Do All Goats Have Horns?


Do you think female goats have horns or not? If you’re not sure if female goats have horns, then this article is for you.¬†Goats are a delightful and playful addition to lots of barnyards for many people all over the world. There are lots of myths and misconceptions about female goats in general. One misconception … Read more

Goat Poop Clumped – When To Worry!

Goat Poop Clumped, Goats Poop Clumped

Goat Poop Clumped- Goats are domestic animals that we all are likely to come about in most streets or compounds. However, having come across a goat on many occasions, we all can say how a goat poop should look.¬† A goat poop should be dark, dry, and round pellets. But is there a need for … Read more Protection Status