Cute Cat At The Koi Pond (Kissing and Touching Fishies)

Most times when people hear that their cat loves fish, what first comes to their mind is cat food. Their cat is eating fishmeal or cat food with fish in it.

However, beyond cat eating fishes, there is proof that cats can be affectionate towards the water animals. 

What truly makes this relationship seem impossible is the fact that cats live on land and they’re not actually fans of water. But, this does not stop Mr Mika the cat from splurging affections on the fishes in a pond.

He visits his scaly friends every day and is seen publicly displaying affection, from giving them pats on their back, to giving them kisses. 

The pond is wide enough to accommodate a good number of fishes of different species, and also kept clean and the water clear so it is easy for the cat to see all his friends.

 Mr Mika is seen around various sides of the ponds showing love and care to his friends.  He shows no discrimination as he loves them all, irrespective of their color.

He always stretches towards the direction of the pond so he can be in contact with the fishes, and it’s a miracle he doesn’t fall in the pond as a result. 

The fishes are also very familiar with the cat as they always run towards him whenever they notice his presence. Different sizes of fish are seen swimming in the direction of Mr Mika.

They also wait their turn to be loved and kissed. The size of the fish does not scare Mr Mika as his favorite happens to be the biggest fish in the pond. 

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Even on days when Mr Mika wants to just relax and laze around the pond, the fishes are seen going to nudge him to play with them. His favorite thing to do is to play with the fish and watch them swim around in the pond. 

Watch the video below:

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