This Bear, Lion, and Tiger Have an Unlikely Bond that May Surprise You

Inside the Wildlife Sanctuary in Atlanta, there lives a trio that is so unique, it almost seems like a scene from a Disney movie. 

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An American black bear, beast friends with a Bengal tiger, and a lion. This uncommon trio has been in the news quite a lot as people are amused to see three giant predators showing love and affection outside their beastly nature. 

When they were brought to the sanctuary, they were scared and were looking for affection. Thankfully, they found each other. Throughout the years, they shared the facility inside the sanctuary.

They would pile in together, so everyone had enough space to sleep inside the clubhouse. 

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Baloo (bear), Sher Khan (tiger), and Leo (Lion) soon gained popularity on the media and attracted more support groups to Noah’s Ark Animal Sanctuary as well. Their considerate nature for each other despite being fully grown predators is surprising for anyone who learns about them. 

The bear is the eldest and naturally bosses the trio. The lion is the second, and the tiger is the playful kind who enjoys the attention he gets from the other two.

Baloo has always been gentle and remained calm even when the predatory instincts of the other two kicked in. 

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All three of them were brought to the sanctuary after being rescued for being kept illegally as pets. The head of the sanctuary Jama Hedgecoth took care of them when they were only months old and gave them a common facility as they were still kids.

She believed that their fear of finding trust after being abused by their previous owners would only be gone if they had someone the same age and size as them. Now they have become inseparable. 

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Update: Leo, the lion passed away in 2016, followed by Sher Khan in 2018, leaving Baloo alone in the sanctuary. Their friendship has truly been an example of finding a bond in the most unlikely scenarios.

Watch the video below:

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