Attack Cat Tries To Get Through Glass To Get To Mail Carrier

Any mail carrier has likely had their share of dogs being protective over their owner’s homes. Growling, barking, even chasing any perceived intruder, even when it’s just the friendly neighborhood postman.

However, this post mail carrier from Canada has something else on her daily mail route.

A cat.

Maybe you’d imagine a wary cat giving her the evil eye from their perch on the windowsill. No, this black and white cat was the definition of fierce when they spotted an unfamiliar person get too close to their territory.

The blonde mail carrier is laughing while she records herself walking towards the cat’s abode. When she passes the window the kitty even slides in and out of the frame for a second. 

You can almost hear the Jaws theme playing in the background.


The mail carrier tells the furball to hang on while she puts the envelopes in her hand into the mailbox beside the door. Turning to get a closer shot of the window afterward, she even says, “Let’s see if we can get a nice selfie with us.”

Kitty does not disappoint and immediately jumps up at the glass, swatting the transparent barrier separating it from the perceived threat.


The cat continues to scratch at the glass, sliding across from all the effort, and lets out a mighty warning meow after.


Trying to placate the furry warrior, the mail carrier touches the glass with a finger, “It’s okay.”

A second passes with the cat just sitting, almost like the cat is considering the words. 

When it seems like the cat might calm down, the thump on the glass is loud and clear when the kitty suddenly jumps onto the glass with its forepaws again. 

It’s almost as if to say, “Leave now, human!”


Though the mail carrier tries again, repeating the same words, the kitty is not having any of it and thumps on the glass one more time.

This time, the mail carrier leaves, “Okay, we out.”

This cat was most definitely trying to break through to attack the mailman and chase them out of their domain.

Watch the video below:

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