Do Cows Have Periods?

Do Cows Have Periods

It’s well known that female cows can produce babies because they have a reproductive system that enables them to do so. But many people do not understand how the reproductive system of a cow works.  Cows are referred to as mammals, which is the same as humans, which means the cow’s reproductive system shares some … Read more

Why Do Cows Need Salt?

Why Do Cows Need Salt?

Many new cattle rearers are often ignorant about why their cows need salt. Why do cows need salt? Cows and every other animal, even humans, need some nutrients to stay healthy. If these nutrients are missing, the health of the animal will decline rapidly. So, why do cows like salt? Cows like salt because salt … Read more

Why Do Cows Moo At Night? 8 Major Reasons.

why do cows moo at night

This article aims to provide you with facts about why cows moo at night. There are lots of factors why a cow will moo at night, keep reading. Humans have used cows for thousands of years. They are one of the first few species domesticated by humans and are herd animals with complex social structures. … Read more Protection Status