajiro

5. Archibald Clarabelle

6. Basil

7. Grace

8. Barry Bear

9. Lars

10. Master Yo

11. Mr. Cuddles

12. Bobby

13. Maxie

14. Roosevelt

15. Bojan

16. Snowball Rosemary

17. Sooty

18. Teri

19. Snuggle Bug

20. SuperTed

21. Fuzzy

22. Waldo

23. Sprinkles

24. Ice Bear

25. Bella

26. Jasper

27. Buttercup

28. Junior

29. Elvis

30. Flurry 

31. Shiver 

32. Blizzard 

33. Yogi

34. Peaches

35. Zozi

36. Twinky

37. Victor

38. Honey Pot

39. Harvey

40. Buttons

41. Gummi

42. Honey

43. Tobby

44. Fuzzball

45. Ginko

46. Pooky

47. Fuzz

48. Winnie

49. Sonya

50. Eddy

Related Questions

1. What Is White Bear Called?

It is called Polar Bear, also referred to as sea bear, white bear, ice bear, great white northern bear.

2. What Is The Name Of Polar Bear Babies?

They are called cubs. When they are first born, they usually weigh around 1 pound.

3. Do Polar Bears Attack Humans?

Yes, they pose a significant risk to the life of humans. Do not be deceived by their cuteness; polar bears can attack and even eat humans when their natural prey is scarce.

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